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    " The Dinar Daily ", 19 August 2013

    Politicians: the Iraqi people chose life after thwarted terrorist schemes
    08/19/2013 12:33 AM

    Amid calls leaders to learn the lesson of national unity it
    BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab - Alaa al-Tai

    Although criminal operations launched by the dark forces targeted the Iraqi people, but the latter was still maker of life, addressed strongly his will and the unity of its people and their determination to create a new life is not without hope of a better tomorrow. MPs from different blocks called leaders and politicians in the country to learn the lesson Iraqi national unity, and make them a roadmap to deliver the country to safety.

    MP for the coalition in Iraq Nora Bijari, praised the ability of the people to make a new life despite the suffering experienced by the long-term. Said Bijari in an interview for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "the Iraqi people from the peoples ambitious hopes always to create a life new on the horizon, "pointing out that this trait rarely possessed people, but the Iraqis remained lovers of life and optimistic about tomorrow despite what they have suffered from the tyranny of the authorities dictatorship, which has worked to curb their role., adding that" despite the death that holds terrorists obscurantists us, but the Iraqi people still fighting and refuse but that paints a life of peace and looking forward to a bright future, and underscores the steadfastness of the immortal epic in its history, which extends to 7000 ", stressing the need to consider the successive governments to the people that it is manufactured and added legitimacy to it.

    The MP called on the country's political leaders to unite with the people in his ambitions, warning them of trying to use it as a means to reach to personal مبتغى or categorical fact that these games are open to everyone.

    It also demanded Bijari politicians to learn from the lesson of the Iraqi national unity and take of the People's Union and حمته, a road map in order to reach Iraq to safety, pointing out that "the government should take into account the aspirations of the people and follow suit and in his footsteps and ambition and zest for life." The country has seen a wave of violence and terrorism targeting of innocent citizens in different areas in the capital Baghdad and the provinces in order to spread fear among citizens and sow discord between the components of the people and bring down the political process and the democratic process in Iraq. For his part, MP for the rule of law Aboud Issawi, the Iraqi people that it is the people who tried "everything" , saying that "the Iraqi people from the enduring people and life that you love and win her one of the people who tried everything and has a long history of industry life."

    He said the deputy in his speech for the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "the victory of the Iraqi people to achieve democracy irritated a lot of dictatorships in the region and this is what prompted some to work on scalable ambition to be a pioneer among the peoples of the region and the world," pointing out that " Despite all the tragedies that have passed by and all attempts to terrorism in the chart blackness of his life, but he remains steadfast and refuses to refer back and refuses, but the fighting, almost oblivious to the wounds deep caused by Mtatho of the blood. "

    He noted Issawi failure of attempts to terrorism and the forces of darkness patient in breaking Castle Iraq bunker-made basis Democrat to produce a political process with the participation of all the components, praising the concerted efforts of the good people of the sons of the nation in support of this people, which is expected from the political blocs elected by the adoption of important laws that help regulate his life and raise their standard of living.

    Moreover, MP for the Liberal bloc Zamili governor on the need to fit together the political blocs in order to redress the people who sacrificed a lot of the pure blood of his sons.
    He told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that the Iraqi people the owner of a history of life-loving people and that always win them.


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    Governor of Baghdad: Commander-in-Chief issued security صلاحياتنا and refuses to attend our meetings operations

