" The Dinar Daily ", Tuesday, 29 April 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Tuesday, 29 April 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Tuesday, 29 April 2014


    The number of entities and coalitions approved to run 277 political entities, but he and distant withdrawal of a number of them, particularly from the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh, for security reasons, and the integration of the other with each became number lists that will run 107 lists are divided by 36 political coalition and 71 political entity comprising all the 9040 candidates vying for 328 parliamentary seats.

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    Electoral Commission: your percentage of the vote of more than 91%, the highest since

    Electoral Commission: your percentage of the vote of more than 91%, the highest since 2003,

    Mon Apr 28 2014 22:16 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad

    Announced the Electoral Commission for elections, Monday, that the percentage of your voting amounted to 91.46%, indicating that the rate is the highest since 2003.

    He said UNHCR spokesman chroma-Moussawi said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The turnout at the polls in the special voting amounted to 91.46%," pointing out that "the figure mentioned is the highest since 2003."

    Began at seven o'clock in the morning, the special ballot process for the parliamentary elections of Iraq, for covered employees of the security forces and displaced persons registered and admitted to the hospital and prison inmates, as the polls closed at six o'clock in the evening

    The Electoral Commission has allocated 534 polling stations by 2670 polling stations spread across the country, vote for the employees of the security forces, and is equipped with 35 polling station by polling station 81 enrolled for the displaced, providing 27 polling station by polling station 60 guests in prisons.

    The organization announced in July to monitor the elections, said on Monday that turnout special "mixed" between the province and the other, while suggesting that the Nineveh province recorded the highest percentage so far.

    The parliamentary election is the biggest event in Iraq, they determine the cluster, which nominates the prime minister and take over the top positions in the state, is scheduled to take place next Wednesday, April 30, 2014.


    *** Anyone know what percentage of americans vote ? LINK

    Commission: your vote was 91% and the highest since 2003


    Smiling face — Naji

    Announced the independent High Electoral Commission, said turnout in the voting for parliamentary elections in 2014, reaching 91%, the highest since 2003.

    The Director of the electoral administration Miqdad Al-sharifi, told a press conference his disciple "smiling face," "your vote was 91%, stating that" the number of agents of political entities in your vote, the 626 and local observers 170,000 and a number of local journalists and foreign observers 4,800 2100 and the number 96 on the international media ".

    Sharifi said that "the number of polling stations to cast your vote at 542 for voters from 1 million security forces and 23 associate voice whom 835 000 associates, who voted in prisons and hospitals reached 19,000, has opened 36 centres and 84 station and 24 inmates and 60 stations.

    In between the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners nub maae due to "special voting day was a great success," attributing the success of electronic device Guide rating and voting process was successful.

    Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Commissioners kateaa Al-zubaie said the first day and half day of overseas voters saw the participation of 109 000 and 572 voters, and the number of agents 1432 and 394 were received 55 complaints. "

    Number of read 320

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    Currency Auction Status


    Current week announced as holiday on occasion of Elections
    Saturday, 26 April 2014 22:11

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers announced the next week as a holiday for all institutions of the State.

    The Secretariat General of the Cabinet reported in a statement received by All Iraq News Agency ''The Cabinet decided to announce the holiday as of next Sunday dated on 27/4/2014 till the Sunday that comes after it dated on 4/3/2014 preparing to conduct the parliamentary elections in Iraq.''


    *** It had been awhile since I checked the CBI website for this year's holiday schedule, which was not posted as late as February, if memory serves. The 2014 holiday schedule is now posted : http://www.cbi.iq/index.php?pid=TheCbi ;

    Holidays in (2014)in addition to Friday and Saturday

    Jan. 1 New Year's Day

    6 Army Day /1921

    *15 Prophet's Birthday
    Mar. 21 Spring Day
    May 1 Labour Day
    July 14 14th Revolution /1958

    *29 Id Al-Fitr (3Days)
    Oct. *4 Id Al-Adha (4Days)

