57394 Two days after [UNTIL] parliamentary elections / Maliki can not declare a state
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Thread: 57394 Two days after [UNTIL] parliamentary elections / Maliki can not declare a state

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    57394 Two days after [UNTIL] parliamentary elections / Maliki can not declare a state


    NOTE: that the countdown notice has been amended to qualify the Election as "Scheduled" to give emphasis to the tenuous state of political / constitutional affairs in Iraq in recent days and specifically the mention in the news of a possible delay in the election due to the Anbar diaspora. Add to the foregoing the " threat" of the election occurring under martial law with Maliki as the chief executive officer.

    Two days after [ UNTIL ] the parliamentary elections

    By Nazim Khtari - 26-04-2014 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Most of Iraq will after two days from now to the polls in order to choose the members of parliament for the next four years and probably will devote himself to some a lot from participating indifferent to what is happening in the country and its future and the future of his children or perhaps afflicted despair and lack of conviction of any change coming, this at a time when racing in it forces that dominated power after the fall of the dictator, which failed to deliver anything to the Iraqis who will participate in the elections or who reject it, in order to tighten its grip on power in this time also alongside civil forces of democracy, which rejects the dominance of these forces that have brought the country to ruin and society to sharp division on the basis of sectarian and ethnic, so it became very difficult to re-national cohesion under the same conditions.

    It is worth mentioning here that everyone is raising the slogan of change in this election, not because change is the motto of the sides or in line with the changes taking place in our surroundings, or through submission can continue to dominate the destiny of the country and continue to tear the social fabric and the absence of the future of the Iraqi people, but because it is an absolute necessity To stop this ripping and rid Iraq of banditry sectarian, ethnic and save his people from the dark tunnel of the long-running, so it is here that we can identify the forces that want to change and the forces that actually pretend electoral slogan of change.

    Those forces that grip rule since the fall of the former regime, and yet in their interest to maintain these conditions and the sectarian and ethnic strife in the country and stand against any positive change for the following reasons.

    First - because all the men of these forces is not qualified to lead the helm of the state because of the lack of competence and leadership abilities, and so on, so the end of the sectarian conflict requires building a state and they are not men of state.

    Secondly - all these forces, without exception, is characterized by the ability of super theft of public money, therefore, would end the sectarian conflict to build what was destroyed by the war machine can not be sectarian rebuilding these muggers and corrupt.

    Thirdly - all these forces is characterized by the ability of strange to lie and take from religion and sectarian persecution and national historic way easier to it, hence the change towards building a civil state, the state of citizenship, will not be a need them, but will change a sponsor at the end of their role and that's what does not Never want to achieve.

    Fourthly - all the forces of the ruling and influential lacks a real sense of national and often their loyalty to the outside of a stronger allegiance to the homeland, and the change in this area need to be a strong national allegiance to the nation and not to the outside. Therefore, they refuse to change, in fact.

    Fifthly - all the ruling powers and powerful does not hold any significant citizen, but considers salable commodity and buying .. a living bought and sold .. his voice bought and sold .. thought bought and sold .. loyalty bought and sold .. destiny bought and sold .. everything is bought sold .. parties and ethnic groups, clans and their chairmen in reality they are brokers that buy and sell .. While change towards building a citizen's rights passes unzip the fate of the dominance of all these actors and linking it to the laws of a civil state until it becomes free and master of himself and the same, and therefore, this form of the change rejected These forces strongly.

    All of this leads me to wonder .. if these influential ruling powers unwilling to change .. what prevents it or prevent it through these long years of its rule and all the potential to be leveraged and the state were still at their disposal ..?

    But I am convinced that all that happened was the practice of deliberate this ruling powers objective was to make money, influence and power, I would rule it out of any process of change to come, but I as a citizen I am interested in the interests of Iraq and its people warn all conscious and all with a conscience and all the sons of the Iraqi people to get involved on the election in this session which should be decisive and put an end to those who brought Iraq to this tragic situation.

    From his genuine interest change ..?

    There is no doubt that all the Iraqi people have a genuine interest in the next change, participants in the elections or who refuse to participate in the ballot.

