" The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 31 May 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 31 May 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 31 May 2014

    It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + THIRTY-ONE (31) or " E - M DAY + 31 ".


    " ..... despite the superiority of Maliki’s electoral coalition, the competing Shiite forces, the Kurds and the Sunnis, are together able to form a comfortable majority to prevent Maliki from remaining in office. "......................

    Maliki likely fears that if he rushes to do business with parties outside the Shiite alliance, his Shiite rivals would do the same and that they may have a better chance to win over the Kurdish and Sunni forces, because there is a general consensus among them to not keep Maliki in power.

    At the same time, the rest of the Shiite groups fear that this consensus is not solid enough to withstand discussing the details, and that going alone to the Kurdish and Sunni forces may put them in a weak bargaining position and make them appear responsible for breaking Shiite unity.

    An important factor here are the choices that the Sunni and Kurdish forces will make. If the Sunnis and Kurds rush to form ethnic and sectarian alliances, then the Shiite alliance may do the same.

    Some are proposing scenarios such as replacing Maliki with another figure from the State of Law Coalition as a compromise to ensure the continuation of the Shiite alliance. Yet, such a solution may come at a later stage, after the favored options by most parties have been exhausted. What is certain now is that a harsh negotiating season will begin as the conflict moves from its electoral aspect into the closed negotiating rooms and deals among the elite.



    IHEC extends period for contesting elections results

    Thursday, 29 May 2014 15:59

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Independent High Electoral Commission announced extending the period for contesting the elections results.

    The member of the Board of Commissioners within the IHEC, Kolshan Kamal stated to AIN "The extension is due to the holiday that was for the anniversary of Imam Musa al-Kadhim and the preparations that happened before it."

    "The last day to contest the elections results will be next Sunday rather than today, Thursday," she concluded.


    MP: National Forces Union intensify contacts and other blocs will join it soon

    29/05/2014 11:30:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the / Diyala our identity/ coalition, within the National Forces Union, Raad al-Dahlaki confirmed extensive contacts with some political forces in order to join the Alliance," noting that " the number of parliamentary seats of the Alliance becomes more than 45 seats ."

    He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / " There are blocs seem to be close to trends of the Alliance and the coming days will witness joining these blocs to the Alliance ," adding " if these blocs joined, the Alliance would be integrated and strong Alliance and has active presence in the Iraqi political arena ."

    READ MORE : http://www.ninanews.com/english/News...ar95_VQ=HEJIEL



    Hakim discusses with Maliki means of forming next government

    Thursday, 29 May 2014 20:47

    Baghdad (AIN) –The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, and the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, discussed the formation of the next government.

    The reporter of All Iraq News Agency stated "Hakim received Maliki at his office in Baghdad where they discussed the means of forming the next government and the role of the Iraqi National Alliance."



    Hakim assures importance of communicating with other blocs to form next government

    Baghdad (AIN) – The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, emphasized the importance communicating between the National Alliance and political arena to set a mechanism to form the upcoming government.

    The Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council reported in a statement received by All Iraq News Agency ''Hakim hosted the members of Citizen Bloc, who won a seat in the Parliament within the recent election occurred in Iraq, where Hakim stressed the need to communicate between the Citizen Bloc and people to apply the electoral programs throughout Iraq.''



    Hakim ........, " ......... we have no red lines on the nomination of al-Maliki. "

    Ammar al-Hakim retreat from his promise to the Iraqi people and pay allegiance to al-Maliki!!