    19-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    o Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah
    Accused the governor of Baghdad, Ali al-Tamimi, Operations Command in the capital of responsibility behind the deterioration of security, because of plans classic followed years ago, pointing out that the officers refuse to hold a meeting with the province, despite the passage of 55 days to form a local government, accusing the Office of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces to confiscate the powers of the province security "so we are not able to transfer or move one security element," revealing the intention to maintain deployment of 13 thousand surveillance camera.
    He said the province of Baghdad in an interview with the "long" yesterday, said that "the security situation has not settled as long as the security plans in place to cope with the violence classic dating back to the Second World War, at a time that terrorism in Iraq evolves and innovates new methods in the loss of innocent lives and determines the zero hour in the most from the province. "
    He said Tamimi that "it's not about a regiment or brigade but the security file in its entirety in all Iraqi provinces on the ground under the control of the forces of terror," noting that the conservative contacted led Baghdad operations most of the time to study the security reality, but did not respond to these contacts, then we are going to but did not specify any date, then طالبناها the presence of the province through a representative did not come. "
    He pointed out that "senior agent of the Ministry of Interior Adnan al-Asadi and the police chief and the local police are cooperating with the province of Baghdad," he said, adding that the province has provided and provide logistical support for all security forces in the province and we have to provide local police and rescue vehicles and boats river and caravans, and even support the Ministry of Interior and Jhznaha b kn9 and in large numbers and Sonar cars. "
    He said Tamimi, "The commander of the Baghdad Operations commits a foul against the province through failure to cooperate with us when he did not meet any invitation sent to him by us," adding that "the province of Baghdad need for concerted efforts, especially the security file, which is based on the intelligence and work on the development and introduction of technical process including the installation of surveillance cameras. "
    He pointed out that "demanded the Baghdad Provincial Council to allocate funds for the province to contract with international companies to set up a network surveillance cameras will be a contribution to the fight against terrorism," revealing the existence of a study carried out by a French company to set up over 13 thousand camera in all the streets and areas of the capital Baghdad. "
    He added that "the Ministry of Finance told us of the existence of funds allocated to the Ministry of Interior in order to set up some cameras, while the interior told us not received any money in this regard, noting that the province is working hard in order to set up these cameras prior to the conference the international security under the auspices of the province of Baghdad, which will a lot of Arab countries and regional and international support for security and stability in Iraq, Baghdad, which will be held in November and will continue for two days. "
    And carrying Governor capital, Baghdad Operations Command, responsible for the security deterioration witnessed in the capital, "noting that file federal police and local and all the security forces linked to operations Baghdad, which in turn is linked to the leader of the armed forces, adding that" the province of Baghdad is unable to transfer an officer or member. "And that "There is a trend among the Baghdad operations of failing to cooperate with the province, where after ĘÓáăí as governor of Baghdad, was withdrawn Hummer cars and security forces from the vicinity of the province and the building of the Baghdad operations, I do not see any explanation for these actions by the Baghdad Operations."
    In the meantime, member of the Baghdad Provincial Council Mohammed al-Rubaie that Baghdad operations did not meet with the province and its board in order to discuss security plans and agreed upon and partnership in decision-making security despite the presence in the provincial council for more than 55 days and we are waiting. "Rubaie said in connection with the "long" that Baghdad undergoing a tragic condition after a severe deterioration of security which is currently exposed to it, attributing the reason for a number of factors, including arbitrary arrests to a specific component and with a lot of them are innocent are arrested identified with terrorists.
    And between it and the former Baghdad Provincial Council, "Our role was limited to coordination between the security forces and the municipal councils of the province in order to raise the concrete barriers and the opening of roads is not."


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    Iraqi Official: Rouhani ‘Means
    Serious Business’ With US

    By: Barbara Slavin for Al-Monitor Posted on August 16.

    Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said on Aug. 16 that his country is ready to serve as a “bridge” between the United States and Iran, and believes that the Iranian leadership’s acquiescence to the recent election of Hassan Rouhani means that it is serious about resolving the nuclear dispute.

    Summary :
    Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari says the Iranian leadership could have prevented Hassan Rouhani from becoming president if it wanted to continue hard-line policies toward the United States.
    Author: Barbara Slavin
    Posted on: August 16 2013

    Zebari, in Washington for consultations that primarily focused on rising regional sectarianism, terrorism and the Syria conflict, said in response to a question from Al-Monitor that Rouhani, 64, a cleric partly educated in Scotland, is “a credible leader” who has “very strong relations with all the key leaders in Iran.”

