" The Dinar Daily ", Tuesday, 24 December 2013
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Tuesday, 24 December 2013

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Tuesday, 24 December 2013

    Iraqiya MP: What happen in Anbar is genocide against certain component
    24/12/2013 09:14:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the Iraqiya coalition, Talal al-Zobaie described actions taken by the government towards the sit-in squares , whether what happened in Hawija and Fallujah before and what is happening today in Square sit-in of Anbar as genocide for a particular component .

    He said in a statement that there is a planed scheme implemented in stages in areas of Baghdad belt, Diyala , Mosul and Anbar and it is nothing but genocide against the Sunnis.

    He added that al-Maliki should launch his threats against the militias that he embraces them, not to target the sit-in squares and arrest their symbols, wondering if Maliki differentiates between the rights' claimants and terrorism , why imams and preachers, participating in the sit-ins, are arrested .

    Zobaie held some parties, which give chaotic information about the sit-ins, the responsibility, for the deterioration of situation in Anbar and others.


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    Anbar's Sit-Ins deny presence of armed groups or Qaeda in their squares
    24/12/2013 11:02:00

    Ramadi / NINA / The Organizing Committee for the sit-ins of Anbar denied the presence of groups of al-Qaeda and some of its leaders in the sit- in Anbar .

    A member of the organizing committee for the sit-ins of Anbar, Nawaf Al-Marawi told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The sit-in of Anbar and other cities are known for their discipline and peaceful and press releases about the presence of Al-Qaeda intend to cover up the failure of the security institutions , as if the security breaches have occurred since starting and setting up tents .

    He added, "The peaceful sit-in squares will remain peaceful and will not allow any character to make these squares for his political gain or to politicize the squares or launch false accusations .

    He continued "the coordinating committees organizing of the sit-ins are subject to the orders of the security forces in maintaining security through the inspection of everyone who enters camps of protesters ," explaining that " the current stage requires restraint and not be dragged into sedition that lead to unjustified security tensions, calling on the government to respond to the demands of the protesters if it want to raise the tents of the sit-ins . "



    Anbar provincial council held an emergency meeting to discuss the threats of al-Maliki to sit squares

    Tuesday, 24 January 1 / December 2013 11:40

    Twilight News / The Board of Anbar province, on Tuesday, held an emergency meeting to discuss the threat of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to end the sit-in squares presence.

    alt A member of staff of the Council Trmoz for "Twilight News", "The provincial council held an emergency meeting today to discuss the overall security situation in the province and the federal government demanding an end to the sit-in squares presence."

    Trmoz added that "the Council will adopt a set of decisions will come out and the position of the current events."

    The board of Karbala, al-Maliki yesterday to storm the sit-in squares in Anbar to end its presence, speaking on the presence of some 30 leading from the base where.

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    MoD: 2 of Dulaimi's guards injured during assassination attempt
    Tuesday, 24 December 2013 14:50

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Ministry of Defense announced that two of the guards of the Acting Defense Minister, Sadoun al-Dulaimi, were injured during the assassination attempt for Dulaimi in Anbar.

    The media advisor of the MoD, Mohammed al-Askari, stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "Dulaimi's motorcade was attacked by an Improvised Explosive Device on the high way between Fallujah and Ramadi to result in injuring two of the guards and damaging one of the vehicles."


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    Najafi to convene a national conference to find a kind of understanding between the demonstrators and the state

    23-12-2013 05:09 PM

    Baghdad (news) .. called House Speaker Osama Najafi, to hold a national conference in the House of Representatives will be attended by the Prime Minister and all the political forces to discuss the current crisis, and find some kind of understanding between the demonstrators and the state, calling on the government wait a bit and get away from the use of military means.

    A statement from the Office of Najafi received the Agency (news) copy of it: after that we have received with deep sorrow the escalation of the crisis between the government and the sit-in squares, and the army cordoned off the Square sit-in Samarra and Anbar.

    In order to maintain the unity of our people and protect the social fabric of fragmentation, and to prevent the creation of a state of escalation that would lead to results inflict casualties and major damage to the interests of the country, called on House Speaker Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi everyone to take the following steps:

    First, the need to hold a national conference in the House of Representatives will be attended by the Prime Minister and all the political forces to discuss the current crisis, and find some kind of mutual understanding between the demonstrators and the state, down to the end it by providing reassurance to all parties concerned, and will be announced later this session after consultations between the President Najafi with stakeholders.

    Second, the government's call wait a bit and get away from the use of military means, and resort to peaceful solutions through national meetings between all parties, to protect and sustain social peace and the maintenance of national unity and the adoption of the principle of dialogue a way to address this problem, in particular we are heading for the parliamentary elections.