    May 30, 2014

    Baghdad / Iraq News Network - Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Thursday the importance of forming a government contract exceeds the previous stage and be consistent. This came as part of a meeting between al-Maliki, head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim in Baghdad to discuss about the file form the next government, according to an official statement. Statement said: "The al-Maliki stressed the importance of forming a government in line able to bypass contract last stage at the executive and legislative branches." He Maliki to "the importance of understanding within the National Alliance and understanding with the rest of the ingredients in order of departure to Iraq." he said, citing a statement that the previous stage lacked political stability, which reflected negatively on the security and services. stressed Hakim, "the importance of transforming the National Alliance to an effective institution" and stressed "the importance of openness to the national forces which have earned the confidence of the Iraqi voters. "and pointed out that" a coalition of citizens working hard to form a harmonious team Almtzlh clear vision to provide the service to the homeland and the citizen, and we have no red lines on the nomination of al-Maliki. "



    Mutlaq: I'm with al-Maliki on condition exceeded the previous negatives!! May 30, 2014

    BAGHDAD / Network News, Iraq - Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs and leader of the list of Arab winner of the elections last Saleh al-Mutlaq, today, the need to overcome the negative issues in the lineup the next government, and notably the "sectarian" and "exclusion", and marginalization "of some components. Said Statement issued by the Office Mutlaq: the last received in his office today, the U.S. ambassador accredited to the Republic of Iraq Robert Stephen Beecroft, noting that al-Mutlaq and his guest discussed the overall bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington and ways of developing them to serve the interests of the two peoples of Iraq and the U.S.. statement noted that during the Meeting to focus on file results of parliamentary elections and political moves under way to form the biggest bloc in parliament in preparation for the selection of the President and the Prime Minister and the cabinet reshuffle. According to the statement, al-Mutlaq emphasized the importance that the next government will be cross-sectarian and exceed the heavy legacy of the current government, and operate according to the principles of national without exclusion or marginalizing, and pave the way for genuine national reconciliation gathering up the pieces home and open new horizons of brotherly relations between the components of the Iraqi people, not to mention relations balanced regionally and regionally and internationally. statement said al-Mutlaq and Beecroft also discussed file security in all governorates of Iraq and the terrorist acts that affect innocent citizens in addition to the military operations taking place in Anbar province, and the humanitarian situation in Fallujah and the cities and districts of the province and the solutions to to stop these operations and inject the blood of the sons of the homeland. His new Beecroft his country's position in support of the Iraqi people, wishing that outperform the parliamentary blocs to form a government that represents the hopes and aspirations of the Iraqi people all and enjoy the Iraqis security and peace.



    A coalition of citizen: The unit of the National Alliance and its construction a priority for us and our dispute with Maliki's coalition in visions

    Fallujah News / Baghdad ... reduced the citizen coalition, the significance of the differences between the two wings of the National Alliance (coalition of national and state law), and among that there are differences in the visions confined between the two sides, stressed that the relationship with the Kurds is the 'strategic alliance' that takes into account their position and other blocs of the third term of the owners, pointing to the possibility of resolving the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil in the side of the oil.

    A member of the bloc citizen Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum said 'there is an urgent desire of the parties to the National Alliance to support the cohesion of its components, but does not have a concern in the issue of the coherence of the alliance', noting that 'our relations with the Kurds are alliances strategy and struggle and joint work in building the Iraqi state.'

    Added Bahr al-Ulum 'There Problems between the center and the region, I still convinced of the possibility to solve, especially with regard to the file of oil, we know, and undoubtedly there is a position of Kurdish and other blocs of the third term, but the National Alliance today sees first the need for unity coalition and to build the foundations of a sound and not only for the position of prime minister. '

    And between Bahr al-Ulum, the 'National Alliance, the wings are the National Coalition and the suite of state law, but does it sharply divided as some believe is as much difference in visions between the wings of the coalition in the way of forming the government, and while the finalization of the rules of procedure would be for every incident'.



    It is noteworthy that a number of leaders of political blocs to the provinces declared, on Thursday (29 May 2014), the formation of the “Union of the national forces” to negotiate with other blocs for the purpose of forming the next government, and pointed out that next week will see the official announcement of the emergence of the new union, while expressed their support any candidate backed by the National Alliance to lead the next government.



    State law: our seats have averaged the (130) and there are conversations with coalitions Najafi and Allawi and al-Mutlaq

    Fri May 30 2014 20:18 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Sumerian News / Baghdad

    Announced a coalition of state law, said Friday that the number of seats have averaged 130 seats after the accession of a number of blocks to it, with the detection of the presence of dialogues with coalitions Najafi and Allawi and al-Mutlaq.

