Ukraine announces the withdrawal of its troops from the Crimea
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Thread: Ukraine announces the withdrawal of its troops from the Crimea

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    Ukraine announces the withdrawal of its troops from the Crimea

    Home Gazette 332 Arab and international

    03/26/2014 17:43

    Follow-up - public opinion

    President of Ukraine Transitional Oleksandr Turchinov that Kiev has decided to withdraw its troops from the Crimea. Said Turchinov during a meeting with the heads of parliamentary blocs that "the Committee for National Security and Defense reached a decision to instruct the Ministry of Defense to carry out the redeployment of military units stationed in the Republic of Crimea Autonomous self. "He said the government had received instruction by providing housing for the families of soldiers and anyone who" was forced to leave his home because of the pressure and aggression practiced by the Russian army's troops.

    "refers announcement Turchinov to a change in the position of the Ukrainian authorities, which was allowed in the past for military personnel using their weapons to defend their bases in Crimea occupied by Russian troops for more than three weeks.

    This development comes after less than a month to get Russian President Vladimir Putin to authorize the use of force after the ouster of Ukraine close to Russia Victor Iaconuvić on February 22 last year. inspected Ukrainian forces positions in the semi- in front of the island offers the Russian forces or pro-Kremlin, which stormed Saturday the main air base outside the Ukrainian Crimean capital Simferopol. seized control of Russian forces also on the naval base in the Ukrainian port of Feodosia in eastern Crimea.

    The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu arrived in Crimea yesterday to inspect the facilities and military forces, as reported by Russian news agencies. And Shoigu first Russian official high-level heading to the peninsula since it joined Russia last week have been captured Russian troops without fighting in recent days on all rules Ukrainian almost in the Crimea.

    Authorities in Crimea adoption of the ruble in the peninsula, which joined to Russia, but the banks and shops continue to use Ukrainian currency almost exclusively. announced the Prime Minister of Crimea Sergey Xionov on his account in Twitter "payment in rubles became possible as of today . hryvnia will continue to be used until the first of January 2016. "said Vice President Rustam Tmirgalyev to pay pensions rubles will start with exchange 300 million rubles (six million euros), as quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency. Prior to that, a few hours later at midnight GMT Moscow declared the Russian news agency official Itar-Tass news "start trading officially rubles. every transaction will be in the national currency Russian if one of the sides is a resident of Russia." and only the law of causing Crimean Union Federal Russian adopted by the Russian parliament last week, saying that the ruble is the formal process as soon as the work law and that there is a transition period until the first of January 2016.

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    Re: Ukraine announces the withdrawal of its troops from the Crimea

    Boundaries are being reset... Lines in the sand being drawn... Interesting to see where this will lead... Ultimately the fulfillment of bible prophecy... At some point in the future we will see the world being separated into 10 regions in accordance to biblical prophecy... These 10 regions will be ruled by 10 kings as Revelation chapter 17 points out... Their rule will be for a short time (the 7th head or kingdom of the beast in Revelation) in preparation for the rule of the man of sin or beast as these 10 kings will give their authority to the beast in accordance to God's Word... Satan will grant his authority to the beast as Revelation chapter 13 points out... So while the beast is being worshiped by many, they will be worshiping Satan at the same time... As we worship Jesus the True Messiah, we honor, and worship God the Father by doing so as well... This counterfeit will come to an end at the return of the King of kings, and Lord of lords... That is our hope... Blessed be His Most Holy Name...

    Thank you Red Lily for your hard work, and the information you bring... God bless, and hope all is well...

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