There was a meeting held yesterday with resolutions being made......what was discussed in the room is being held as very confidential. Prior negotiation points......... The Kurds issue is SOMO which ties to the Minister of OIL (Baghdad)......What I am being told is that the IMF requires that one company control the marketing and pricing of oil for all Iraq......any chance of independent price manipulation is not acceptable.

Some amendments approved by the Council

A - Exporting crude oil that produced in Kurdistan region exclusively by SOMO , according to its contexts, and with the participation of representatives from the region in the pricing committee.
B - Amending paragraph/ second of Article (10) and read: committed instead of start.
C Deleting the end of paragraph / third, fourth, fifth of Article (10), from display it to the end of the paragraph.
D Deleting the article (23) from the draft law of the Budget.
E Canceling the amounts of money that belong to the contracts of the federal oil companies ( 16 trillion dinars ) and region's share will re-calculated on basis of 17% from the amounts of investment firms and this paragraph will be permanent

The Committee is going to prepare a draft law to determine share of productive and non- productive governorates for oil, in order to achieve fair distribution of wealth.

The 17% is not an issue........The prior contracts are not an issue........SOMO controlling is the Kurds issue......basically handing over the keys to their pipeline.