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    I have been unable to get in to chat since yesterday. Has the server been changed or is there something different about the site? Any help would be appreciated. There was something about activex control not recognizing the publisher.

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    Sorry to hear you are having trouble with login to chat! It's possible that this is a java update issue. The most common issues are below. Please let us know if you still cannot access chat: after looking into the following:

    1. As a general rule we find that java 6,32 works well with our chat room If you have Windows 8 (and maybe win7?) you might be able to use the latest java version.

    2. Check activex to see if an update was installed before your trouble began. Alternatively, check to see if an update is needed.

    If you are still unable to access chat, please use the Contact Us link to let us know, and please include some background computer info:

    Operating system
    Java version

    Mona Lisa

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