    Still, “there are many ways his election could have been scuttled,” had Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other power centers in Iran decided to do so, Zebari said. That Khamenei accepted the election of the least hard-line candidate allowed to run “was a statement by the Islamic Republic to the international community that it means serious business” on the nuclear issue, the veteran Iraqi official said. Zebari added that Rouhani’s win also reflected “enormous pressures” from the Iranian people who are eager to ease Iran’s diplomatic isolation and economic distress.

    With the confirmation of most of Rouhani’s cabinet this week, including US-educated Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian government is expected to move swiftly to resume stalled multilateral talks on the nuclear dispute. Zebari predicted a new meeting of the P5+1 — the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany — in September, but said Iran might not arrive with a new proposal off the bat.

    “I doubt it will happen that soon but pressures are mounting on them to seek a solution,” Zebari said, noting the impact of economic sanctions on the Iranian economy.

    Zebari echoed comments made to Al-Monitor editor and CEO Andrew Parasiliti recently by Lukman Faily, Iraq’s newly appointed ambassador to the United States, that Iraq would be happy to facilitate a meeting between the United States and Iran. However, there was no indication that Washington has asked Baghdad to perform that function. US officials — and Zebari — declined comment on whether he was bringing any messages from Tehran.

    Zebari, addressing the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, also spoke about the rising violence throughout the region. More than 3,000 people have died in Iraq in recent months in car bombings and other acts of terrorism that Zebari blamed on Sunni militants. Still, he rejected assertions that Iraq — which is ruled by a Shiite majority government — is descending into the sort of sectarian warfare that tore the country apart from 2005 to 2007, when thousands of US troops were still there.

    “There are extreme forces on both sides, but we have not reached the level … of civil war,” Zebari said.

    He contrasted his government’s handling of opposition demonstrations to the brutal crackdown by Egypt’s military-run government on the Muslim Brotherhood, which has resulted in hundreds of deaths and rising instability.

    Iraq “has not resorted to some methods Egyptians recently deployed to disperse demonstrators,” Zebari said.

    On other matters, the Iraqi foreign minister said:
    • Iraq was trying to prevent arms from reaching Syria through Iraqi airspace but lacks the equipment to prevent such flights. “Iraq doesn’t have a single fighter plane up to now” or integrated air defense, Zebari said, though it is seeking to purchase such equipment from the United States.

    • Iraq wants to improve strained relations with both Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Sunni powers that have had disputes with the Baghdad government. With Saudi Arabia, Zebari said, Iraq is close to concluding a treaty to exchange prisoners, and the two countries are considering opening a border crossing to facilitate trade, which already amounts to about $4 billion a year. Turkey, meanwhile, is Iraq’s largest trading partner, with annual commerce worth $12 billion to $14 billion, Zebari said. Iraq is also Turkey’s “only viable route to the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council]” given the closing of Turkish cross-border traffic with Syria.

    • Iraq still hopes to become the world’s second largest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia. Production is due to reach 4.5 million barrels a day by the end of 2014 and 9 million barrels a day by 2020, Zebari said.

    The Iraqi minister said his country remains grateful for the US-led overthrow of Saddam Hussein, and that with continued US help under a strategic framework agreement, Iraq can overcome the challenges of terrorism and sectarianism.

    “Iraq was the first country in our region to make the transition from dictatorship to democracy,” Zebari said. “The road has been long, hard, very arduous and tortuous but still worth taking. … For all the suffering we have endured, the people of Iraq and our neighbors are much better off with Saddam gone.”

    Barbara Slavin is Washington correspondent for Al-Monitor and a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council where she focuses on Iran. On Twitter: @BarbaraSlavin1


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    Iraqi Kurds Condemn Egypt's Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood
    By RUDAW

    Iraqi Kurds Condemn Egypt's Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

    Residents of Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region gathered in Shanidar Park to denounce Egyptian army's killing of Muslim Brotherhood members. Photo: Rudaw

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Several thousand Kurds, mainly members of Islamic parties, staged a protest in the Kurdish capital of Erbil on Saturday to denounce the killing of Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Egypt by the army.