    *24 Islamic New Year
    Nov *2 Ashoura Day

    Dates noted with asterisk (*) are approximate ; and,

    Presumably the CBI is closed at least on the 1st, which is Thursday, the day after the election. The government holiday begins tomorrow and through to next Sunday. Political campaigning is reportedly to end on the 28th, two days before the election. It will be interesting to observe whether the currency auctions will continue during the government holiday over the next seven ( 7 ) days. ***


    Dhi-Qar Governor excludes some governmental institutions from holiday for elections

    Sunday, 27 April 2014 14:44

    Dhi-Qar (AIN) –The Governor of Dhi-Qar province excluded some governmental institutions from the holiday of Sunday and Monday specified for the elections.

    Source stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "Dhi-Qar Governor, Yahya al-Nasiri, excluded the service governmental institutions and the banks from the holiday of Sunday and Monday specified by the Council of Ministers for the elections."


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    Re: " The Dinar Daily ", Tuesday, 29 April 2014

    Video.President Talabani cast a vote in Germany

    02: 20: 28/04/2014

    Smiling face-President Jalal Talabani said, voting for parliamentary elections in Berlin.

    Number of read 1857

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    Chalabi detonating a bomb caliber and slaps the rule of law and talking about the pol

    Chalabi detonating a bomb caliber and slaps the rule of law and talking about the policies of the post-Maliki

    Palm - The leader of the Iraqi National Congress, Ahmed Chalabi, on Monday, to amend the constitution to limit the "predominance" executive power and re-legislative functions and oversight of the parliament, and to reconsider relations Iraq with neighboring countries, especially Saudi Arabia to overcome the "failure" which dominated Currently, the Investment Enjoy Iraq "supporting the extremes in the region", namely Iran and America, and while counting to file Anbar "exploited for electoral purposes", and that the government's performance "was characterized by mismanagement and design on corruption" since 2006, confirmed that the electoral program of mass citizen focuses on the fight against corruption and support programs Development and transfer of wealth to the people.

    Constitution should be amended to reduce the predominance of the executive branch
    He said Chalabi, who is running the parliamentary candidate for the list of the citizen, of the Islamic Supreme Council, headed by Ammar al-Hakim, in a meeting of media that it was necessary "to amend the constitution, which gave the executive branch Bossier sweeping and make them make use of the elimination to disrupt the work of Parliament," noting that "the Constitution contains points must be adjusted through compatibility, the first of the powers of the House of Representatives, Kalrkabh and legislation, having hired the executive branch to the judiciary to disable it, as it should reduce the overwhelming domination of the executive branch on everything. "

    It is necessary to reconsider the relationship with neighboring countries
    And saw the leader of the Iraqi National Congress, that "Iraq should reconsider its relations with neighboring countries and seek to improve them out of the failure to present in this area," noting that "Iraq is the only country that enjoys the support of extremes in the region, namely Iran and America."

    He called Chalabi, to "analyze our interests with Saudi Arabia, especially the latter currently threatened by terrorism and the decision of which is considered the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Daash) a terrorist organization, and all the Saudi fight out of the country governs the prison," pointing out that "with the Saudi government problem There is popular support for the fight against the Shiites which embarrass them, because they do not want to get involved in this area, at the same time fighting terrorism, which are all positive things, I do not know why the Iraqi government did not welcome them. "

    The leader of the Iraqi National Congress, that "the Arab Gulf countries, especially Kuwait were not comfortable with the presence of Saddam in power, which is against terrorism, however, we find that the statements and accusations firearms launches by all levels of the Iraqi government against it, which requires re-examination of the seriousness of this," adding that This "does not constitute a change in my speech, as some believe, because I always invite civil peace."

    And on the influence of Iran, Chalabi saw that "Iran will not impose its will on the person next prime minister of Iraq, the most important things to concern."

    File Anbar exploited for electoral purposes
    The Chalabi, that "the first thing that should work on it after the legislative elections, and if I was selected as prime minister, is to stop the war and the fight against terrorism," returned to "The big difference between the two because we fully support the strengthening of the army and police, but can not consider Fallujah all terrorism ".

