" The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 25 August 2013
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    " The Dinar Daily ", Sunday, 25 August 2013

    Hamoudi: we will resort to the majority in resolving outstanding differences on the 2014 ballot law

    25-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

    The leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Hamoudi The parliament will resort to the option of a majority vote to resolve the proposals of the parliamentary blocs competing with each other on the Law of the upcoming legislative elections, while A member of the legal committee that the large blocs have agreed to increase the number of compensatory seats to 50 deputies are distributed to the winners and the President of the bloc voluntarily without reference to the Biggest Loser.

    The Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Deputy Hamoudi, in a statement to the "long" yesterday "in the next week will be a meeting of the heads of political blocs with the Legal Committee in Parliament and will be scheduled to vote on the next legislative election law."

    He said Hamoudi "The proposals put forward by the parliamentary blocs on amendments election law conflicting with each other in issues concerning the list open or closed and constituency single or multiple circuits, and the issue of minorities, and representation, and the issue of the election date," pointing out that "Parliament will resort next week to resolve them the majority vote and the proposal that gets the largest number of votes will be adopted in the law. "

    He pointed out that "the position of the Supreme Islamic Council with an open list and multiple departments in order to save the broad participation of all and the adoption of a system Hundt." To the detection of a member of the legal committee in Parliament Abdul Rahman Alloizi in remarks to the "long" yesterday about an agreement between the parliamentary blocs big serving to increase the number of compensatory seats to 50 seats are distributed to the winning blocs according to the results of the elections and the number of seats obtained by the blocks, referring to the "The problem in this agreement is to give the right to the head of the list or bloc unsuccessful nomination of candidates for compensatory seats can not be relied on Biggest Loser, which is considered a circumvention of the open list because it would allow Congress does not want people to climb to the parliament."

    He Alloizi is the head of the patriots that "there is the dominance of the political scene by the large blocs, and they are different in everything except the domination," noting that without the pressure of the people and the religious authority to choose the closed-list in the upcoming elections similar to the 2005 elections. "

    He explained that "the large blocs resorted to increasing the number of compensatory seats in order to circumvent the open list because it gave the President the block right nomination of candidates," stressing at the same time, the existence of "secret deals between the political blocs large in order to pass a law that parliamentary elections according to what you want these blocks, which lost often in the recent provincial ballot and which has been the adoption of a system of Saint Lego in the distribution of seats. "

    Moreover Alloizi expressed his fears of having the large blocs effort "to extend the work of the parliament and the government, taking advantage of political differences on the electoral law," explaining that the purpose of this extension of time to re-gain some of these blocks popular among voters. "

    He pointed out that "there are two routes to extend the work of the government and parliament, the first by Parliament and that's where violation of the constitution, and the second through a stall in the enactment of the elections on the grounds of political differences," likely to be so "will be found at the large blocs, but undeclared."

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    Article 140 Committee: عوضنا 150 thousand families and the lack of money expand our work another ten years

    When you see article 140, think of BORDERS, DISPUTED TERRITORIES and OIL MONEY per province based on populous: RL

    25-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi
    Revealed to the Parliamentary Commission on Article 140 for the central and southern governorates accounted for two-thirds of the allocations in 2013, it continued to 150 billion dinars were allocated did not get the province of Kirkuk, but only 50 billion dinars. And demanded the government to allocate a fixed door in next year's budget in order to end the work to rule stipulated by the Constitution.

    In the meantime, said another committee on the same subject matter is the senior government to Article 140, the phase compensation, provided for by the Constitution, compensated for during the past years, about 150 thousand families, expressing astonishment of the expansion work of the Committee of the disputed areas to the provinces, "does not dispute them . " While the Committee has criticized the lack of government funds allocated to the Commission's work, she said, and this case, the need for ten years to end the first phase and the transition from compensation to normalization.

    RL: Just like paying off Kuwait, think of cash flow here.... They are not just paying off everything all at once. That would be like YOU paying ALL of your bills off at once. It is rarely possible for the common man so think of this on an even GREATER SCALE because the same goes here for a COUNTRY. They are taking the money and spreading it everywhere.. Trying to APPEASE everyone. You can look at article 140 in the same way. They are REBUILDING THEIR COUNTRY. This takes lots of money. In order to allocate funds to everything necessary, Iraq is phasing in article 140. As we know, the census needs to be completed in Kurdistan for the central government to figure out the justified oil revenues DUE said territory. So this will take some time to see the REAL fruit of this law for the people of Iraq. Iraq must get a handle on their revenues. They must have REAL NUMBERS for the IMF to take seriously. Right now, things are still in the works inasmuch as organizing the HOW's, the WHO's, and the bottom-line GDP of the country as a whole.

