"The Dinar Daily ", Wednesday, 26 February 2014
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Thread: "The Dinar Daily ", Wednesday, 26 February 2014

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    "The Dinar Daily ", Wednesday, 26 February 2014

    *** " Evict Maliki " Countdown is 63 Days until the Election ***

    It's better to accept 17% of Iraqi budget rather than having vague Kurdistan oil incomes 4.2.2014

    SULÊMANÎ, Kurdistan region 'Iraq',— Iraqi MP of the Kurdistan Alliance and member of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Adel Abdullah, lashed out at ambiguity in Kurdistan’s oil plans and said for the region is better to accept the decided 17 percents of Iraq’s budget, Kurdpress reported.

    It’s better to accept the 17 percent of the Iraqi budget rather than having vague oil incomes, Adel Abdullah was quoted by Kurdish Radio Nawa as saying on Monday.

    The problem is that they are the people of Kurdistan region who suffer in Erbil- Baghdad oil disputes warning the northern region’s share in 2014 budget will decrease if it does not export the Baghdad-ordered 400.000 barrels of oil every day.

    Iraqi budget draft would be passed with or without Kurds and it is better for the Kurds to negotiate with Baghdad and find a solution for it, The draft was welcomed by the government but the Iraqi parliament has not passed it yet. Kurdish deputies have left parliamentwww.Ekurd.net in protest to the government’s decision asking for the right of the Kurds in 2014 budget, Adel Abdullah added.

    The report titled “Analysis Report of the 2014 Budget Bill of Iraq and the Share of Kurdistan Region,” and sent to the Kurdish parliament by Gorran, provides a detailed examination of the Iraqi budget, which has yet to be debated in the Iraqi legislature.

    The report estimates the Iraqi budget for this year at more than 164.5 trillion Iraqi Dinars, exceeding the 2013 budget by 27 trillion ID.

    National income in 2014 is estimated at about 139.6 trillion ID, with a deficit of some 20.8 billion ID.

    The budget expects oil revenues to come from selling 3.4 million barrels per day, higher than the 2.9 million bpd specified for 2013, according to the Gorran report.

    The Kurdistan Region needs to pump out 400,000 bpd in 2014, while in 2013 it was required to produce 250,000 bpd. The budget stipulates all Iraqi oil revenues – including Kurdistan’s – to be deposited in the Development Funds of Iraq (DFI) in the United States.

    Since international media reported crude oil flowing to Turkey from Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), this oil flow’s legality has become a global issue. There is little transparency surrounding the issue in Turkey, as no public information has been released regarding through which pipeline Turkey is receiving Kurdish oil. Does a new pipeline exist in Turkey? If it does, who built, funds and manages it?

    Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani's last week criticised the autonomous Kurdistan region's push towards exporting oil independently of Baghdad, calling it a grey area lacking in transparency.

    Shahristani said "We have a grey area -- we do not know how much oil the region is extracting, what price they are selling at, and where the revenue goes."

    Kurdistan region reports of their oil output and exports fail to account for 106 million barrels of oil, the Iraqi Ministry of Finance said last December.

    The ministry’s audit department has officially asked Kurdistan Regional Government KRG to account for the massive volume of oil it says it has gone missing and which at current prices is worth more than $10 billion.

    “We could not trace 106 million barrels of oil produced by the Kurdish region. They have probably been smuggled abroad,” the department said in a statement.

    The Kurds say they have the capacity to produce 400,000 barrels of oil per day at a time they need about 100,000 barrels a day for domestic consumption.

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    *** Courtesy of Richard Incrocci ***

    100 law and order candidate for cancellation in one package ( WTO )

    2/26/2014 0:00

    BAGHDAD - Farah pumice

    to create a diversified economy, competitive and transition towards open market, yielded initial results of the talks, a draft law reform legislation economic Sort 100 law and order and instructions in the first phase and sent to the competent authorities in order canceled, according to the Committee for Economy and Investment parliamentary.