    He considered the leader of the Iraqi National Congress, that of "unwise military intervention in Anbar this time," and added that "many people are asking why the military did not issue a statement on the case, and one so far."

    Chalabi and went on, "The Anbar file used for the purposes of an election, and the problem now is that those who criticize the performance of the government accuses of supporting terrorism."

    Since the Maliki government first there was poor management and corrupt insistence on
    And on the rampant corruption in the joints of the state, and how to reduce it, said the leader of the Iraqi National Congress, said that "long presided during which the Economic Commission of the Cabinet, during the government of Ibrahim al-Jaafari, it was not like this corruption exists in the ministries," pointing out that "corruption is endemic in state departments in the era of the American civil governor of Iraq. "

    He said Chalabi, "The interim government is also witnessed cases of corruption known, was the most important of which is what happened at the Ministry of Defense in September of 2004, where the ministry signed with Al Ain ongoing Iraqi group contracts with the capital of three million dinars, the equivalent of two thousand dollars , "explaining that" the total amount of the contracts signed by the Ministry of Defence with those of the company amounted to 126 million dollars paid her 35 instrument Gert all for one person, named Naśr Mohammed Ahmed al-Jumaili, who signed a deal in turn with Bomar Polish to buy weapons. "

    According to the leader of the Iraqi National Congress, that those "things continued until March of 2005, as I wrote evacuated memorandum to the Prime Minister recommended during which the need to form a committee decades the Council of Ministers for the work of processors, and has already determined that any contract value exceeding three million dollars back to the Committee for consideration, a of responsibility for its implementation in the case and agreed to it. "

    He said Chalabi, that "the Commission which was formed under my leadership and the membership of the ministers of finance, trade and central bank governor and head of the Audit Court, met 75 times in one year, and approved through the decades and refused again, without the occurrence of corruption cases and one, with those contracts tens of billions of dollars "Mstrsla" after the formation of the government in 2006, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, overwhelmed by the Contracts Committee, due to mismanagement and corruption on the design. "

    Program emphasizes the citizen to fight corruption and to support development programs
    In the axis of his speech, said the candidate for the mass of citizens, "The program of mass stresses the need to establish mechanisms to prevent the continuation of corruption and to hold accountable the corrupt," noting that it "confirms the support of development programs to raise the level of the Iraqi people, and provide job opportunities for the citizens and not to fight the private sector, and implementation of an ambitious project for housing, as well as the need to abolish the Green Zone. "

    According to Chalabi, "The project block citizen, also includes the transfer of wealth to the people, especially through monetary issues and housing," returned that "the government should bear the responsibility of providing the land and the granting of loans to enable the citizens of construction and the payment of installments over thirty years."

    The phenomenon of corruption, "the biggest challenge" facing Iraq, as well as security, since the year 2003, especially the levels reached a specialized international organizations has led to the situation in Iraq is among the countries "most corrupt" in the world.

    The TI announced, in (the third of December 2013 the past), that five Arab countries occupied the first rank among the most corrupt countries in the world, and stressed that Somalia, Sudan and Libya, followed by Iraq, Syria, is that occupied the first rank according to the corruption index of the Organization for the year 2013, noting that the list included 177 countries.

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    State of Law coalition did not nominate Maliki for a third term

    State of Law coalition did not nominate Maliki for a third term

    Dated: April 28, 2014

    Baghdad / Iraq News Network - denied the MP for the coalition of state law, Sami al-Askari said the coalition has been nominated by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a third term officially. According to the military that "the subject of the nomination of Prime Minister was the Nuri al-Maliki for a third term have not been discussed already, did not issue anything of state law on the nomination for prime minister, noting that "there are other parties talking in this matter." and "The rule of law did not nominate a single limit because there is no al-Maliki or any other." The House Speaker Osama Najafi announced his refusal to categorically granting Maliki third term under any circumstances or pretext, accusing him of "bad faith in the principle of partnership which is the first manufacturer to the crises which can thaw one of them until the rush to build a new crisis, in the cycle of crises alone finds himself away from accountability." The head of the Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, has attacked in a statement Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and asked him to apologize and leave the political and the coalition with the state law "suicide".



