First is the question of is there an agreement between Kurdistan and Baghdad as many keep posting the conflicting news articles…..Lets hear from Barzani and not some spokesman ; Barzani said: "We are now discussing the technical details. Debates on the alleged exports of Kurdish region’s oil have ended. However, no agreement has been reached yet and meetings will proceed." So it appears there is no agreement, but lets not forget that Barzani is needing to form his government first and then the legal process of an agreement can be initiated. Barzani asked for 14 days, he has 9 days left, as I mentioned I was told of a March 7 D day for Iraq. (don’t mistake this as a RV date or a RV before this date, I took it as when emergency cash reserves would be depleted) Barzani said; "Our negotiations with Baghdad continue, and we are hopeful about reaching reconciliation. Oil exportation will begin thereafter," So no oil has been exported from Kurdistan or sold….(the stoppage date of the oil sales can only be speculated). Another point to be made is traders are sitting at Kurdish borders complaining of the 5% tariff tax to be paid, it is said a 15% fine is to be added….I don’t want to speculate on the 15% fine, but the IMPORTANT FACTOR is the Kurds are enforcing the tariffs at their borders, this is a strong indicator that they are following Iraq’s laws and not so eager to separate.
Over 100 people from 25 different NGOs gathered in the cities of Irbil and Sulaymaniyah to protest against a lack of agreement to form a government, 140 days since the elections.More than four months after parliamentary elections, a coalition government has yet to be formed; protestors blamed the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) for the deadlock.Protestors urged Iraqi Kurdish leader, Masoud Barzani to take action to solve the crisis.The KDP won the elections held for the KRG on September 21.
The opposition Goran Party came second, making it difficult for the KDP and PUK to form a coalition government, as they had done in 2007
The real issue is Iran’s interference inside the PUK, this issue is deeply rooted into the Talibani clan and the PUK militias. Such is the reason for keeping Talibani on ice until the house is in order ……… Barzani also said that political disputes and rampant violence that is killing hundreds of people in Iraq each month will likely not be resolved before parliamentary elections next year.
"I do not believe that the fundamental problems will be resolved until these elections," Barzani said, adding that "there is real fear ... that the conflicts will develop into a civil war." Not only is Iraq a concern but also an uprising in Kurdistan from PUK militias. So we see a lot of jockeying going on…….and rhetoric from the worthless mouthpieces like Alawi.
So we have Sunni Arabs that hate Shi’a Arabs and Kurds that dislike Arabs altogether…..What a trifecta! The alternative is Kurds turn to Turkey but they have been enemies for years, and then Turkey has a problem with the large number of Kurds in their country.(best for both to keep the status quo). Iran wants to control Kurdistan but the Kurdish “people” have no use for the Persians……The best deal for the Kurds would be Iraq with UN and international backing plus direct support from Britain and the US. Simply put. Barzani is no fool …….he just dislikes Maliki and doesn’t trust the man. Also the Kurdistan being on the terrorist list carries banking restrictions, a Washington tool being used to keep them in negotiations. Ayatollah would rule the roost and make the calls in Iraq.
So as I stated back in February 2013 when I was told Barham Saleh was chosen to be the next President of Iraq, Barzani was planning on taking an unheard of third term and Hussain al-Shahristani was being spoken of as the next Prime Minister. As we read in ink we also see quite frequently Shahristani at Maliki’s side, either this is keep your opponent or enemy close or he is preparing for taking over the position. Time will tell…….Incidentally it was Shahristani who was sent to negotiate with Anbar demonstrators (sunni’s) and worked on getting prisoners released to meet some of their demands…..Such an obvious choice to send the Deputy Minister of Oil who is a Shi’a …LOL !

The Washington administration is clinching their butt cheeks right now as Sadr is once again a big zit on DC’s arse. The biggest fear Washington has had is a religious factor taking to the masses. The rising of Sistani along with Sadr would end up with something similar to Iran in which the Persians would advance their plan of Safevia (the expanding of the old Persian borders and empire).

So what about our speculation into the IQD…..Who is in control, how does this work, better yet who cares, just give me a rate and a date. Well some pilot finally landed his plane on runway 32 and you got your RV, but there was no fat lady singing, actually the only noise was the pilot whining about being ahead of the curve and some people who got off the short bus expecting their diplomas for the 587th time….Geesh ! But thank the “we are the people” for fighting for the higher rate and getting it for us, thus protecting your investment…..double GEESH !

Here is a very long story that I am going to cut very short, Google the ESF….Exchange Strategic Fund…..get an idea of what this is and how it is used. This think tank is the architect of the worlds working economies……Take note that they are under the UST, along with the IMF etc…….I would encourage you to note that 20 directors out of 26 in the UST are Ashkenazi Jews….Geithner was not Jewish but his wife was Jewish with very high profile family ties ….Jack Lew is an Orthodox Jew and the Deputy Treasurer Neal Wolin is an Ashkenazi Jew. There is a reason why Ashkenazi Jews are chosen for these positions, I’m sure your curiosity will lead you to further research of the history of the Ashkenazi Jews. You will need to further think of bank risk per se’, Israel, and some ongoing nuclear negotiations…….inquiry minds will figure it out !

BIG DEAL…..Where is our rate and RV…..Well about 4 years ago I was told that the US held over 800 billion dollars of Iraqi funds….(believe me I keep questioning that number and keep telling myself I’m wrong and I misunderstood) but anyway was told that money would go into the ESF ……in the summer of 2011 we had a debt ceiling issue that ended up with a committee and yada yada… September Congress agreed to release 500 billion and then in December 500 billion (rounded off numbers)….Obama went to Hawaii for the holidays……On January 1st he called Congress (from Hawaii) and asked them to delay the release of 1.2 trillion, a few weeks later he announced we had to help bail out Europe …. The Omni Bus Bill in December 2011 passed and carried a hundred plus bills inside….this gem had money designated for the ESF. It was being said the US had 1.2 trillion going into this fund, the Iraqi funds, and was estimated to hold 3.4 trillion. The balance of the ESF is not transparent PERIOD ! Many of you may have recalled POPPY3 calling the RV June 30th 2011…six months later he was still saying it Rv’d on that date… the money that was moved around and the deals that were going on it sure appears there was to be a change taking place…..I could go on into more detail but enough…… Much speculation has followed that the FED’s quantum easing at 85 billion per month has been easing funds to the ESF.

I have no idea on what the rate may be…my guess (or better yet HOPE) would be 3.48 1.16 x 3……which would require $15,000 per capita per citizen and a budget of 450 billion a year…3x the 150 now…… Debt and Credit is what produces and gets products moving……
IMO…..The upcoming elections and Washington’s fear of a religious faction taking over along with the fragile state in Kurdistan concerning the PUK and Talibani loyalist along with a liquidity problem……A RV of some magnitude would certainly solve many of these issues and make the people happy. I believe we couldn’t be in a better position as speculators…The pressure is on them !