    Committee member Rep. Nora Albjara showed the importance of Law reform of economic legislation, which will serve as a single window to facilitate transactions for the Iraqi economy, noting that its Committee had met with a representative of the agency (USAID) and a representative of the project's insistence, to discuss the draft law.

    showed Albjara "morning" How to review all economic legislation within the draft law by establishing a central committee technical economic legal under the supervision of the advisers in the prime minister, is working on a reform of the legislation in force and affecting the economy of liberation towards the principles of the open market and support the private sector, in cooperation with the U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID, the according to the strategic framework agreement between Iraq and the U.S. United States of America.

    project aims to create a diversified economy and competitive in Iraq is working to attract investment and create jobs by streamlining and abolish regulations that hinder the movement of economic growth, especially in the areas of start-up companies and the issuance of building permits, import and export, since the project began the work of clearing system a year ago, As in the experience of some regional countries like Jordan and the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. confirmed member of the Committee on the economy that the project is working to review the 2500 law and order or instruction economic, will be submitted to the Council of Ministers in the form of a single package of reforms, in order to approve a one-time allowance to provide each law separately and in order to avoid disputes Political and speed of approval,

    adding that the team is dealing with 25 ministries divided on five stages, including the first and the ministries of agriculture, commerce, municipalities, and the Municipality of Baghdad and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, which identified 100 law pertaining to this group and have a direct relationship to the economy. increased by saying: "Working with these laws will be divided into two parts of which systems are either the validity of the Council of Ministers to repeal or validity of the minister, while the other division laws legislator of the validity of the House of Representatives and canceled at once,

    saying that the Cabinet will take the opinion of concerned ministries and institutions, as well as taking into consideration the principles of the formation of the World Trade Organization particularly that Iraq needs to legislate discreet support to joining this organization. also called a member of the Committee to cooperate executive and the legislature to pass a reform bill economic legislation, especially given that this law will involve the private sector in partnership with the public sector any form of mixed sector to get rid of the old laws and orientation to a market economy, as it will continue to operate the Iraqi market and become an open market and non-restrictive laws and regulations old.


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    Not delete the zeros stronger currency, but to build a solid economy, my Government of Iraq

    Deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency a good will to reduce the vast amount of currency traded in the markets and restore the prestige of the Iraqi dinar prestige, which was worth before the Iran-Iraq war equivalent to 3.3 U.S. dollars, but it will not change the value of the dinar Had your salary is now 120,000 dinars, it is equal to 100 U.S. dollars, and when a new dinar, the salary would be 120 dinars, and remains equal to 100 dollars, the new dinar will not gain strength in the exchange rate against the dollar, but it remains the measure well in ridding the economy of this vast amount of money raised in the markets for trading.
    Yes, there are some benefits of this procedure which can reduce how much cash in circulation will lead to increase the speed of cash trading which is (calculated by dividing the gross national product on the amount of cash), which may lead to reduce the compactness (which Houhasl dividing the amount of cash on the gross national product), which may help in this case to go the money chunky to Aledjarao investment, but this assumption is limited because it comes with other things pertaining to the development of the general economy and the extent of its durability and economy in Iraq is characterized by for being a weak economy and fragile affect the many factors have a direct impact on the value of the Iraqi currency.
    Of the most important of these factors is the balance of trade and balance of payments that have a significant effect Order to the direction of reducing its value, if we exclude the oil upon which the Iraqi economy entirely now so that became our economy unilateral find that the Iraqi trade balance of the scales tragic (this balance measures the difference between exports and private imports to Iraq), as I said, if this ruled out the oil would be tragic for the balance of Iraq's dependence on imports significantly, this balance gives a pointer to the extent of the pressures that may be exposed currency.
    And the balance of payments, which is an account recorded by the rights and debts arising from a particular country and the rest of the world as a result of the transactions and exchanges reflects the degree of economic progress and financial position, which is often required by the International Monetary Fund of all its members for being one of the most important indicators to judge the financial position of the state, and also if we exclude and our dependence on oil imports, the balance of payments, not less miserable than the trade balance, both of which will affect the value of the currency.
    So we have to correct the situation the balance of trade and balance of payments to forbid the right conditions to strengthen the value of the Iraqi currency because the situation is the current situation is fragile, any collapse in oil prices or that there is a war in the Gulf region so that can not be exported oil, which is exported the bulk of it from the south of Iraq, these Scales will collapse and crumble with cash value is dramatically
    That the most important matter economists in the world is that the economy is in equilibrium and that the balance of payments and trade balance Aijaaan In this case, only gaining currency strength and not the exchange rate against hard currencies to gain competitive advantage in the economy, the importance of the point of balance in the economy outweigh in its impact the value of the currency of the impact of the scales mentioned, equilibrium between supply and demand, prices and income is one of the most important elements of economic stability and growth, any increase in income that was not accompanied by an increase in the supply of goods and services to keep up with the expected increase in demand will lead to price increases, which will eat the increase in income, including that any unexpected increase in demand in Iraq can not face up to offer our dependence on import, we will return to the balance of trade and balance of payments, which again will affect the value of the currency.
    So where does the solution and how we can make the Iraqi dinar more powerful and more valuable in the capital market?
    The solution is to repair the mezzanine trade and payment and delivery of the economy to the point of balance and building a strong economy, effective, and some of these modest proposals that may help us in this direction:
    For the purpose of improving the trade balance and balance of payments and rationalize exchange Iraq's resources and to encourage the growth of industry in Iraq could lead to the absorption of unemployment suggested that prevent the import of all commodities can be produced in Iraq, even if the quality was lower quality than those imported Rivalry commercial sponsor to expel Item lousy market, competition and profit the sponsor is the emergence of industries methylation of what is found in neighboring countries, which are not lower than those in the scientific and technical competencies.
    Encourage the establishment of agricultural companies contribution in each province contributes founded by the sons of each province that the cultivation of lands that do not intersect ownership with the ownership of the people rely on groundwater that the industry has focused on crop production strategy as wheat, rice, corn on the contracted state with these companies to buy production if prices more than the import price, because we will ensure not out of hard currency and operation of the workforce, contributing to these companies all the people of the province and shares specific to each person to prevent the emergence layer two angels renewed the State to purchase the shares of poor families share Hola from oil country do not favor from one.
    The management of these companies employees and workers who are transferred from the state departments that suffer from underemployment and restructuring of the ministries that do not benefit from their presence and through the feminine and the state departments so as not to lay off workers and staff will be transferred to jobs and other activities.
    The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him: not the best in the nation harvested less than what is grown and eat more than it produces, Vantage separately determined crop strategy is the guarantee of food security for Iraq and the citizen has indicated statistic in 2008 that China's largest wheat producer, has an output of 112 million metric tons of wheat followed by India with 79 million metric tons, and the two countries do not Iverqan on the status of Iraq's human in the field of scientific personnel, technical and technological In the case of the success of these companies must be supported and Msaadenha Export, in India, for example, the government is giving 20% of the value of the issued product bonus incentive to him Indian currency because it enters the country's hard currency, and this will not come out Alcavoh outside India but is being invested at home.

    That the government Bariqna projects and not style privatization sell them to foreigners or the affluent owners of money through converted into joint-stock companies be owned by the people of each province where the project is to encourage the people of the province to run the labs, maintain and promote new industries.

    Encourage the establishment of residential investment Alambashrmen before the sons of each province and with the support of the government and not wait for foreign investors through the establishment of joint-stock companies in each province contributes to the people of the province and the banks that have invested in loans and contribute to the government in these complexes pay a citizen's share of oil to cover the cost of building a home for every citizen (if it worked Alpha ssh and bowl) House Cupboard work in all of Iraq, and we spent on unemployment.

    Nouri al-Sabri Khaz'al Aldhlki


    I believe that in country, they will convert to the nominal rate like this person is saying:

    "Had your salary is now 120,000 dinars, it is equal to 100 U.S. dollars, and when a new dinar, the salary would be 120 dinars, and remains equal to 100 dollars, the new dinar will not gain strength in the exchange rate against the dollar"

    But look what he says one of the real reasons for the switch is:

    "and restore the prestige of the Iraqi dinar prestige, which was worth before the Iran-Iraq war equivalent to 3.3 U.S. dollars,"

    I believe his salary example is just that an example, but Iraq want the prestige, and to get that they HAVE to raise it to 3.3 or greater.