    Jaafari: the return of dictatorship excluded and the current government made ​​mistakes big

    Mon Apr 28 2014 22:15 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad

    Ruled out the head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, on Monday, the return of dictatorship once again to Iraq, as he emphasized that the current government is committed big mistakes.

    Jaafari said in an interview on "modern home" aired "Alsumaria TV", "The return of dictatorship to Iraq is highly unlikely in light of the circumstances and the current situation."

    Jaafari added that "the current government is committed big mistakes," adding that "the file security and services is still below the level of ambition."

    The parliamentary election is the biggest event in Iraq, they determine the cluster, which nominates the prime minister and take over the top positions in the state, is scheduled to take place later on Wednesday (April 30, 2014), as the day began the process of the special ballot to employees of the security services, while yesterday began ballot Iraqi communities abroad.


    *** There is some serious qualification, equivocation and " back - pedaling " from Maliki " associates " going on here it seems to me. ***
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    Kurdistan attacks al-Maliki strongly: Apologize and leave politics

    * Courtesy of a friend *

    Kurdistan attacks al-Maliki strongly: Apologize and leave politics
    Monday, 28 April 2014 12:14

    Shafaq News / Presidency of Kurdistan Region criticized on Monday the Iraqi Prime Minister , Nuri al-Maliki , calling him to " apologize " for the Iraqi people and stay away from politics after eight years of his rule in which the country experienced a " deterioration in security and bad services."

    “ Al-Maliki submitted in recent times, serious views and opinions about the rights of the Kurdish people , the federal constitution and the political process in Iraq that cannot be ignored ,” A statement for the presidency of the region reported for " Shafaq News “.

    The statement called the " believers in the principles of democracy not to remain silent about it ," noting that “ these statements come at a time the political crisis is deepening more than ever , noting that the country id witnessing a security deterioration and citizens are suffering from poor services despite many imports and huge budgets .

    The statement added all that comes as a result of eight years of work by al-Maliki’s administration for the federal government , noting that the sectarian and social disruption , and the flames of strife among components is expanding day after day under his rule .

    The statement said that rather than apologizing to the Iraqi people and step away from political action , he attacks the Iraqi components and presents himself as a savior blaming others for the reasons for the failure of his government's policies .

    Maliki's comments on the rights of the Kurdish people , partnership , democracy and violating the constitution is a testament to the revival of that culture , which deprived the Iraqi people from peace and security, and brought the worst kinds of rulers to power.

    The statement pointed out that after years of the ratification of the Iraqi constitution and the principle of partnership and democracy , they have become practically exposed to the threat of a "culture of tyranny and look to the Kurds as a follower ."

    The statement noted that al-Maliki " shows himself to be above all the components of Iraq " and divide Iraq on sectarian bases when he says : I stand against the Kurds if they violated the Constitution , I stand against the Sunnis if violated the Constitution as I stand against Shiites if violated the Constitution , noting that he doesn’t see but himself and marginalizes the Parliament , the Federal Court and the Presidency of the Republic, noted that the Constitution did not give him a monitoring role .

    Regarding Maliki's comments on the delay in forming the regional government for six months , the statement said Kurdistan is working for the formation of a strong national government on the basis of consensus and participation of all parties , pointing out that these are the same rules that the Iraqi prime minister doesn’t want , even though he benefited from them frequently , but has violated them .

    The region's presidency called the Iraqi people to take advantage of the favorable opportunity and be able through the election to end this bad situation and make fundamental changes in the political process and returned it to its right track

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    Suicide attacks accompanied the voting process

    * Courtesy of a friend *

    Iraq closes airspace after the killing of 55 members of the security during the special ballot

    Gulf News

    Suicide attacks accompanied the voting process

    BAGHDAD - 28-4 (KUNA) - A suicide attacks caused accompanied by special ballot process that precedes the general elections in Iraq, which will allow elements of the army and police, prisoners and admitted to the hospital to vote the deaths of 55 people, mostly security personnel and injuring 125 others.