    The MP said the coalition Bahaa Aldin in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The leaders of the State of Law coalition continuing to hold meetings with all the political blocs to reach the image of an all-inclusive plan strategy to leave the partnership government notorious suffered by the people", calling on the leaders of political blocs that "goes one step clear and serious about the government's majority."

    Jamal al-Din added that "the number of seats in a coalition of state law have averaged the 130 seats so far after the accession number of the blocks," pointing out that "there are conversations going on with coalitions are united, national and Arab."

    It is noteworthy that a number of political blocs, recently announced its entry into the State of Law coalition led by al-Maliki, which block the competencies and the masses and mass solidarity and mass loyalty to Iraq and coalitions of Nineveh and Salahuddin, bringing the number of seats the coalition 99 seats, while the source revealed that the number of seats a state law increased to 112 seats.

    It is noteworthy that a number of leaders of political blocs to the provinces, on Thursday (May 29, 2014), the formation of the "Union of the national forces" to negotiate with other blocs for the purpose of forming the next government, and pointed out that next week will see the official announcement of the emergence of the new union, while expressed their support for any candidate backed by the National Alliance to lead the next government.

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    The next Parliament will form a special committee to pass the Budget

    The next Parliament will form a special committee to pass the Budget

    31/05/2014 09:26:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The rapporteur of the House of Representatives, Mohammed al-Khalidi said: "The current parliament will not hold a session in the remaining period to pass the budget."

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "no session to be held for approving the budget during the remaining period and it would be up to the next parliament after starting its sessions through the formation of a special committee to approve it."

    Khalidi added, "2015's budget would be approved in the second or third month if it reached the parliament from the government in the constitutionally time without disputed paragraphs."

    It is scheduled that the legal age of current Parliament will be ended in 14 June.

    The House of Representatives adjourned, in 6 of the last month, its session until reaching a final consensus between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the current budget.


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    Othman describes Maliki's call for National unity in Anbar conference at this time in

    Othman describes Maliki's call for National unity in Anbar conference at this time inappropriate

    31/05/2014 09:26:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The independent MP, of the coalition of Kurdish blocs, Mahmoud Othman confirmed "the difficulty of holding the national unity conference called by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki because the continuation of military operations in Anbar province, describing raising it at this time inappropriate".

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "Practically Anbar's crisis must be resolved militarily and terrorists must be expelled before holding the conference, which should includes all parties in the province. And if Maliki brought all the parties at this time, it would be a very good and helpful step toward solving the problem in Anbar, but that is difficult to achieve in this time. "

    Othman added, " the difficulty of gathering all the parties at this time is the existence of differences and many contradictory problems among the parties in Anbar and Fallujah because of the presence of terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) from one hand, and the sons of the tribes and the protesters on the other hand, which mix things there with the security forces. Noting that" the conflict in Anbar, and do not resolve it militarily or politically will affect Maliki's third term as well as the dialogues between the political blocs and form the next government . "

    It is mentioned that Maliki has called, during his weekly speech last Wednesday, to hold a conference of national unity in Anbar province.


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    Agricultural advancement

    Najaf calls for investment in the agricultural and industrial sectors

    Saturday, 31 May / May 2014 09:35
    [Najaf - where]The head of the Investment Commission Albhash In Najaf, investors to invest in the agricultural and industrial sectors.He added Albhash told all of Iraq [where] that "the agricultural and industrial sectors are two of the important sectors in Najaf to afford to maintain the elements of success for these sectors and should are covered by development through the entry of investors and offer a number of investment projects in this aspect to be competitive in the work bear fruit in the near future. "He stressed that Albhash "Vacations investment in the agricultural sector and industrial reached 11 holiday cost 533 million and 92 000 dollars so far, a very small number for the position of Najaf and its population."The head of the Investment Commission of Najaf that "the body is now studying a number of giant investment projects that would raise the level of the city of Najaf in various sectors.