    When real change, and when the top of defenders real rights of the Iraqi people and Iraq, or when the state affairs and management on hand, deserves the Shiites of Iraq two important things - first: a sense of safety and exercise Chiahm without discrimination or fear and forever - and the second exercise their natural Kmutnin They capital of the state the most prized in the civil state .. state citizenship.

    When it is, when positive change is worth the Sunnis of Iraq's most beautiful things, including the feeling that the power that was holding some-led falsely and hypocritically under their name that they had not lost sight of them, but they are the owners when they realized Almsawat between everyone in the civil state, state citizenship, and end any need for them to mobilize the sectarian on the grounds of exclusion and put an end to the exploitation of the intruders to their exceptional in light of a sectarian government, and to allow each horizon in order to be partners wealth of the nation and country partners to formulate policies and partners to build.

    The Kurds when the desired change, Visthakon permitted them everything they fought for him through the bitter history. And turns their struggle within the framework of the Iraqi state to the legal struggle is managed in a rational manner for the right to self-determination, and ending orgy of military threats and repeated this side or that this people to live free and dignified Abia.

    There is no doubt that minorities deserve to not remain minorities in the enjoyment of rights and duties, Vibinaha should enjoy the rights of the people of nationalities big when it becomes the desired change a reality, and that everyone enjoys Palmsawat in shaping the policy of his own, and that the reign of peace, love and tolerance among all and provide all the necessary conditions for the exercise of their and the rest of the religious rituals and so on.

    And to find the workers at the change of objective laws governing their lives and the lives of their families and their specialty unemployment benefits to ensure their dignity and ensure their future in addition to pension benefits and social security laws and so on.

    The women in the light of the radical change they must live side man real equality in accordance with the laws that ensure the right to work and the right to maternity and live under civil law providing for civil status, especially with all the Iraqis to ensure their dignity and give her freedom to choose her partner away from injustice, coercion and laws reactionary Jaafari underdeveloped such as law, for example, that offend their dignity.

    To restore the desired change of working children in the street to school, because they are the future wealth and their objective and continue with our future optimization.

    Should not be when the change there terrorism controls our fate, and that there is no blood liquefied in the streets of our country and that there are no Jttt dumped in public roads and that everyone is able to exercise his freedom and return the army to its barracks on the border to defend the safety of the nation away from the sticky in conflicts Political and hit the forces of the people.

    When real change should be to build a country home to the Iraqi people under the civil laws .. Iraqis to live in the welfare state without poverty and destitution physical and social justice in light .. Iraqis to live in a country where the services and enjoy their wealth to achieve enormous .. Change them adequate housing and clean the street and Panacea and advanced school and parks to rest and galleries beautiful theater and dance and sing and provide every opportunity for freedom of artistic creativity, intellectual and otherwise.

    Of these forces is qualified to lead the desired change and the adoption of its contents above ...?

    I said above that the powers of religious, sectarian and ethnic not qualified to lead this change, despite its bluster so, but I see there are forces civilian, I see there are democratic forces, I think there is a leftist forces, I think there is a strong national interest to a genuine interest in change, and they exercised this role in the past and practice it at this time, the forces of proven history of struggle and sacrifice .. recognized for their dedication and selfless itself .. proven its integrity and cleanliness of their hands .. proven Baasraha and determination .. proven its defense of the interests of the working and poor people and the interests of the Iraqi people and their desire to build a welfare state, proven to defend Almsawat between men and women .. proven competence and experience in order to secure Iraq's transition from ruin to construction and construction .. proven their positions against terrorism ... recognized for their positions of principle of the right of peoples to self-determination .. all these forces combined In the list of the coalition Civic Democrats, which numbered 232 in the list of the National Alliance of Kurdistan and number 212 in the list of Warka and number 299 in the list of coalition alternative independent civil in Basra and number 209 in the list of alliance Najaf Democratic 245 and number, as well as the forces and other figures in the lists of sporadic, between the candidates competencies The capabilities of distinct and high, politicians and independent skilled and Zalaan issues of the nation and the society, which of all the clans and sects, religions and different regions of Iraq .. these lists and candidates are hoping the Iraqis and the salvation of farce Islamist rule .. Vantakbohem without hesitation, O honorable and my fervent on the interests of Iraq and its future.