    The gathering in Erbil’s Shanidar Park was organized by the Kurdistan Islamic Union and the Islamic League (Komal) to condemn the “coup” by the Egyptian military against the government of Mohammed Morsi and the violent crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood protesters.

    Amid shouts of “Down with Sisi’s Army,” by the crowd, the leaders of the two Islamic parties, Muhammad Faraj and Ali Bapir urged the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to publically denounce the killing of civilian protesters by the Egyptian army hundreds of whom have been in the killed in the past two days.

    “We Kurds have been burnt by the fire of repression before,” the Komal leader Ali Bapir told the crowd. “Therefore we feel other people’s pain.”

    “Our Muslim neighbors have persecuted us, the superpowers have betrayed us,” he added. “What happened to the Muslims in Egypt is the same that happened to us, that’s why we stand against it.”

    Ali Qaradaghi, a Kurd, and head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars condemned the attack by the Egyptian army on the Muslim Brotherhood and he urged the Kurdish parties to denounce the violent in Egypt “as America and the rest of the world.”

    “The attacks in Egypt are against democracy and legitimacy,” Qaradaghi said. “All nations in the world must condemn that act because it is an inhuman and undemocratic act. It is a holocaust.”

    The Kurdistan Islamic Movement (IMK)—Kurdistan’s oldest Islamic party—boycotted Saturday’s gathering, saying that the Islamic Union and Komal had exploited the event for their own political gain.

    In an official statement, the IMK said that the Islamic Union and Komal had stolen the idea for a public gathering on the events that was initially suggested by the IMK.

    “All Islamic groups and scholars should have been consulted to make it a joint effort and keep it away from political agendas and a election propaganda,” read the IMK statement, referring to the organizers’ monopoly of the gathering in Shanidar Park.

    Organizers of the protest however, told Rudaw “We invited the IMK to join us and express their views openly, but they declined.”

    Islamic officials also complained that the security forces and the police had stopped people from entering Erbil in order to participate in the protest and turned them back at the checkpoints.

    But governor of Erbil, Nawzad Hadi, told Rudaw that the organizers of the protest had initially said that the gathering would only be for the residents of Erbil.

    “They had told us that the gathering would only be for the people of Erbil and its suburbs,” Hadi said. “They said that they would organize similar gatherings in other towns separately, that’s why people were not allowed to come to Erbil.”


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    Iraqi Bloc Accuses Baghdad of Military Crackdown in Sunni Provinces
    By RUDAW

    Since early August, units from the Iraqi army backed by jet fighters and helicopter gunships have pursued operations in the suburbs of Baghdad and parts of Salahaddin in what they call “an attempt to root out fighters of the al-Qaeda organization."

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The political bloc of Iraq’s parliamentary speaker Osama Nujeifi has accused the government of orchestrating a military campaign in the Sunni provinces, following months of widespread protests against the Shiite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

    The Sunni-dominated Al-Mutahudin bloc that is headed by Nujeifi, said in a statement that, “The Iraqi government under Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has launched a military operation in Baghdad, Salahaddin and Diyala provinces in order to avenge the residents of those areas.”

    It added that the crackdown was tantamount to an “uncivilized and sectarian operation that could be called massacre,” and its aim was “to punish the people of those areas on a sectarian basis.”

    Since Maliki’s second term as prime minister in 2010, Iraq’s Sunni leaders have been critical of him and his government, accusing the premier of sectarianism and heavy-handedness in the country’s central Sunni provinces.

    An April military crackdown on a peaceful protest in Hawija, in which more than 60 people were killed, led to several weeks of bloody confrontation between the Iraqi army and the Sunni residents of Salahaddin, Mosul and Anbar.