    It is noteworthy that the Article 140 Committee was formed in 2006 to oversee the normalization of the situation in Kirkuk and other disputed territories and pay compensation to the evacuees and expatriates. Headed by Transport Minister Hadi al-Ameri of the Supreme Committee for Article 140, replacing former technology minister Raed Fahmi.

    Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution that holds the executive power stages (normalization, census, and concludes with a referendum in Kirkuk and other disputed territories to determine the will of their citizens).

    In this regard, says MP Mohsen al-Sadoun, chairman of the Commission on Article 140 parliamentary, "The implementation of Article 140 need the efforts of parliamentary and governmental organizations in order to terminate the time required," noting that "the parliamentary committee monitors continuously the Ministerial Committee and follow up accomplish transactions in particular, and it did not confined to one province and there is more of an office in the provincial general. "

    He said Saadoun, told the "term" yesterday, said that "the State Commission was able to distribute 170 billion from the budget of 2013 on all those affected in Article 140 offices in the 8 deployed in the provinces," stressing that "the parliamentary committee will ask the government to provide the door of a fixed exchange rate of Budget 2014 to resolve the entire file of Article 140, "pointing out that" the budget that was allocated in the budget of 2013 saw a deficit of 150 billion dinars. "

    The chairman of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives that "five offices in the South got 100 billion dinars, while the allocation of 50 billion dinars for the Office of the province of Kirkuk, and 10 billion dinars for the Office of Khanaqin, 10 billion dinars for the Office of Nineveh."

    Sadoun said that "the Commission is still working in the first phase, a phase compensation and that the next phase will be normalization," stressing the "link between the end of Article 140 file administrative law of the demarcation of the border of the provinces in turn associated with a set harmonic laws." He guessed that the "demarcation of the laws that will be voted on during the coming period, he is not a requirement, but there are Kurdish provinces and regions supports the adoption of this law."

    In turn, said improve كهية, member of the Supreme Committee of Article 140, that "Article 140 is a supplier of a political dispute between the blocks and resolved not be as easy as expected by the other and there are those who believe that this article and put the demographic change."

    The كهية, in a statement to the "long" yesterday that "the Supreme Committee has worked since its inception until now to end the first phase of compensation for deportees and delegates," and while denied the existence of pressure on the citizens of the disputed areas, stressed that "all those who wish to return to his province The offering treatment through the offices of the Commission in the whole of Iraq. "

    Explains a member of the Supreme Committee for Article 140 which is chaired by the Minister of Transport Hadi al-Ameri, saying that "everything that comes allocated a $ 20 million, as has been allocating $ 10 million for the deportees," pointing to "compensate 150 thousand families during the period of the Commission's work in the whole of the disputed areas after the work of the Commission for more than 3 years in the disputed areas. "

    It notes a member of the provincial council in Kirkuk to "The committee was surprised by the existence of transactions has been promoted from central and southern governorates such as Basra, Wasit and Hilla, Dhi Qar and Muthanna has been promoting their files and compensate them two years ago," adding that "the provinces of Karbala and Najaf, among the provinces covered by the work of the disputed areas."

    The كهية says that "the High Commission began to compensate the families of Khanaqin and Sinjar areas and some areas of Kirkuk, but the work has expanded to include all citizens of the provinces affected by the regime of Saddam including the displaced citizens out of Iraq."

    He disclosed that the Committee "spent up to now more than 500 billion dinars," but he criticized the budget allocated to the Commission every year, saying it "will make us work this stage compensation for more than 10 years without moving to the second phase which is the normalization of the situation," citing that "something to offer families affected by the transaction exceeds the proportion of funds allocated to the disputed areas only."

    Regarding the correlation Law demarcation of the administrative border of the provinces of the application of Article 140, confirms improve كهية that "the law of the demarcation of the border will be very important to enter the work of the Committee in the second phase and for the normalization of the situation in the disputed areas," مردفا said, "but at the present time is not related to Article 140 Law demarcation the border. "

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    Chalabi: Iraq is heading for a bad slider and the solution in the government competencies

    24-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News

    Warned the President of the National Congress, MP Ahmad Chalabi, Iraq is heading to a bad slider, noting that the only solution lies in the establishment of government based on competencies.