    Third: The protesters claim and Yards sit to form a committee and hold a meeting with him immediately, in order to dismantle the crisis and prevent pushed the country to the risk of imminent inflict the heaviest losses and damage to the interests of Iraq and its unity administrative and political.

    Fourth, call Vice President Khodair al and leaders of political blocs and religious events and social signatory to the principles and provisions of the document of national honor and the social ladder to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the repercussions of the crisis arenas sit and find appropriate solutions in accordance with the terms and principles of the document of national honor.

    The statement noted: that President Najafi conducted internal and external communication made to address this problem and stand firm to face the consequences by all means.

    The statement added that the Najafi wished that God reconciles the Iraqis the ability to handle smart and wise with the issues of our people and gives us his help in providing more complete and the areas of security and stability, and said: Felttouhd all our efforts, all Iraqis from his position on this goal, and God willing the neighborhood Gayoom we are Mndzoh.


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    Approving the tables imported goods covered by the application of the customs tariff law

    12/22/2013 15:12

    She said the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers decided that the council minutes regular second session held on 17.12.2013 approving the application of the customs tariff law No. 22 of 2010, according to schedules set by law, published in the Gazette of the Iraqi Issue (4170) on 6/12/2010 Starting Date 02/01/2014.

    It showed the Department of Cabinet Affairs of the Office of Information and Communication said the government decision was the Ministry of Finance provides a detailed report to the Council of Ministers within three months from the date of application of the law includes a statement of the progress of the application of the above mentioned law and the obstacles to its application.

    The Cabinet has already approved the establishment of the Ministry of Finance to apply the law of the customs tariff in the earlier decision was taken at the first session on 10.12.2013 and that the application of the law on several stages and does not include the first phase of food and construction materials, clothing and agricultural supplies and materials related to the domestic industry. .


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    PUK and the Kurdistan Democratic hold a meeting "crucial" in Erbil to form a government

    Tuesday, 24 January 1 / December 2013 12:10

    Twilight News / source revealed in Arbil, on Tuesday, for the negotiating team of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan arrived in Erbil ahead of this afternoon, and came in a meeting with a delegation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party to resolve how to form the next provincial government.

    alt The source, who asked not to be identified in an interview with "Twilight News", that the delegation Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, including Vice Secretary General Barham Saleh and Imad Ahmed and governor capable of flesh committees and Najm al-Din Karim and Adnan Mufti, while the delegation includes Democratic each of the Vice-President of the party Naچervan Barzani The example, has typically Nuri Shaways and Hoshyar Zebari, Azad Barwari and Mahmoud Mohamed Shehab and Dilshad.

    The delegation of the Kurdistan Democratic negotiator had visited Sulaymaniyah in 18 of the last month of November and met with the delegation at the headquarters of the Patriotic Union of his office to conduct political negotiation over the formation of the next government, headed by candidate Naچervan Barzani.

    The delegation, headed by deputy chairman of the party Naچervan Barzani, both the secretary of the Political Bureau Fadhil Mirani and Azad Barwari and example, has typically Nuri Shaways and Dilshad Shehab Mahmoud Mohamed, while the inclusion of the EU delegation Vice-Secretary General Rasool Ali and Barham Salih, and the membership of Mullah Bakhtiar and Imad Ahmed Omar Fattah, and the Governor is capable of Jean flesh and Necmettin cream.

    It is hoped that the two sides will hold a press conference after the meeting to recite a joint statement on the outcome of the talks.

    The parliamentary elections that took place in the month of September has resulted in getting the Kurdistan Democratic ranked first by winning 38 seats, while the MDC replaced by beating second with 24 seats, followed by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan 18 The Union of Islamic seats with 10 seats.

    The parliament consists of 111 seats Kurdistan 100 of them a year and 11 awarded in accordance with the quota system to national and religious components in the region.


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    Mutlaq calls for revolution "Arab" to change the political faces in the upcoming elections

    Tuesday, 24 January 1 / December 2013 11:30

    Twilight News / called the Iraqi List MP Hamid al-Mutlaq, Monday, to what he called the Arab Revolution in Iraq to change the political faces over the next legislative elections scheduled to be held in April of 2014.

    alt Mutlaq said "Twilight News", that "do not belive in these political figures that scream here and there for the election as a serious and locked the change, and on the Iraqi people to revolt and this is required.

    Sources in the Iraqi List, the Iraqi List, are moving toward entering the next election in three individual lists, and explained that the existing leader Iyad Allawi will descend list individually and Osama Najafi also list and the rest of them will join Saleh al-Mutlaq and Jamal Karbouli one list to be alliances after the election results.