    Since early August, units from the Iraqi army backed by jet fighters and helicopter gunships have pursued operations in the suburbs of Baghdad and parts of Salahaddin in what they call “an attempt to root out fighters of the al-Qaeda organization.”

    The operation came after more than 500 prisoners escaped prison, aided by insurgents who attacked the compound outside Baghdad.

    On the other hand, Iraqi security officials are in hot water over their failure to establish security in the country, where in July alone more than 800 people were killed in car bombs.

    Following a deadly car bomb last week which claimed more than 200 dead and injured, the head of the Iraqi National Congress (INC), Ahmad Chalabi, blamed Maliki for the deteriorating security and asked him to step down.

    “If you value the blood of the Iraqi people, step down and don’t be a slave to your position,” Shafaq News quoted Chalabi as saying.


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    Sadr sets conditions for his return to political life and his movement clings to his leadership

    19-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat
    After nearly two weeks on his announcement to retire from political and social life, sources close to the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr that the latter expressed conditional approval to return to political life again through the implementation of the reforms that had been called to his supporters through a series of data was most recently the statement issued from the headquarters Current residence city of Qom, which he emphasized that «Al-Sadr's reputation are at stake.
    The source, who is close to the Sadrist movement in a press statement on Sunday in Baghdad that «a delegation representing the senior clerics loyal to the Sadrist movement, headed by the director of the Sadr office in the city of Kadhimiya Hazem al-Araji, met by several days, current leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, at his residence in Iran appeal to return for his retirement from political action decision.
    The source added that «the chest persuaded to return to the practice of political action, provided the implementation of reforms that his supporters called it, expecting that« announce chest in the coming days, officially announced his return to political life after being promised him members of commitment بتوجيهاته the delegation to carry out the required reforms. The source, who is close, that «a group of leaders of the Sadrist movement, politicians and clerics will go on Monday to the shrine of Sadr's father in the holy city of Najaf out a demonstration demanding current leader of reneging on a decision to retire political», adding that «the power called rules of the mass of the renewal of the covenant, obedience and loyalty to their leader Moqtada al-Sadr , in the tomb of his father, at ten o'clock in the morning next Monday (today).
    For his part, member of parliament for the Liberal bloc of the Sadrist movement in the Iraqi parliament Jawad al-Jubouri told «Middle East» that «Muqtada al-Sadr's religious authority for the children of the line movement, which is not the leader of a political party, and therefore, its role is not limited frameworks of political can be exercised by the rest of the political leaders, and that the chest does not know him can well speculate what might Atkhenh the terms retire from political life; where Sadr does not consider himself a political leader so we can say he abandoned his role. He Jubouri that «chest for all Iraqis, although it is the leader of the Sadrist movement, which is not a political party, and therefore, the Sadr rejects any practice wrong no matter how simple», adding that «the Sadrist movement and through its leader and its political is the most accountable for his deputies and his ministers, which is proved beyond doubt where there was no suspicion of corruption on any of the Sadrist ministers or deputies.
    In the same vein, it was announced leader of the Sadrist Mohammad Khafaji satisfaction in told Asharq Al-Awsat that the Sadrist movement is on the verge of a new phase in line with the weight of the mass, which is what we achieved both in the recent parliamentary elections (in 2010) or the local provincial council elections ( 2013), which confirmed the forefront of the Sadrist movement of the political scene, which made the other competing blocs fears the growing strength of the current. Khafaji added that «the most of what has come to scare some of the blocks in the competition provided by them (state law) and in particular the Dawa Party led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, is that they have come to realize that the post of prime minister for the next period is approaching from the Sadrist movement. The Khafaji: «is that this contexts must be carried out by the Sadrist movement, which inspired the positions of its leader, Muqtada al-Sadr's all you can to make him strong and able to deal with the various new circumstances, and in this context, the Sadrists now heading to work on the renewal of its institutions and change many of its leaders and inject new blood, which aspires to Mr. Sadr, which will be in the coming period. The Khafaji that «the next phase will be extremely dangerous, and response requires practices and procedures, and most importantly the sacrifices of new, which is what will we do As the Sadrist movement, which is what he wants us to our leader who Aahidnah to be good when he thinks he thought the sons of the Iraqi people in all walks of life and its components.