    Chalabi said through dialogue Iraqi program which aired by the channel Baghdadi, said that "the country now turning to slide Bad and the only solution lies in the establishment of government based on competencies while maintaining the political balances."

    He revealed Chalabi that "President Jalal Talabani told him that one of the regional countries as well as the United States asked him in 2012 not to send the request to withdraw confidence from the Maliki government to the House of Representatives," stressing that "foreign parties affect the decision of the Iraqi political forces, and America اتحترم will Iraqi people. "

    By Akhhr said Chalabi that "the fiscal deficit reached, according to the report of the General Company for Food Trade in 2011 two billion 628 billion dinars, pointing out that" although it is not questioning any minister or held accountable in the House of Representatives, "and urged" the formation of a Jnaalia the conclusion of contracts in order to reduce the powers of the Minister in this regard. "

    He said Chalabi that "the Council of Ministers agreed in 2011 to buy five thousand Makawat diesel for electricity production in the amount of six billion and three hundred and forty-eight million dollars from the four companies did not operate any of them in this area," he said, adding that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives did not respond to the demands of Parliamentary Committee on Energy to investigate these contracts and summon the minister for questioning. "


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    Maliki to conclude his visit to India on Sunday
    Saturday, 24 August 2013 21:51

    Baghdad (AIN) –In an exclusive report by AIN from the official Iraqi sources, The Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, will conclude his visit to India on Sunday morning.

    The Premier and his accompanying delegation will leave the Indian Capital New Delhi at 11:30 AM, about 9:00 AM according to Baghdad local time, concluding the four days State Visit.''

    The Premier will leave amid an official farewell ceremoney that will be attended by some of Iraqis reside in India, Chairmen of Diplomatic Missions and senior officials.

    The Iraqi source described Maliki visit with ''successful'' where this is the first supreme visit between the two countries since the visit of the late Prime Minister of India Gandhi to Iraq in 1975.


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    America has agreed to declare the limits of "Greater Kurdistan" which would include "the four parts of Kurdistan"

    Turkish newspaper revealed that, in conjunction with the ongoing preparations for the Kurdish National Conference in Erbil, the limits will be announced "Greater Kurdistan" which would include "the four parts of Kurdistan" and refers to the Kurdish-majority areas in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria.

    The newspaper (Winnie Jag) Turkish, in the report of an expert to her, seen by "Twilight News", the border that will be installed for "Kurdistan major" will be a source of consensus among the various Kurds, asserting that the United States "was approved by the within Greater Middle East Project . "

    The newspaper pointed out that Turkish talk about the announcement of Greater Kurdistan borders come in the time of the implementation stages of the peace process agreed between the PKK and the Ankara government.

    The Russian orientalist known Stanislav Tarasov may occur in the past few days near the declaration of the State of Kurdistan, while the Turkish media leaks indicated that NATO wants to rise entity Kurd and exert great pressure on the Turkish state to achieve this.

    The Preparatory Committee for the National Conference Kurdish announced, last Tuesday, in an agreement to hold the conference for a period of 15-17 September next in Arbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, while showed that will be held in the presence of 300 foreign guests and the membership of 600 people from "Kurdistan big," confirmed that feminist tireless element accounted for 40% of the total members of the Conference, and that the representation of the four parts of Kurdistan will be according to the population increase.


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    The governor of Nineveh Liberation of Iraq
    Governor of Nineveh province and his two deputies sworn legal Najafi emphasizes the importance of the independence of the judiciary

    Range Press / Nineveh

    Led the governor of Nineveh Ethel Najafi and his two deputies, on Sunday, was sworn in at the head of the Court of Appeal of Nineveh, while the governor stressed the need to "non-interference" in the affairs of the judiciary.

    The reporter said the agency, (Presse term), the governor of Nineveh Ethel Najafi and his two deputies Abdelkader Sinjari and good Allaf sworn in at the head of Nineveh and the Court of Appeal handed over the functions of their business career in the office of Nineveh province.

    The correspondent added that the judge Salem Bedrani President Nineveh Court of Appeal delivered a presidential order and the legal sector sworn legal governor and his two deputies.

    The reporter continued governor of Nineveh province stressed the importance of stability on the support of the judiciary and to seek neutrality and non-interference in the affairs of the judiciary to remain independent, "calling" the security services and management to communicate and support the administrative work in local government. "

    The Nineveh provincial council voted Wednesday (31 July 2013), to choose the head of the list are united Ethel Nujaifi for the post of governor for a second term and a majority of the votes.

