" The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 23 February 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 23 February 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 23 February 2014

    *** " Evict Maliki " Countdown is 66 Days until the Election ***

    Two MPs of National Alliance rule out holding session today

    23/02/2014 09:04:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MPs of the Iraqi National Alliance, Furat al-Shara of the citizen bloc and Ali al-Allaq, of the State of Law predicted not to hold a meeting of the Council of Representatives today because of the continuing political differences .

    Shara told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The continuing disagreement between the governments of the center and the region on oil imports shadowed over the meetings of the House of Representatives because of Kurdistan Alliance's boycotting , noting that the political consensus would be the only way to solve this crisis. "

    From his part, MP of the State of Law Ali al-Allaq ruled out holding meeting of the Council of Representatives today , in the absence of the members of Motahedoon and the Kurdistan Alliance .

    It is mentioned that Motahedoon and Kurdistan Alliance boycott the sessions of the parliament.


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    MP predicts reading the Budget law without Kurds

    23/02/2014 08:50:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the State of Law coalition, Khalid al-Asadi predicted the possibility of reading the budget without the approval of the Kurdistan Alliance , especially after the return of those who have resigned from the House of Representatives (Motahedoon and other blocs in the coming period."

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The delay in the drawer of the budget on the agenda is unacceptable, especially as it represents the backbone of the economic life of the country."

    Al-Asadi added that "If Motahedoon and other withdrawing blocs attend to the next parliamentary sessions , the vote on the budget without the Kurdistan Alliance will be possible " expressing his hope that the political blocs are aware of their responsibilities and work to approving the budget as soon as possible . "

    It is mentioned that the independent MP, Mahmud Othman demanded both the federal and provincial governments , to accept the conditions of the other party to reach a final formula that satisfies both parties to pass the budget in parliament, because the delay is not in the favor of the two sides.


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    Oil Minister announces high rate of daily exports of crude oil.

    22/02/2014 15:32:00

    BAGHDAD / Nina /--The official spokesman for the Ministry of Oil quoted oil minister Abdulkarim Liaybi as saying that the daily average of oil exports of crude oil rose to more than two million and / 700 / thousand barrels per day.

    The source added to NINA: " Oil Minister Abdul Karim Liaybi announced on February 1st that the total exported quantities of crude oil for January amounted to 2.228 million barrels per day, including 2.036 million barrels of Basra fields and 192 000 barrels of Kirkuk oilfields.


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    23/02/2014 11:17

    Khalidi is likely not to hold a hearing on the budget because of disagreements and lack of quorum

    Follow-up - and babysit - likely decision of Parliament Mohammed al-Khalidi, Sunday, a lack of quorum to hold a parliament session today because of a lack of agreement between the delegation of Kurdistan and the federal government on the budget and the files relating to the export of oil and the absence of a number of members of parliament from the Sadrist movement.

    Khalidi said in a press statement, said that "the budget law for the same reason, was not included in the agenda of the meeting, noting that" there are also several other laws, including the Labour and Social Welfare. "

    He said the decision of the Iraqi parliament and the leader of the united Mohamed Osman al-Khalidi that the proposed law on First Amendment law privileges judicial investigators and staff of the judiciary has been degree on the agenda of the House of Representatives for the session today, Sunday, the first reading, calling on lawmakers to attend today's meeting because of a "significant laws serve the citizen and the need for a quorum enough to be passed. "


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    Chinese Foreign Minister visits Baghdad

    23/02/2014 10:35:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi arrived in Baghdad on Sunday 23, Feb at the head of an official delegation on a visit to Iraq.

    Foreign Ministry statement said this is the first visit by a senior Chinese official to Baghdad since 2003, indicating that China's foreign minister will meet with senior officials during his visit in the country to discuss bilateral relations and regional and international issues.

    The statement added that Iraqi Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari welcomed the Chinese minister at Baghdad International Airport.


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    Kurdish MP: The central government is responsible for delaying the budget

    23/02/2014 12:52:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Hamid Bafi held the central government the greatest responsibility in the delay of approving the budget of 2014 , denying that Kurdistan Alliance has delayed approving the budget.

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / today that " the central government bears all the risk of delay approving the budget , as it submitted the budget late, not as scheduled in 15, October ."

    He added , "The central government submitted the budget free of statutory accounts at the beginning of 2014 , which is a major violation of the law that cannot be accepted ."

    He pointed out that " the Iraqi constitution affirms in Article / 62 / that financial budget should be submitted before the beginning of the New Year with the existence of the final accounts ."

    He stressed that " the central government is trying to impose its rule on the people of Kurdistan who sacrificed thousands of martyrs to achieve these rights , adding , that the government of the Kurdistan refuses dictatorship and tyranny."