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    Puzzle Talabani's health is still uncertain and the Kurdistan Regional Government denies his death

    19-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Erbil: «Middle East»
    In the absence of any signs documented and explicit about the health of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, who is more than eight months to one German hospitals, for treatment of a clot in the brain, raised Finally, many of the doubts and speculation about his survival after the stage, fainting, which entered the evacuated the hospital.
    Valtbarhat official confined to his personal physician, Dr. Necmettin cream politburo member of his party National Union are not convince many of his supporters do not go a doubt certainty, which has not been issued yet transfer vivid picture or a video clip from the hospital shows that there Talabani in a reassuring to put it.
    It reinforces suspicions is that some leaders of the National Union insertion of his name in a number of political deals that finally concluded with other political parties, to suggest its existence politically. This is what condemned his deputy, Dr. Barham Salih, in his last statement to Al-Sharq al-Awsat, expressing belief «that involve the name Talabani some political issues is unacceptable and raises concern loyal to him.
    It is believed by many analysts and political observers, that there is interest among some leaders of the National Union hide the fact that the development of the Iraqi president, «Otherwise, Talabani is the head of state there should be transparent and clear declaration of his health. So in the absence of such transparency find media-rich material to leak some information regarding the health status of Talabani, most recently, a report published newspaper «Bzaf» local Kurdish quoted the words of the President of the Government of the Territory Barzani, President Talabani died. But the press secretary to Barzani was quick to deny the news via an official statement. He stressed Sami Ercoche, press secretary to the Prime Minister that there is no basis at all for this news, and Prime Minister Barzani has never authorized such a statement to any media.
    In the meantime returned Dr. Necmettin cream, to reassure the Kurdish people, that President Talabani's health is very good, and he began to deal with those around him naturally. The cream in the latest remarks that «President Talabani injured last week inflammation of the urinary tract, was forced to move from the headquarters of نقاهته to the hospital immediately to receive treatment, and that he responded to the treatments made available to him, and that his health is improving and no longer need hardware support to be able to live ».
    In a related context, Dr. Barham Salih, Deputy party Talabani that «Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is committed to politics and approach developed by the President (Mam Jalal) in dealing with the Iraqi political parties without discrimination, to the success of national reconciliation and the development of the political process and democracy in Iraq. This came during a meeting in favor of a delegation from the Iraqi Islamic Party, which included both Dr. Omar Aziz, governor of Diyala, Hamdi Hassoun, Deputy Secretary-General of the Islamic Party and Dr. Rashid Azzawi, a member of the Political Bureau and Dr Salim al. The two sides stressed the importance of the role of President Talabani in maintaining the political balance and address the problems and rapprochement between Iraqi factions different, and stressed the need to strive to address the problems and work together and rapprochement between the political parties for the success of the political process, as well as to examine the internal and external risks facing the political process.