    It is noteworthy that the Electoral Commission for elections, announced on Wednesday (the 26th of June 2013), the victory of the Alliance of brotherhood and co-led by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the first place in Nineveh, winning 11 out of 39 seats comprising the provincial council, and that the list are united led by Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi, got second place with eight seats, while enabling coalition loyalty to Nineveh, led by Ghanem Albeso, get four seats to replace the third in the province, and got blocs of Nineveh consolidated, construction and justice on three seats each.


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    Economic parliamentary government is demanding the inclusion of billion dollars within the budget of 2014 to speed up the construction of the port of Faw

    Range Press / Baghdad

    Demanded the Economic Commission representative, on Sunday, the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Planning, "the inclusion billion dollars within the budget of 2014 to speed up the construction of the port of Faw," and showed that the allocation of this amount "will reduce the difference between the percentage of completion of the ports of FAO and Mubarak of Kuwait," as pointed out that the completion rate Mubarak in the port amounted to 46%.

    Continued ...


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    Appendix: the time is not suitable for the deletion of zeros due to rising inflation

    25-08-2013 11:52 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. He competent economic affairs on behalf of Abdul Hadi, said the time is not right for the project to delete the zeros from the currency because of high rates of inflation in Iraq.

    Abdul Hadi said (of the Agency news): that the central bank is the one who determines the time for the process to delete the zeros and that need to be determinants and data bank deals with the high level of transparency.

    He added: that the time is not suitable for the process of deletion of zeros, because the process of inflation continues to rise in Iraq, despite that these percentages are not large, indicating that the deletion process needed to stabilize the Iraqi currency in order to facilitate the citizen.

    The parliamentary economic committee suggested that the date of implementation of the project to delete the three zeroes from the currency at the beginning of next year.


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    South Korea prohibits its citizens from traveling to Iraq
    25-08-2013 11:30 AM

    Orbit news -

    South Korean announced simplification and ease procedures for travel to nationals in several countries "troubled security" including Iraq.

    According to a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Korean "The Review Committee migration [of the ministry] will simplify procedures for exemptions from travel restrictions for residents Koreans over a long period in the countries banning them travel to," and prevent South Korea travel to four countries in the Middle East and East Africa, including Iraq , Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria.

    The statement added Korean Foreign "For those who resided for a year or more in the countries concerned, without exceeding the security protocols, the ministry will simplify procedures for exemptions to stay there, according to a briefing the ministry."

    The South Korean government decided on July 24 of the last extension of the decision to ban travel to nationals of the four countries, including Iraq, the worsening security situation there.

    The statement added, "According to the decision to prevent South Koreans from traveling to Iraq until January 31, 2014, and next to Syria until July 31 of next year, to Afghanistan and Somalia until 6 August 2014."

    Iraq has been some months ago, a series of bombings almost daily car bombs and improvised explosive devices targeting places, markets and mosques, in addition to targeting the security forces, claimed the lives of dozens of dead and wounded.


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    Liberal block: Government-Maliki failed lien and must transfer of powers to local governments
    25-08-2013 11:25 AM

    Orbit news -

    MP for Ahrar bloc in Parliament, Hussein Alwan, the central government "failed", stressing the need for the transfer of powers to local governments for the administration of the provinces, because they have the know-how and have direct contact with the citizens.

    The Alwan said in a press statement: "The central government has failed in the past years, so we have to rely on local governments, for the Department of the provinces," noting that "this makes the citizen trust local government, elected by, and failed it would be the people is the accountant her, raising the burden on the central government. "

    He added that "the local government are familiar with and have a sense of responsibility, and have contact with the public better than the central", calling for "advance the implementation of projects to local governments, in order to create competition among them."

    He said that the House of Representatives has voted in principle in its meeting held in the {23} of last June, the Law on the second amendment to provincial law No. 21 of 2008 and submitted by the Committees legal and territories, after the withdrawal of members of the state law to protest the lack of a paragraph was bloc demanded in the proposed law.

    The Act governorates not organized province, No. 21 of 2008, that the provincial council is the highest legislative authority and control within the administrative borders of the province, and have the right to issue domestic legislation within the limits of the province so that they can manage their affairs on according to the principle of administrative decentralization and not inconsistent with the Constitution and federal laws The subject of the provincial council and local councils to control the House of Representatives


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