27.12.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad / Ines Tariq - term ends life aspirations ... everything in the country of dreams deferred and grief, sympathy and poems such as Hfeznaha Nkbatna, repeat with Tgraúa .. Explain the self Ariqbha hopes to live ... what narrower in the expanse of hope, and pendular self Mutanabi repeating what he said ... What is all what one hopes realize ... The winds are on our side .. To become "God cream" of the crisis does not leave the hearts and tongues of Iraqis, Photos and colorful brush of grief .. So you see the Iraqi street, young people waiting for the hope and future employment opportunities, women beyond the right of "quota" tragic, orphaned children become inspired their favorite toy, the elderly have become part of the furniture cafes and alleys and shops await the return of the absent migrant or dreaming the dream does not come Kbbahm, demobilized the Iraqi individual in his ideas and wishes, that he hopes will be realized in the new year 2012. Omniyat far from each political ambitions, and promises to achieve the security and stability, wishes everyone a simple is hoped to be achieved in a country Allamolov, there is no difference between the employee and the wage earner between rich and poor, between the housewife and teacher with a young man riding a modern car model and the driver Stoth, everyone is equal in all things, because their wish, and one is security and stability. We hope to return Baghdad as

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