    Legal Expert: Maliki can not declare a state of emergency Mon Apr 28 2014 01:19 | (Voice of Iraq)

    (Special) ... legal expert confirmed that the prime minister does not have federal authority to declare a state of emergency in the country on the eve of the elections. He stressed the legal expert Tareq Harb in a statement to the Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUKcc.net), on Sunday, April 27, 2014, that it is not the prerogative of the prime minister nor the cabinet nor the prerogative of the President or the House of Representatives declaration of emergency in the country. The war that the state of emergency declared after a request from the Prime Minister to the President of the Republic, based his work, and agree to the request jointly, and submitted to the House of Representatives, which in turn posed to its members for a vote, noting that the legal contexts so you need to more time than the remaining to hold the elections, pointing out that it is also no justification to declare a state of emergency in the country. He pointed to the war that the Prime Minister can not declare a state of emergency in the province of Anbar, stressing that it must apply the legal contexts aforementioned Prime Minister can not definitively declare a state of emergency in Anbar.


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    57395 Baghdad .. a ban on vehicle traffic from Tuesday evening until further notice

    Baghdad .. a ban on vehicle traffic from Tuesday evening until further notice

    02:38:27 / 04/2014

    Khandan - Ali Naji
    Baghdad Operations Command has decided to impose Hzeraly vehicle traffic in Baghdad began on the evening of Tuesday, until further notice.

    A spokesman for the Baghdad Operations Command, Brigadier General Saad Maan, the newsflash quoted the semi-official al-Iraqiya TV, and I followed, "Khandan", "It will be closed the entrances to the city of Baghdad and exits starting at 10 pm on Tuesday, 4/29/2014."

    Maan said that "he will be a ban on vehicles roaming in the city of Baghdad, starting at 10 pm on Tuesday until further notice."

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    57396 Electoral campaign stops tomorrow in Kurdistan

    Electoral campaign stops tomorrow in Kurdistan

    Sunday, 27 April 2014 15:03

    Shafaq News / Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced on Sunday , that the campaign of the provincial councils ‘elections in Kurdistan Region will stop on Monday , which began earlier this month with the election campaign of the Iraqi parliament .

    “The campaign for the provincial councils ‘elections will stop on Monday , pointing out that the political entities has the right to hold the election campaign for the candidates of the Iraqi parliament only ,” The director of IHEC in Erbil , Hendren Mohammed Saleh told “Shafaq News”.

    He noted that the electoral campaign of the Iraqi parliament will stop next Tuesday , 29 of April.

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    57398 Candidate: Thousands of Iraqis prevented from voting abroad

    Candidate: Thousands of Iraqis prevented from voting abroad

    Sunday, 27 April 2014 13:34

    Shafaq News / A candidate for the Iraqi parliamentary elections revealed on Sunday that he received information on the prevention of thousands of Iraqis in a number of Western countries and the United States to cast their ballots in the parliamentary elections because of the general procedures imposed by Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC).

    Iraqis in abroad began voting today in 19 countries as identified by IHEC to Iraqis abroad; to cast their ballots in the public parliamentary elections.

    The candidate, Adnan Francois Aoumraa said in an interview with "Shafaq News" that "I received phone calls from the United States as Iraqi voters say that thousands of people will be deprived of voting because of IHEC procedures."

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    57399 Iraqis vote in Iran ended after extending it for two hours

    Iraqis vote in Iran ended after extending it for two hours

    27/04/2014 20:14:00

    Tehran / NINA / Iraqis vote in the Iranian provinces ended on Sunday evening after extending it for two additional hours.

    The polling stations have closed their doors at ninth night in Tehran timing, eighth at Baghdad time, after extending the voting two additional hours because of the intensity of voters.

    It is worth mentioning that the Iraqis vote was held in ten Iranian provinces, the most prominent Tehran, Isfahan, Qom, Mashhad, Kermanshah and Ilam.