    This coincided with the announcement of the Iraqi authorities shut down airspace in front of all the planes starting at 12 until the middle of the night and sixth of Wednesday evening, the date of the voting public.

    It was the deadliest bombings targeted Maidiin of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, during a ceremony in Khanaqin in Diyala province after the broadcast television footage showing Talabani voted in a refinery in Germany.

    Said First Lieutenant in the Iraqi police Ahmed al-Hindawi told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that a suicide bomber blew himself up among elements of the party, the Iraqi president, while they were staying to celebrate in Khanaqin, 175 km northeast of Baghdad, killing 30 people and injuring 42 others.

    It was preceded by the blast wave of suicide attacks with explosive belts targeted polling stations in Baghdad, Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Nineveh.

    In Baghdad, a suicide bombing caused an explosive belt targeted polling stations in the Mansour district of western Baghdad, killing of eight members of the army and police and wounding 14 others.
    The director of administration at the Electoral Commission for elections Miqdad Sharifi suicide bombing that targeted polling stations in Al-Mansour, describing the attack, but stressed that such attacks will not affect the voting process on the day of the public vote on Wednesday.

    This was followed by a suicide bombing of the Al-Mansour Street in Morocco last fragment area north of Baghdad, killing six members of the army and police who were in the clothing they cast lots High School and wounding 18 others.

    Not limited to bombings in Baghdad since spread to the Salahuddin province, where a suicide bomber strapped with explosives targeted polling station in the town of Tuz, killing four policemen and injuring 10 others.

    In the district of Wasiti in Kirkuk, six policemen and two soldiers were killed and 12 others injured when a suicide bomb vest.

    The Nineveh province is also the scene of attacks Bhzamin with explosives and bomb targeted the first voters of the elements of security in the area Jawasaq city of Mosul, wounding seven people, including police and soldiers.

    Suicide bombing did not cause the occurrence of a large toll of casualties, after the men opened fire on police suicide causing it to explode outside the polling station in a second suicide bombing in the area of ​​aviation to the injury of eight soldiers and policemen.

    It also caused the bombing of the third improvised explosive device injured six journalists who were covering the voting process in your neighborhood Arab city of Mosul.

    In Anbar soldier was killed and eight wounded, including soldiers and police officers wounded when a roadside bomb targeted a joint convoy was on his way to a polling station in the town of Habbaniyah north of the city of Ramadi, 100 kilometers west of Baghdad.

    The Independent Higher Commission for Elections has announced that more than 1.05 million voters taking part in the special voting for security forces and prison hospitals and displaced persons.
    Suicide bombings and threw a shadow on the special ballot process that took place today exciting doubts about the security forces managed to prevent similar attacks on polling day may fall year on April 30.

    And closed at six o'clock in the evening the polls for elections to the private Iraqi Council of Representatives, which started in the morning in Baghdad and the provinces, according to the electronic device to read a voter's card was immediately transport the ballot boxes to the counting centers.

    After the end of the voting process in your inside Iraq about an hour over the voting process for Iraqis abroad, which lasted two consecutive days to participate in the selection of members of parliament, 19 Arab and foreign countries.

    According to the Electoral Commission, the UNHCR offices was extended for an hour voting process in a number of offices abroad after increasing turnout.

    It was hoped that the Iraqis participate in the elections abroad about 785 000 Iraqis who are entitled to cast their ballots, in 102 polling stations contain 654 polling stations in 19 Arab and foreign countries.

    In conjunction with the closure of Iraqi airspace will enter the race on Tuesday, Iraqi mid-stage electoral silence will not be able to promote the candidates themselves or for their election lists.
    The Commission warned the Independent Electoral political blocs of the consequences of the breach for electoral silence which requires stoppage of any kind of election campaigning before polling day to 24 hours, emphasizing the words of a member of the Board of Commissioners Kolshan Kamal it would take deterrent penalties against any candidate or political entity offers to commit such a breach .