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    Mexico is next...

    Iraq looking with Mexico develop a program to promote tourism between the two countries and facilitate the procedures for granting visas

    eleven fifty-six a.m. 31.5.2014

    Brother - Baghdad
    Search and Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Sumaisem Brigade, during the conference to share knowledge and science in Mexico, the mechanism of development of a program to promote tourism between Iraq and Mexico, with the aim of gathering point totals of tourism between the two countries.
    The Director General of the Department of Relations and Media Qasim Tahir Sudanese, in a statement received by the agency and the Agency for News News (et) a copy of it on Saturday, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Brigade Sumaisem chaired the ministerial delegation high-level participation in the conference of science and knowledge, which was held in Mexico under the auspices of the World Tourism Organization and the presence of members of the organization and the Mexican Secretary of Tourism. "
    He added that the conferees discussed the mechanisms of evolution and the use of knowledge in communication between the tourist and how to benefit from this development in the informational maintain sustainable tourism

    He pointed out that the minister met on the sidelines of the conference, Minister of Tourism of Mexico and discussed
    Mechanism with a program to promote tourism between Iraq and Mexico with the aim of gathering point totals
    Tourism between the two countries, and the need to facilitate the procedures for granting the visa Mexican


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    Conference in Berlin promoting business in IRAQ

    Iraqi embassy in Berlin are involved in an international conference to promote investment in the country

    31/05/2014 09:50

    [COLOR=#000000 !important]

    [COLOR=#000000 !important][COLOR=#000000 !important][/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000 !important][COLOR=#000000 !important]BAGHDAD / Source News / .. Embassy of Iraq announced its participation in the Berlin forum Iraqi businessman fourth to promote investment in Iraq in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation and Development and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the German city of Nuremberg.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000 !important][COLOR=#000000 !important]He said a foreign ministry statement received by the agency / Source News / copy of it today that "the Iraqi ambassador in Berlin Mahmoud al-Khatib said in a speech at the Forum to the evolution of the relationship between Iraq and Germany in all fields."[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000 !important][COLOR=#000000 !important]He said al-Khatib, who took part in the Forum by a number of experts in the field of economy, trade and investment, "said the Iraqi government is seeking to encourage participation in the German stronger in efforts to rebuild Iraq,"

    [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000 !important][/COLOR]

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    Baghdad allocated a piece of land for the establishment of an international airport

    Twilight News / announced the governor of Baghdad, Ali al-Tamimi, Saturday, for the allocation of the Investment Commission to maintain a piece of land in the area NAHRAWAN to set up an international airport there.Tamimi said in a statement reported for "Twilight News", "The center of the capital is suffering from growing large number of the population as well as the growing economic side, which led to the opening up to the regions of the parties of the capital and witnessed Baghdad to attract and stimulate investment, which invited us to address the Department of Transportation to set up international airport in the area NAHRAWAN. "He noted that "Baghdad Investment Authority have created a piece of land in the area NAHRAWAN to be adopted for the establishment of this project, which opens up prospects for Economic Cooperation and Development and the city of Baghdad navigational and limbs."Tamimi said that "what is seen Nahrawan area of movement reconstruction project represented an unprecedented Basmajh residential and industrial city and the Customs and Free Zone and a number of other investment projects invited us to move on this important project and strategic."There are in the province of Baghdad airport one bears its name, and is the largest airports in the country, has been established in the years spanning between 1979 and 1982 and took over the French and British companies building the airport at a cost of 900 million dollars.


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    CBI announces Current Year Plan

    More than 5 trillion dinars value of remittances central Auctions

    By Adminsa 31.5.2014 12:29 |

    Brother - Baghdad
    Central bank announced its plan for the current year to issue Hawwalath for 91-day auctions held in the bank's headquarters.
    A source in the bank said in a statement seen by the Agency for News News (et) a copy of the plan included the establishment of 26 auction during this year, noting that the value of each auction of 200 billion dinars for the total amount Asdaria 5 trillion and 200 billion dinars.
    The sale transfers the central bank to government departments and state-owned banks, one of the tools of monetary policy pursued by the central organization for liquidity and control, as well as the achievement of financial benefit to government departments to participate in these auctions through interest rates and discount.

