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[Rudie] [millionday] Banking experts and specialists linked banks in the public and private telecommunications network and one "jump task " in the banking system in Iraq, in order to provide banking services at the level of the banking industry world . Economist and banker Dr. Majid Suri said in a statement to the (morning) : The "This program is very important to provide modern services to customers of banks, regardless of the individuals or institutions" , as it offers quick service by calling , which is called "Dealing remote " with the customers of banks. , adding that this project deals with all who can use Mobile phone in both outside Iraq or inside it , as it facilitates and accelerates the process of completing banking transactions ,*

[millionday] note -- in other words -- communication of banking to the world -- love it*
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[millionday] more -- is complete and ready for the go to free market economy and the sale of dinar on the market and the stock market and the internet and the communication with the economic world*