    If Iraq was a banking nation there would be no other reason to change the rate beyond prestige, look at the USD to S. Korean WON, it is very close to current USD to IQD rate today.

    I know this is an opinion piece, but I believe the the first couple paragraphs are very good.

    Kind Regards,


    TLAR Commentary ~

    This article also is important because it confirms why Iraqi's made a run on the banks in late December lasting through most of January. Every number in Iraq will be adjusted to the new value by reducing everything by three zeros including bank accounts, loans, contracts, budgets, prices etc. Any electronic number will instantly be adjusted by removing three zeros. Everything but the Dinar itself. Iraqi's ran the banks to quickly convert their accounts to cash because they know the national currency the dinar will always be the national currency and the CBI has been educating them since 2010., Only the rate will change.

    This article also implies that this will be an RV and not a float. For the author to suggest that 120,000 dinars becomes 120 dinars means RV, an overnight event. Otherwise why would he suggest this which only makes sense if they delete the zeros as an event. In a float scenario it makes no sense because in a float every level on the way up or down can be hoped for but neither assured or reached in a timely manner because a float is unpredictable at best. It's anyone's guess as to how long it would take to finally delete the zeros. By the time it got to the example used above, Iraqi's would be well aware of what's going on and it would be unnecessary to have anyone explain it to them again as the above article attempts to do.

    Certain myopic views out there fail to recognize that the CBI has gone back to an RV when in fact there are many more articles that support RV and virtually none since the last quarter of 2012 that support a pure float from 1166. ~ Tlar

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    Cabinet approves converting Law eliminate al-Jaafari to Parliament
    FEBRUARY 25, 2014 12:53

    Twilight News / approved by the Iraqi cabinet during its meeting held on Tuesday to pass a bill eliminating al-Jaafari and turn it into the House of Representatives for the purpose of voting on it.

    The Iraqi Council of Ministers had decided earlier, postponing the resolution of legal personal status and eliminate al-Jaafari until after the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled to take place on 30 April.

    An informed source said in an interview with "Twilight News", the voice of the Council of Ministers to approve the conversion law to eliminate al-Jaafari, the House of Representatives.
    The legal implications of the draft personal status and the elimination of al-Jaafari, who came by the Minister of Justice Hassan Shammari, belonging to the Virtue Party, the Council of Ministers a sensation during the past month.

    Opponents say that the other sects will go also to enact laws of their own, which would cause chaos in the laws, and the laws are based on various constitutional article on them.


    Valley of Peace cemetery in Najaf shows the tomb of the religious authority, the late Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr / Imaging (Ala Reef)
    Cabinet approves Status Law Jaafari and forward it to Parliament

    Author: HH, TG
    Editor: HH 25/2/2014 twelve thirty-five number of readings: 465

    Long-Presse / Baghdad

    Political source revealed early on Tuesday, the Iraqi cabinet approved a draft law presented by the case, Jaafari Justice Minister Hassan al-Shammari, as he emphasized that the Council decided to transmit it to the House of Representatives.

    The source said in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The Council of Ministers approved during its regular, which was held today, the draft law on personal status Jaafari made by the Minister of Justice Hassan Shammari."

    The source, who asked not to be named, said: "The Council decided to transmit it to the Parliament for discussion and voting on it."
    The Minister of Justice Hassan Shammari said, in the 27 of October 2013, to send a draft law on personal status Jaafari (Shiite) to the ministry for approval and forwarded to the parliament to pass the law.

    He predicted Shammari, in the October 23, 2013, due to "attack and determine how the political" because of the completion of the Personal Status Law Jaafari, and said he would not be a substitute for the personal status law currently in force, as expressed the wish to "apply" Islamic law in all regulatory issues and criminal in the country, pointed out that the law put forward at this time "not election propaganda."

