Malaysian missing plane hijacked in Afghanistan (reportedly)
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Thread: Malaysian missing plane hijacked in Afghanistan (reportedly)

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    Malaysian missing plane hijacked in Afghanistan (reportedly)

    A surprise to the Russian intelligence: Malaysian missing plane hijacked in Afghanistan

    Palm - blew the newspaper "Moscovksy Kmsmolic" Russian surprise, and increased in uncertainty that accompanied the big puzzle is still missing plane Malaysian, when confirmed on the lips of her sources of Russian intelligence yesterday that the Malaysian plane parked near Kandahar, Afghanistan.

    The paper said: The plane found in a mountainous area southeast of the city of Kandahar, Afghanistan, near the border with Afghanistan, and that one of its wings was crash suggests Bnzulha unforced difficult and dangerous, but all passengers alive even though they are in a bad situation very well, and they are distributed to the scattered groups includes one 7 people, and move the location of 24 of the UAE.

    According to the sources, who spoke to the Russian newspaper, the plane had been kidnapped by two hijackers and that at least one of them holds the title of "Hitch."

    The sources said that the kidnapping occurred because the presence of 20 experts unidentified nationality and one of them at least holds Japanese citizenship, the newspaper added: The reason for the abduction may have been the intention of swapping U.S. government or Chinese on the life of the experts who did not disclose their terms of reference, or just to financial blackmail of by an unknown destination.

    To confirm the news paper talked to an expert in the field of aviation called Afagne Kuzminov, who affirmed that the Boeing 777-200 Malaysian can get off at the runway dirt and unpaved provided that it is in flat terrain is open and free of hills and trees that exceed a length of 2,000 meters minimum.


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    Re: Malaysian missing plane hijacked in Afghanistan (reportedly)

    And here we are a few months later, and no more is said via the media about this plane... Strange?... IMO those who know what happened to this plane understand the world will forget in time... Save those who had loved ones on this plane...

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