National Alliance endorsement??
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    National Alliance endorsement??


    Last week I've read several articles that blocs such as National Alliance and United Reform were stating that they would not endorse Maliki for a third term. However, there are recent articles that are stating that the National Alliance is now endorsing Maliki. Am I reading something wrong or is that really what's happening? Your thoughts?

    Mark S

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    Re: National Alliance endorsement??


    I don't see the "whole of" the National Alliance endorsing Maliki. That is a broad over-statement by some (or propaganda - whichever you like). In fact, there is even rumor of a number of SLC inner circle members jumping ship NOW. About 40 seats is what I'm hearing. Both Sadr and Hakim (formerly of the old National Alliance) won't endorse Maliki. period. I suspect there will be a "rebuilding " of a new National Alliance - without Maliki. This is the current theme. For sure, the United Reform will never endorse Maliki. Much of what you hear is still negotiation "bluster". The final solution is a little ways off.

    None of which HAS to mean there is some kind of "currency stalement" - I made mention to Poppy yesteday - it is not impossible to imagine the world powers may well do as they want BETWEEN this regime and the seating of the next GOI. If they feel confident they won't have to put up with Maliki's "Gerry Mandering" their processes they may enact the reforms they need to see before anyone else is allowed to come in and take advantage of the situation.

    Not impossible to believe...


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