    The organization Human Rights Watch criticized in a report published on 24 January 2014, the Personal Status Law Jaafari, and stressed that human rights groups have expressed that the proposed legislation to the Law on Personal Status Jaafari fueling sectarianism, because if adopted will distinguish between denominations, as will every sect governed by different rules in the Personal Status, which contains a number of substances that violate the rights of women and children is worrying specifically materials that reduce the age of marriage for women to 18 years for men and women under the Personal Status Law of the Iraqi (1959) to the age of 9 years for females and 15 for males, and materials prevent Muslim men from marrying non-Muslim women, but only temporarily.

    The agency noted in its report on the law that "there is material expansion of the conditions to allow polygamy, giving men the right to prevent wives from leaving the house without permission, and restrict women's rights with regard to divorce, inheritance, most of the restrictions imposed in the Personal Status Law currently in force."

    The draft stipulates that Jaafari jurisprudence in Islamic law is the ruler of the Iraqi Shiites in personal status, such as marriage, divorce, inheritance and adoption.

    And passed the first law of personal status in Iraq No. 188 in 1959, was based on the provisions of the Islamic Sharia, Mstmzja jurisprudence Islamic doctrines without bias, but the law was left intact, but occurred upon many amendments, the first in 1963, then rolled amendments in the seventies and eighties, and added under the principles of a new, most of them do justice to women, with the exception of those that are of a political nature, has issued a decision 137 of the Interim Governing Council, who took part of the administration of Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, to abolish the Personal Status Law, and re-work the elimination of sectarian , but the decision was canceled after its release shortly in 2004.


    "5 - to approve the draft Law of Personal Status Jaafari, the auditor by the State Council, and forwarded to the Parliament with the directive to form a committee of religious scholars posed Supreme religious authority to keep up with enactment of the law in the House of Representatives, according to the provisions of Articles (61 / item Aulau 80 / item II ) of the Constitution, after scrutiny of coordination between the Ministry of Justice and Legal Department of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers."


    **In response to the great call from last night. TY. Hoping BGG and/or Chattels may address this???

    *** For starters, http://books.google.com/books?id=N4W...20Iraq&f=false

    **** a good article : Iraq's Jaafari law would violate human rights

    The Iraqi Justice Ministry announced on Oct. 27 that it had sent a copy of a draft law on Jaafari (Shiite) jurisprudence and personal status to the cabinet for approval and referral to the Council of Representatives for passage. The draft law stipulates that Iraqi Shiites would refer to Islamic Sharia, and specifically principles of Jaafari jurisprudence, for personal status issues — which include marriage and divorce, as well as issues of inheritance and adoption. (Jaafari comes from the name of Imam Jaafar al-Sadiq, the founder of the Jaafari school of jurisprudence and the sixth Shiite imam.) The pending legislation threatens to further divide Iraqi society on the basis of sectarianism and ethnicity and violate women's and children's rights, including potentially making the latter susceptible to sexual abuse through child marriage.

    Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/orig...#ixzz2uQiVmATO
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    MP: there is a decision within the National Alliance to pass the budget law in the absence of the Kurdistan Alliance
    26/02/2014 11:44:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the State of Law coalition, Ali al-Allaq announced that there is a decision in the National Alliance to pass the budget law in the absence of the Kurdistan Alliance after running out of solution options . "

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / " disagreements cannot be continued over the budget endlessly, especially the disagreements relating to the Kurdistan province, therefore passing the budget in the absence of the Kurdistan Alliance is an option in the next stage , and there is decision was taken in the National Alliance in the event of failure of all dialogues between the federal and provincial governments on budget . "

    He explained that the National Alliance, with the option of a national consensus to pass the budget , but we cannot wait for long , indicating that the remaining period of the Parliament is a short time , so there should be a national consensus or to pass the budget in the absence of the Kurdistan Alliance, after rallying the other blocs, "pointing "The budget law will not be included in the agenda of the meeting of the Council of Representatives to be held tomorrow ."


    *** At the " end of the day ", the National Alliance, Shia Islamist, have no intention of compromising on the oil / gas or budget issues to arrive at a consensus with the Kurds, IMO. The only question is whether / when " rallying the other blocs " will be accomplished ? The others blocs being the Motahedoon and the Sadrist. ***

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    M P calls for the presidency of Parliament and the cabinet to conduct a joint investigation on Iraq-Iran arms deal.