    For its part, the Baghdad Operations Command has decided to close the entrance to the capital Baghdad and a ban on roaming vehicles ranging from ten o'clock in the evening next Tuesday, according to the announcement, spokesman for the Baghdad Operations Brigadier General Saad Maan in a statement distributed here.

    The action comes a day after the declaration of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to disable the official working hours in all provinces a whole week starting on Sunday.

    It is scheduled to testify overheated election matchup between 9040 candidate on the 328 parliamentary seats, but the indicators that go into the real competition will be limited to the specific lists with a margin of opportunities to attend New Guests on the Iraqi parliamentary arena.

    What makes this election different being the first parliamentary election after the end of the U.S. presence.

    The number of entities and coalitions approved to run 277 political entities, but he and distant withdrawal of a number of them, particularly from the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh, for security reasons, and the integration of the other with each became number lists that will run 107 lists are divided by 36 political coalition and 71 political entity comprising all the 9040 candidates vying for 328 parliamentary seats.

    Will contest these lists to book parliamentary seats in the Iraqi parliament for its next session, which will see an increase the number of seats after the election law of the Iraqi parliament headquarters recently distributed to 320 seats to the provinces of the 18 in accordance with the administrative boundaries, where will all the province of a single electoral constituency.

    And distributed seats 320 on Baghdad (69 seats) and Nineveh (31 seats) and Basra (25 seats), Dhi Qar (19 seats) and Babel (17 seats) and Sulaymaniyah (18 seats) and Anbar (15 seats) and Erbil (15 seats), Diyala (14 seats) While the share of each of Kirkuk, Salahuddin and Najaf 12 seats.

    The Wasit and Qadisiyah, Dohuk, Karbala Each has 11 seats, while the share of Maysan and Muthanna 10 seats seven seats.

    The law gave eight seats for the components (Christian and Yezidi and Sabian and Mandaean and networking), where will go five seats for the Christian component and distributed to the provinces (Baghdad, Nineveh, Kirkuk, Dohuk and Erbil) and the seat of the component Yezidi in Nineveh province, as well as component networking either Sabian and Mandaean has granted one seat in Baghdad.

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    Abdul-Mahdi: the wave of change to come, based on a coherent and meaningful alliances

    * Courtesy of a friend *

    Abdul-Mahdi: the wave of change to come, based on a coherent and meaningful alliances led

    Baghdad newspaper probity – said leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and former Vice-President Adel Abdul Mahdi that wave of change coming and its leadership and alliances.

    Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement received (alignment) on "in the 2010 elections, although participation rates good (62%), the top result was a share of (Iraqi) which got 91 seats and the number of votes was around 2779805 votes, followed by (State law) by 89 seats with 2723698 votes, and there were" legal "threshold granted large meals of small and medium-sized lists sounds and lost, noting that" If a Saint Loco 1.6 ″ on the results of the "Iraq" 67 "law" has 66 seats. Results of provincial Council elections in 2013, progress has been divided into lists, lost hundreds of thousands of votes than achieved by 2010.

    "We say this to bring the discussions to realism and to the outcome of the next election from fundamental changes in the balance of power. Talking about the nomination of the Prime Minister's name as a guarantee of victory, and the high numbers or alliances aimed at all the psychological effects on the electorate to gain some additional seats, and foretold the election atmosphere settled while all indicators point to a serious and real change is brewing. "

    "These elections will be much harder than the past three elections to form a majority government with political meaning, i.e. that the pre-election coalitions are sufficient to complete the task. The Government was, numerically at least, in the elections of 15 December 2005, and in 2006 when he got (United Iraqi Alliance) to 138 seats, and 130 seats, respectively, of the total 275 seats.

