Regarding TNT Conference Call of April 11th
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Thread: Regarding TNT Conference Call of April 11th

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    Regarding TNT Conference Call of April 11th

    Did anyone here listen to this latest TNT Tony conference call? I don't believe I'll be wasting my time listening to any more of them. There was one thing that was said during the call that made me feel like I could no longer trust what was being said. Tony was being critical of a certain guru named Mountain Goat, and specifically about remarks she had made criticizing the US government. Tony commented that he had been in the military for 15 years (I think he was an NCO) and that he was patriotic and would not ever criticize his government! Excuse me? Since when does being a true patriot ( and therefore patriotic) require one to not ever criticize their government? I wonder if he would be practicing the same philosophy if Romney or Rand Paul were president? So, goodbye Tony..., having been a officer in the US Navy for a long time in the 70's I'm not so naive. But I do 'miss the bliss' which it appears some are still enjoying too much to extract themselves from the matrix.
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    Re: Regarding TNT Conference Call of April 11th

    svanos49 -- THANK YOU for serving!! We appreciate our servicemen and respect the sacrifices made for our country.

    Many of our members save time and emotional energy by staying home at Dinar Updates. DU keeps news and discussion as close to reality as possible. You can find a huge collection of news on topic in our
    ALL ABOUT IRAQ section in the Forum, and the articles worthy of discussion are usually brought into the chat room. Actually, most of the discussions take place in the chat room at this time.

    We'd love to have you join us! You can access the chat room by clicking on the word 'Chat' at the top of the page in the black bar. It will take you to a login page. Scroll down if necessary and enter your same username and password that you use to login to Dinar Updates. Sometimes it takes a minute to load, so don't rush off if you don't see a login right away.

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