    26/02/2014 13:24:00

    BAGHDAD / Nina /-- MP for Mottahidoon Lilislah coalition Haider Mulla called in a press conference held in the House of Representatives today, on " Presidency of Parliament and Council of Ministers to conduct a joint investigation to reveal the fact of the alleged Iran-Iraq arms deal.

    Mulla said , " In principle we are keen to equip the Iraqi army, with best kinds of weapons in the world, to be able to confront terrorism and militia , but want clarification by Prime Minister about the arms deal with the Iranian side , and the reasons behind , if any.

    He added , "This controversial deal because the contradictory statements made by PM's adviser and defense minister by interim on one hand and by the head of the parliamentary committee on security and defense on the other hand , has two dimensions : the first, concern Iraq's commitment to international resolutions as Iran is under international sanctions , thus cannot make deals with, a mater which brings Iraq under international sanctions in addition to the impact on his international reputation ."


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    MP accuses the government of not being serious in solving the problem of Anbar

    26/02/2014 08:54:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of Motahedoon coalition, Hamid Zobaie accused the government of not being serious in solving the problem in Anbar , as it is continuing indiscriminate shelling on Fallujah and some other villages in Anbar and also it failed to follow the conditions of displaced people and solving their problems . "

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "in the time that the crisis of Anbar exacerbated , we have not touched any attention from the government to put an end to the indiscriminate shelling and solve the problem of displaced people from Anbar and follow their conditions , and also we did not see any point of the initiative, which was approved by the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki during his visit to Anbar . "

    Zobaie asked Prime Minister to stop the indiscriminate shelling on Fallujah and some villages in Anbar , and help the displaced people to return homes and implement the legitimate demands of the people of Anbar , to achieve comprehensive national reconciliation . "


    *** It is interesting that the government, use National Alliance interchangeably herewith, does not appear to be willing to make peace with the people of Anbar ( Sunni ) and is at odds with the Kurds over the budget. Historically, the government / National Alliance needs either the Sunni or the Kurds in order to govern and cannot afford to be at odds with both at the same time. ***

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    Maliki accuses the parliament of blocking the adoption of important laws.

    26/02/2014 13:50:00

    BAGHDAD / Nina /-- Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, accused parliament and its presidency of blocking the adoption of important laws , particularly the budget that serve the Iraqi people.

    He said in his weekly speech today : " If this stand persist by the parliament , the funds will not be distributed according to retirement laws , social protection or the latest funds aid to be given to the Universities students and others. "


    *** We appear to be in a high stakes game of " a deprivation of the people fault analysis ", the winner of which may be determined by the election. The puzzling aspect of the apparent Maliki strategy to me is how his party escapes the ire of the people at the ballot box if Maliki succeeds in blaming the Parliament for the parliamentary gridlock that most certainly he has a strong hand in playing. Seems like suicide poker unless his plan is to try and " avoid " the elections altogether and somehow continue the present administration. ***

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    US shows concerns over Iraq-Iran armament deal

    Wednesday, 26 February 2014 13:57

    Baghdad (AIN) –The U.S. Senator John McCain said on Tuesday a proposed agreement to sell 24 Apache attack helicopters to Iraq should be reconsidered because Iran has signed a deal to sell Iraq arms and ammunition worth $195 million.

    "The Apache sale has got to be on the table. We've got to discuss it," the Republican Arizona senator said when asked about whether the arms sale would affect the plan to sell the Boeing Co. helicopters to Iraq.

    "We've got to understand the ramifications of this arms deal. We have to look at it a little more carefully," he said.

    McCain said that he did not know whether any lawmakers as yet planned to stop the proposed sale. Under U.S. rules governing arms sales, lawmakers have until Feb. 26 - 30 days after the deal was filed with Congress - to hold it up.


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    IHEC requests government to specify one-day holiday for collecting electoral E-cards by voters

    Wednesday, 26 February 2014 11:57

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Independent High Electoral Commission requested the government to specify a one-day holiday to collect the electoral E-cards by the voters.

    The member of the Board of Commissioners within the IHEC stated to AIN "We requested the Council of Minister to specify a one-day holiday for the voters to collect their electoral E-cards."


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