    He expressed his " fears of turning the civilian rule in Iraq to military rule ."


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    Barzani holds a meeting with the Kurdish ministers and lawmakers to discuss the budget and oil export

    23/02/2014 12:01:00

    Arbil / NINA / Prime Minster of KRG, Nichervan Barzani met with the Kurd Ministers in the federal government and the heads of parliamentary blocs in the House of Representatives and the regional parliament .

    An informed source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / Today: "The meeting will discuss the unification of positions on the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil , including the general budget of the country for 2014 and file of exporting oil from Kurdistan region to Turkey .

    It is mentioned that a Kurdish official source told / NINA / Today: "The Kurdish leaders discussed the possibility of withdrawal from the federal government and the parliament because of the lack of seriousness of the federal government in implementing the demands of the Kurds ."

    The source said : "The Kurds are resent from the Central Government with the issues affecting the interests of the region directly, which is related to the budget , oil and other issues ."


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    MP: adopting decentralization in oil investment will contribute to end poverty and unemployment

    23/02/2014 10:09:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / A member of the Oil and Energy Committee, of the National Alliance MP Furat al-Shara said that the adoption of decentralization in the oil sector and open the door for investment to the private sector to build refineries and oil reservoirs will liberate the oil wealth from the hands of the government and eliminate unemployment and poverty.

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's call, during lay the foundation stone for a refinery in Karbala, to the adoption of decentralization in the oil sector and open the door for the private sector , and facilitate granting approvals to applicants in the field of investment to the oil sector, will change the course of state toward the economic development for the advancement of the country's economy . "

    He added , "The involvement of the private sector to build refineries and oil reservoirs will reduce administrative red tape (routine) and reduce the unemployment rate by rating large number of manpower, which will contribute to the eradication of poverty ."

    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has called , on Saturday , during the laying the foundation stone for the refinery in Karbala to the adoption of decentralization in the oil sector and open the door for the private sector.


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    Parliament lifts its session for 30 minutes

    Sunday, 23 February 2014 12:28

    Baghdad (AIN) –The parliament lifted its session for half an hour due to the lack of quorum.

    Parliamentary source stated to AIN "The Chairmanship lifted the session for lack of required legal quorum."


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    A parliamentary committee: the delay in approving the budget is in favor of the government financially and electorally

    Sun Feb 23 2014 07:23 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Anbar - Al-Mustaqbal newspaper Baghdadi / Ahmed Yassin

    Carried committee of economy and investment parliamentary central government and the Council of Ministers and the State of Law coalition responsible for the delay in approving the state budget because the delay in its favor, financially and electorally (according to her), excluded reading budget bill in the House of Representatives today (Sunday) and the following days.
    Said committee member Rep. Nora Salem Albjara in a statement the "future" yesterday that the problem is to disable the ratification of the general budget of the state lies between the Kurds and the central government, especially the recent negotiations between the center and the region on solving the problem of the share of the Kurdistan region did not reach tangible progress because of the deliberate The government agreed not to proceed with the Kurds and their agreements concluded with the Kurds.
    Confirmed Albjara the federal government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki deliberately not approving the budget after the vote inside the cabinet, and sent to the parliament of the problems that they contain to increase pressure on the parliament and the blame for disabling the budget in order to be campaigning for the government, by downloading the political blocs to boycott the work of parliament, a coalition "united "The Kurdistan Alliance responsible for the delay in the budget.
    The MP added that the federal government taking advantage of the subject of the delay in approving the budget, considering that the subject is moving so far in favor of the government, through the plug, which is estimated at 35 trillion dinars through the addition of five petrodollar budget.
    MP ruled out the adoption of the budget law for the time being because of a problem share of the Kurdistan region, unless the government agrees to appease the Kurds, the deficit would be difficult and filled the delay of strategic projects.
    To the House of Representatives held its tenth meeting of the second legislative term of the legislative year, the fourth day (Sunday) to vote on the legal and social protection work without reference to the law of the federal budget for the year 2014.
    A statement by the Information Office of the Council of Representatives received "future," a copy of the agenda of the tenth meeting will include a vote on a bill of social protection and the vote on the draft labor law.
    He added that the meeting include the first reading of the proposed law to amend the Criminal Procedure Code No. 23 of 1971 and the first reading of the proposed law first amendment to the law privileges judicial investigators, along with the second reading of the draft law on the establishment of the health institutions of civil federal and second reading of the draft law on the rights of the Turkmen and the second reading of the draft law on the First Amendment the law on compensation for those affected by the military operations and the mistakes of military and terrorist operations No. 20 of 0.2009.



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