    Differ auctions organized by the Ministry of Finance for the sale of treasury transfers for bank auctions
    Central to sell Hawwalath a clear difference, as the treasury transfers are handled internally
    (Inside Iraq) which is a government-issued bonds and term ranging between three months
    The full year and do not bear interest but are sold at a discount to their nominal value given, granted
    Government cash interest at relatively low compared to the prevailing interest rate on
    Bank loans because of the severity of the liquidity stemming from these transfers could be deducted before
    Maturity at commercial banks. Namely payable borne by the Ministry of Finance
    To finance the deficit of my time, while remittances Bank sold to deduct a percentage of the amount of Asdaria
    To realize the benefit of the community care and retirement minors


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    and the OIL keeps flowing...

    Maysan Oil Company intends to direct the implementation of the third phase of the development of the Halfaya field for the production of 200 thousand barrels per day

    By Adminsa 31.5.2014 12:45 |

    Brother - Maysan
    Authority plans to fields in the Maysan Oil Company direct the work of the third phase of the development of the Halfaya oil field, which aims to produce 200 thousand barrels per day of crude oil.
    The general director of Maysan Oil Company Ali Qubool Bahadli said in a statement seen by the Agency for News News (et) that the Angels company in coordination and cooperation with the company Petrojayna Chinese will begin to plan for the development of the third phase in the Halfaya oil after the completion of the second phase, which is nearing completion.
    The Bahadeli the development processes of the third stage in this field include the creation of complex treatment of the third and connect 163 wells and update complex treated first by adding insulation three-phase to isolate the oil, gas and water, and also the implementation of the second phase of the station receiving gas and other projects and installations.

    He noted that the project to develop Halfaya field includes three stages of production to reach
    535 thousand barrels per day of crude oil in addition to large amounts of gas beginning in 2017 and holds the company Petrojayna operations developed according to the contract it won in the second licensing round organized by the Ministry of Oil in 2009.


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    by 2019 IRAQ WILL BE exporting GAS....

    Iraq on the list of exporters of natural gas in 2019

    05/31/2014 10:55:00

    Iraq on the list of exporters of natural gas in 2019

    The Oil Ministry announced that the licensing contracts signed with international oil companies oblige the recent establishment of investment associated gas systems, showed that while Iraq is able to enter the list of countries exporting natural gas in 2019.
    A spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, that "Iraq has not invested over the past decades this wealth, any associated gas, where it is burned completely until I got burned or misdirected amounts to 700 million cubic feet, which is a record."
    Jihad and acknowledged the existence of "a problem in the quantities of natural gas associated with the extraction of oil." It is noteworthy that the company "Shell" oil confirmed that "Iraq burn 700 million daily cubic feet of gas extracted from the fields used by the company in question, which is enough to generate 4,500 megawatts of electricity a day."
    Jihad said, "After starting what is known as licensing rounds invest oil fields, and has developed in terms of agreements with companies all items are required to erect the recent gas collection systems and treatment and pump it to the sites of consumption."
    He went on to say that "Iraq has already begun to invest gas associated with the extraction of crude oil," and increased Jihad, that "an agreement with the companies of the Mitsubishi, Shell to invest associated gas in the Rumaila field in southern Iraq have been signed, and is currently rising amounts of the gas produced and diminished amounts of waste."
    He stressed that "during the next three years, Iraq will be able to take advantage of the production quantities of up to two billion cubic feet of natural gas in the field in question alone." He pointed out that "some of which has already been achieved, where linked purification plants associated gas from the Ahdab field in Wasit power stations in the province, and the same thing happened in the fields of Nasiriyah, some of the Maysan fields."
    He continued, that "Iraq will formally announce reaching the stage of self-sufficiency of natural gas in 2019, then you can start the export stage." http://translate.googleusercontent.c...zmFQNLzXyAA9wg

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