    The Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, entered the 2010 election one list and got the most parliamentary seats among other political blocs with 91 seats, followed by the coalition of state law and the National Alliance, but the Iraqi List, has seen after several splits, both at the level of the blocks combined them, or at the level of the House of Representatives.


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    Deputy: St Lego will lead to the formation of a weak coalition government is not able to meet the challenges

    2013/12/24 9:22

    Deputy: St Lego will lead to the formation of a weak coalition government is not able to meet the challenges
    {Baghdad: Euphrates News} saw an MP for the coalition in Iraq free, high Nassif, said the election law under the St Lego will lead to the formation of a weak coalition government is not able to meet the challenges.

    Nassif said told the News} {Euphrates on Tuesday that "the law of Saint Lego committed a lot of forces that either indivisible or to show political entities new, making Usher clearly that the political map has become a political blocs of political parties, and political forces unknown source of funding."

    She added that this would "lead to the formation of a weak coalition government is not facing the challenges faced by Iraq has been formed can not be limited to a certain time."

    The House of Representatives had voted on the fourth of November last year, the law on parliamentary elections in 2014, after lengthy discussions and meetings between the heads of political blocs and the chairman of the parliament, as voted by the {175} deputies objected {10} deputies only.

    It is scheduled to hold parliamentary elections in 2014, in the {30} from next April.


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    Member of the Parliamentary Finance: Delay budget to be passed without the study because of time pressure, and this is not possible [audio]
    Tuesday, 24 January 1 / December 2013 10:06

    [Baghdad where]

    Stressed member of the parliamentary Finance Magda al-Tamimi, the need to study the budget of all the doors, indicating that the government's delay in sending the budget to the parliament is to make the pressure of time and passed without study.

    According to al-Tamimi told all of Iraq [where] today that "Parliament has not received the budget so far, although the time to reach him is 10/15/2013 and is supposed to be voted on by December 31 of the current.

    She asked, "when it reaches the budget to parliament and when to study and vote on them?, Indicating that there Alhzat recent embarrassment in order to be voted on without a study, but this was not because the parliament urges should be taught the general budget before voting against it."

    The Cabinet had decided last Sunday to resolve the debate on the budget bill for the state of public finances in 2014 after the completion of the talks with the delegation of the Kurdistan region within a week.

    The process of approving the budget bill faces every year difficulties of passing in the House of Representatives, and said statistical report prepared by the Agency all of Iraq [where] the dates of approval of the state budget over the past years that the budget of 2014, which is much talk about the delay is not the first budget be delayed authenticate the House of Representatives .

    According to [where] it has delayed approval of the state budget for the year 2008 [45 days] and in 2009 [65 days] and in 2010 [28 days] and in 2011 [41 days] and 2012 [56 days] and in 2013 [66 days]. "


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    Mr. Hakim: squeeze at the hands of security forces that haunt the remnants of terrorism in Anbar and invite them to distinguish between terrorists and citizens

    2013/12/24 12:46

    {Baghdad: Euphrates News} The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, "we looked at the hands of our security forces and is fighting a battle hunt for those junta transgressing, and we are keen to do your national duty to the fullest," calling for the need for accuracy in the distinction between terrorists and citizens.

    Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, said in a statement that "It is no secret that citizens what is happening now confrontations between our security forces and the forces of terror and murder and misguidance who have taken from the western region of Iraq starting point for their operations of terror against innocent citizens and against our security forces the heroine."

    He added that "the terrorist organization known as the {Daash}, some terrorist operations of killing and blowing up these days in particular are the days of visiting the death of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him a clear indication of the keenness of the group in a statement hostility and pitched for the Ahl al-Bayt and their followers and their loved ones in Iraq Everywhere, I've fallen victim to a lot of sinful aggression Shiite Muslims and others. "

    He said al-Hakim that he "has saddened the news of the martyrdom of the seventh division commander Major General Mohammed spherical and fellow officers and ranks the line of duty in the national hunt for the terrorist gangs on Saturday."

    He said, "We looked at the hands of our security forces are locked in a battle hunt for those transgressing junta, and we are keen to do your national duty to the fullest," inviting them to a "need for accuracy in distinguishing between real terrorists and peaceful citizens."

    He praised al-Hakim to "cooperation shown by our people in Anbar with the army and security forces and assist them in the prosecution of these criminal gangs," fluidly God Almighty to "grant the martyrs rest in peace, and Yemen on the injured a speedy recovery, and to respond Kid these bands stray criminal to Nhorha, and to preserve Iraq and Iraqis from Kid Alcaidin Aldaoir by predators. "

    The security forces have started last Sunday, a massive military operation in Anbar province, under the designation process {} revenge commander Mohammed against the backdrop of the death of the commander of the seventh division and a number of officers of the band in an ambush in Anbar province.


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