    He "could have been achieved in 2010 if N0 ghat (Iraq) and negotiations (law) and not only after the Government is formed (the National Alliance) from the (national), (the Act). This will form the next Government new partnership to the core components and alliances in each square that is, if implemented quickly. "

    Abdul-Mahdi said that "to achieve an efficient Government, it requires hand or want the initiative to achieve better relations with strong national and private arena. A a speech on third down, this logic of thinking using crises as the general approach followed and procedural or constitutional, President of the Chamber of Deputies is elected by an absolute majority and the President of the Republic is chosen by two-thirds in the first round, not the absolute fabalaghlbet in the second round and is a vote of confidence on the Prime Minister and his Cabinet and Government platform by absolute majority. "

    Referred to as the special voting centres opened Sunday for legislative elections and will vote next Wednesday 30 April.

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    Allawi "angry" to be excluded from the four-party alliance between Barzani and al-Hak

    * Courtesy of a friend *

    Allawi "angry" to be excluded from the four-party alliance between Barzani and al-Hakim and al-Sadr and Najafi


    Palm - senior political sources confirmed that Iyad Allawi is furious now dropped after Osama Najafi of the new four-party alliance, which included Barzani and Hakim and Najafi and chest, and said he was "godfather" previous alliances, and wondered "why this exclusion."

    Alawi said during a meeting with a number of candidates for the next election bloc that he will work with all our strength to win the election and get the largest number of parliamentary seats in order to attract alliances of winning the election and form the next government.

    And replied to a question by one of the candidates about the exclusion of the mass of the alliance, which was announced recently, included KDP and block citizen, headed by Ammar al-Hakim and the Liberal bloc led by Muqtada al-Sadr, in addition to the coalition united under the chairmanship of Osama Najafi, saying: I do not know why excluded patriots, although I've always always axis and the godfather of electoral alliances.

    Alawi said a lot of questions about the four-party alliance's new, and sealed his words, "I do not know", sparking a lot of questions to the candidates list on his political role in the current phase and the differences with the House Speaker Osama Najafi, who arrived to declare the latter that the mass "united" is the rightful heir to the coalition of the "Iraqi" which was led by Iyad Allawi, before it withdraws most of its leaders.

    Allawi said he was determined to win the election, despite the exclusion of many observers to achieve this goal, and the reason for Allawi's insistence on it "to avenge" of the political parties, which excluded him from the four-party alliance, which was formed to counter the popularity of the list of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

    For his part, the leader of the coalition are united Ahmed electrodes on the existence of an agreement between the first blocks are united, and the Liberals and the citizen and the Kurdistan Alliance, "the formation of the next government."

    Massari said in a press statement that these groups had agreed to the non-renewal of the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a third session, stressing that the election results will determine the shape of the next government, you will be on the basis of the political majority or national partnership.

    Not must electrodes question why the exclusion of Allawi four-party alliance, but said that the current produced a rapprochement and understanding large between the blocks are united and the citizen and the Liberals and the Kurdistan and a preliminary agreement to form the next government and a radical change in the shape of the next government and their subjects, without talking about the role of Allawi them.

    He said the blocs agreed that no third term for the owners but he also said all of that can not be achieved only after the outcome of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

    Stresses politicians of mass Najafi, said differences with Iyad Allawi, related to the character of the latter, and its uniqueness in the permanent decision-making, especially when he was the leader of the Iraqi List, which eventually led to the exit of actors, including the formation of parliamentary blocs own.

    According to the politicians that the presence of Allawi in the new alliance, meaning Chdah to different blocks of up to about 10 after it was only four, as it depends on the style of "divide and rule", which was carried as an emblem to hit his political opponents.

    said politicians that Allawi has always called the statements "false "embarrass his partners, including those in which he stated that" there is coordination between the national and the Sadrist bloc and the citizen and the Kurdistan Alliance is not a coalition, but each block, Massoud Barzani. "

    Among during a press conference held at the headquarters of the coalition of nationalists in Baghdad, we met with Adel Abdul Mahdi and Ammar al-Hakim and we had joint meetings with the Sadrist movement and with some blocs in the National Alliance to coordinate until after the elections, however this has not authorized any leadership in those parties about the existence of a meeting with Allawi, But they pointed out that day looking for alliance bring him back to the forefront again.

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