    The vote will continue on Monday for Iraqis living abroad, and the process of counting the votes will begin as soon as the completion of the elections.

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    57400 Lukoil, Zarpsonaft seek to drill for oil west of the Euphrates

    Lukoil, Zarpsonaft seek to drill for oil west of the Euphrates

    27/04/2014 14:59:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The Russian giant Lukoil company for excavations and the oil industry announced that it signed with the Russian oil company / Zarpsonaft / a joint memorandum of understanding with the Iraqi company for excavations on the possibility of detecting the oil patch geologist on the west of the Euphrates ."

    The company said in a statement today, " A joint memorandum of understanding was signed in Baghdad with the Iraqi company for oil excavations about the possibility of detecting the oil patch geologist on the west of the Euphrates an estimated area of 17 thousand square kilometers ."

    Lukoil confirmed in a statement that, " a survey on the oil patch now is conducting , and then a decision will be made to prepare a draft contract for the project " pointing out that the company Zarpsonaft will serve as a partner with the Russian company Lukoil . "

    Lukoil pointed out that it " looks forward to the potential contribution in the tender for the Nasiriyah project in partnership with Russian state oil company Zarpsonaft ," indicating that "the project is to develop Nasiriyah oil field and establish an oil refinery in it."

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    t57401 Second phase of the elections starts this morning

    Second phase of the elections starts this morning

    28/04/2014 08:37:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The second phase of the elections has begun on Monday morning 28, April, where security services, military , patients and prisoners vote in the special vote.

    The IHEC announced that 534 polling centers and / 2670 / polling stations are ready for the security services to vote .

    Mohsen al-Moussawi, a member of IHEC, according to the Information Office of the IHEC, said " the Election Commission is ready to start the vote tomorrow ," adding that the included voters are employees of the security forces, registered displaced persons, patients into hospital and prison inmates ./


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    57402 Special vote starts in Anbar province

    Special vote starts in Anbar province

    28/04/2014 10:14:00

    Ramadi / NINA/ The special voting process to elect the House of Representatives started in Anbar at seven o'clock on Monday 28, April

    A source in the Office of the IHEC in Anbar province told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that 50 polling centers have been opened in Anbar, comprising 229 polling stations distributed in most parts of the province of Anbar.


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    57403 Special voting process goes smoothly in Diyala province

    Special voting process goes smoothly in Diyala province

    28/04/2014 10:54:00

    Baquba / NINA / Diyala Police Command confirmed that the special voting process for the employees of the security services is running normally and there is no any security breach , predicting that the percentage of the vote of the security services reaches 90%.

    Ghalib al-Attiya, the spokesman of Diyala police told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / The voters from security personnel are flowing to the polling stations that deployed in the districts and the areas of Diyala and the process is going smoothly without obstacles, pointing out that the polling stations are subject to tight security.

    The special ballot process has begun on Monday morning 28, April which covered employees of the security forces, registered displaced, patients in hospitals and prison inmates .


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    57408 Conversion to electronic cash handling to improve the payments system in Iraq

    * Courtesy of sczinn11 *

    Conversion to electronic cash handling to improve the payments system in Iraq

    April 28, 2014 11:19

    Proposed a financial expert on behalf of Hadi, converting cash handling financial to cash-mail to improve the payments system in the country. Said Hadi told / JD /: "It has to be working on the development of the Iraqi banking system with the latest technologies to allow him to introduce electronic systems of modern financial dealings, and convert cash handling Financial cash to electronic, just like most of the countries of the world. "according to the news agency JD

    He said: "The process of cash transfer will improve the payments system in the country and facilitate financial transactions, especially after the advent of e-commerce and spread widely among most countries, especially that Iraq has business dealings with big countries in the region and the countries of East Asia", calling for "the need for legislation Rules governing the work in ways that payment. "and stressed the importance of the introduction of" chunked national "which was adopted by the central bank, which includes linking local banks network unified communications managed by a specialized international company and under the direct supervision by the central bank, to support financial transactions electronic.

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