Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud sign an agreement for cooperation with the UN Development
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Thread: Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud sign an agreement for cooperation with the UN Development

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    Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud sign an agreement for cooperation with the UN Development

    Signed Mr. Head of the Judiciary, Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud today Thursday, 4.10.2014 new agreement of cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme in Iraq at a conference attended by a number of judicial authority figures.
    said Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud said in his speech that "we meet today with officials of the United Nations Development Programme Iraq to sign with them a cooperation agreement new. "
    and praised the commendable role of the United Nations Development Programme, said, "They have projects, many of which create a rule Iraqi legislation since the founding of the modern state early last century to the present day and updated on an ongoing basis and the training of crews Iraqi employees of the judiciary to deal with this program. " and sees Mahmood said that "the development of legislative base is not for documentation only," adding, "but to serve all the people of the judiciary and the law and concerned and in addition to that she documented the history of Iraq in terms of realism." and continued,

    "as he took the United Nations also open courses in the Institute judicial development to raise the capacity of judges and public prosecutors, investigators and employees of the judiciary all, "stressing" the development of the software system for the conduct of civil proceedings ", stressing that" the success of this experiment ", expressing at the same time for" the possibility of her uncles on the courts of all of Iraq. " increased Authority President federal judiciary "The program internationalist foundations offices of legal aid in the courts of Baghdad and Basra to the duty of directing the people who need to stay proceedings and to give them the legal information, especially women who need in matters of personal status to those who know them how to access their rights." and went on, "the program has put the experience of the courts Alanmozjah which are intended course of action in the courts, but

    stopped a little bit, "and expressed the hope" in re this experience and make all courts atypical. " With regards to the project site with the program internationalist described Mahmoud Balkhalaq said that "the implementation of its provisions will be in stages and according to the priorities that we need According to the scenarios studied. " and stated that "the first project is to strengthen the role of the judiciary in the judicial investigation," pointing out that "We in the one country where there are 3 authorities cooperate to build and each authority competence and our Constitution provided for the separation between these authorities and the cooperation among them is does not affect the the autonomy of each of them. " promised Mahmoud "investigative work based on justice and the corner which is based upon the Constitution delegated to investigate judicial power exclusively and this is something we desire and we tried implanting since the independence of the judiciary in 2003," On the other hand, he emphasized "the need for the executive and the judicial police in the execution of orders and decisions issued by the judiciary. " and refused to Mahmoud "dispense with authority from the other," but

    he expressed his ambition that "the process of the investigation exclusively However, employees of the judicial authority of magistrates and investigators judicial." He went on to say that "we fought experience at the end of 2010 to open offices for investigation judiciary in Iraq, which includes a number of judges, prosecutors and investigators have made ​​this experience a great success ", citing the" ČĂŃ office was opened in the presidency of the Court of Appeal of Baghdad Rusafa taken to the headquarters misdemeanor court competent issues passports after it was suffering the very large, " but he also said, "But now it has been addressing this matter after the formation of the Office of judicial investigation and became the transaction does not take completed more than two days." and noted that "the experience of offices of the judicial investigation a new start for the spaces of justice is great, and strengthening the role of the judiciary in accordance with the project would be through." He revealed that "support will be from this day to the end of the year," hoping to "be in all the appellate courts a large number of offices of the judicial investigation even devote local police functions in the maintenance of security and the implementation of the decisions of the courts." and said the head of the federal judiciary,

    "The second project is support access to justice through the offices of legal assistance, "explaining that" The third project is to support the role of judicial oversight in the march judiciary, "pointing out that" the judge does not need to look for but need someone to draw in does not affect the independence of the judicial decision is made ​​if There have been contrary to the purpose of processing. " The fourth project said it Mahmood is "supporting the role of public prosecution in the course of activity of the judiciary, which has a big role in the field of investigation in the area of the penalty and the case of a social nature of any personal status and in the preservation of public money." and stressed "the importance of the role of the prosecution and in all international courts, as it has a distinct role in Iraq," adding that "there are those who wanted withdrew to the role of the public prosecutor, but our defense was strong for prosecutorial functions in Iraq, he oversees the work of the investigators and defends legality", calling for "Support for this device and this has been agreed with the program internationalist in it and achieve our ambition to take the prosecutorial role fully in achieving legitimacy."

    In the same vein, said Mahmood "We Turning to qualify crews administers the courts even devote himself to the judges for their judicial." and added that "There is a project fifth expand work in system administration issues and how to receive the case until its completion, registration and issuance of judgment, preservation and archiving." said Mahmood "We discussed also the process of supporting legislative reform to the extent that the organization of the work of the judiciary in order to ensure its independence," and expressed regret "because the constitution did not give us authority judicial right to submit draft laws related to the judicial work directly to the House of Representatives while granting this right to some organizations. " and pointed out that "we strive to have the means through which we can go straight to the House of Representatives without passing the Council of Ministers or the Presidency" , explaining that we are "the authority and know what we want and go directly to the legislature and discuss it." Either the judicial Development Institute has confirmed Mahmood that he "is not a substitute for the Judicial Institute, but a complement we seek always to the development of the judiciary in all wings of judges and members of the Public Prosecution The rest of the components, "hoping that" joining the Judicial Institute of the judicial authority. "

    and "The things she wants to be the Institute under the management of the executive branch and we dealt with this matter by developing judicial Development Institute with the help of the United States of America, which has established the building and we are continuing developed," Mushir that "the Institute receives support also from other organizations." For his part, the Country Director of the United Nations Development Programme in Iraq Adam Abdel Mawla, thanks to Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, and all workers in the judiciary for the good cooperation with the UN Development Program. said Mawla "As you know All I have left the UN Development Program and some other United Nations organizations operating outside the borders of Iraq for some years, "noting that I" I've seen since I assumed the functions of the office in the past year to give top priority to the transfer of operations of the United Nations Program to Iraq, with the beginning of this year we have shifted Most of the activities of the program to the inside. " He continued, "This affirmation of the United Nations Development Programme to enable collaboration with segments of Iraqi society different and with the bodies and different government agencies and the program operates in many areas," following "However, we believe that the program should be supported by the rule the rule of law and the fact that the main pillar of the development there will be no sustainable development unless there is a rule for the rule of law. " and added the UN official, "so it comes our work in this area as a top priority introduction over other priorities," adding, "In this regard remained our cooperation and judicial bodies revolves around many of the activities mentioned by Mahmood in his speech. " special agency N.

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    Re: Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud sign an agreement for cooperation with the UN Development

    For over 3 years I have tracked this event,the FEDERAL COUNCIL,and i am convenced that it has a direct impact on maliki and limits his ability to cause the havock he has caused. The RV is looking at us I am excited. This is in their constitution and was and is on the parliments agenda for the current session. The only puzzle that I have is that maliki's judge mahmood was the lead guy in this. It looks as if he has bailed on maliki also. get ready for the BBQ I might even bring some S.C.pork to go along with it.
    Blessings upon us all

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    Re: Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud sign an agreement for cooperation with the UN Development

    Amen to that jimplants!! I've been following this as well...It builds my confidence level about this investment!!

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