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    Iraqi Foreign ask U.S. aid to fight al-Qaeda, including the «درون»
    19-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa
    A day after Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the war with terrorism, which is represented by al-Qaeda is open, the Iraqi government announced its need for U.S. assistance in the field of «surveys and analysis of intelligence» including the demand from Washington interference drones (درون), to curb the threat of al-Qaeda.
    He said Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said in a press statement that «the American combat aircraft without a pilot, it is possible to allocate its bases in Iraq to help in the face of threats (base) growing in the country. And Zebari said that «the Iraqi forces need to help the U.S. in the field of survey and analysis of intelligence», and continued: «also suggest the possibility of hosting a number of consultants and experts Americans in the fight against terrorism in Iraq to help the army to deter the recent escalation made in deadly attacks». And on the identification of the type of assistance that can be provided by the United States to Iraq, Zebari said in remarks in Washington, that «the unmanned combat aircraft, may be part of the U.S. effort to assign Iraq.
    The comments come Zebari following developments at the level of the U.S. position of al-Qaeda, including the allocation of $ 10 million reward for information about al-Qaeda leader and Amir Islamic State of Iraq Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after a series of threats received by the U.S. embassies in the region, prompting Washington to close some of them in a lot of capitals, including Baghdad, for a period of time. Zebari's comments come a day after a televised speech to the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced that the process called «Thar martyrs» in Baghdad belt areas and access to the area of ​​the island on the Iraqi border - and inhabited by the Syrian Sunni majority will remain open. Maliki said that «terrorism insist on disrupting oil wealth and the financial impact on our budget, but we will continue Bhrbena against terrorism». Maliki stressed that we are «closer to a serious stage of sectarian strife must protect our people that we have a courageous stand.

    For his part, member of the Iraqi parliament from the Iraqi List and member of the parliamentary security and defense Hamid al-Mutlaq told Al-Sharq al-Awsat that «Everyone knows that is the United States, which opened the Iraqi border against terrorism after the brutal occupation of the country in 2003. The «Today, we find that the United States wants to support Iraq in such military equipment developed that have not granted to Iraq in the past, although it is responsible for completely destroyed and continues its destructive existed and continues not only in Iraq but in the entire region to protect the security of Israel».

    Mutlaq said that «the agreement signed by the Iraqi government with the Americans and called the Strategic Framework Agreement allows it to intervene in too many things under the doors and various pretexts, including what you want to send equipment to fight the (base). And on what is happening at the regions belt Baghdad Mutlaq said that «the fight against Al-Qaeda will not be this way revenge that takes place in a lot of areas that are of a component known note that the people of these areas are the ones who fought the (base) and spent them in their areas, but the government did not move nothing about the people who stood with her days ordeal was remuneration more arrests and marginalization and exclusion.
    Iraq had signed an agreement with Washington to buy 36 fighter aircraft «F - 16». The Iraqi government announced in September 2011 the payment of the first installment of the value of the deal price to buy 18 fighter of this kind, as confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, in the month of July 2012 at the desire of the Iraqi government to increase the number of these aircraft in the « the near future to protect the country's airspace. The United States is the main source of arming the Iraqi armed forces, despite the quest for Russian and other weapons from Eastern Uriah States between now and then.


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    Tomorrow .. Parliament resumes its sessions to discuss and vote on a number of laws
    19-08-2013 10:27 AM

    Baghdad (news) .. House of Representatives announced to resume its sessions on Tuesday after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, to discuss and vote on a number of laws.

    According to a statement to the House of Representatives received the Agency (news) copy of it: that the agenda of the meeting thirteen of the current legislative on Tuesday includes a vote on the draft law on ratification of the Convention on the promotion and protection of investment between the governments of Iraq and Japan, and the vote on the bill Training Center monetary and banking and vote on animal health bill.

    He added: tomorrow's meeting also includes the first reading of the draft law on accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, and the first reading of the draft law IAEC, and the first reading of the draft law into force Iraqi law on private security companies.

    He continued: and also includes the second reading of the proposed law to reverse the decisions of the Revolution Command Council dissolved numbered (1021) for the year 1983, (197) for the year 1994, (145) for the year 2001. The second reading of the draft law on first amendment to the Law on the Protection Iraqi products No. (11) for the year 2010, noting that the Council will continue to tomorrow's meeting to discuss a proposed law amending the election law, the House of Representatives (16) for the year 2005.


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    19/08/2013 10:34
    House of Representatives granted leave for 90% of its staff after news of target

    Conference Palace

    Baghdad / Mesalla: the granting of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Monday, leave for 90% of its staff, after the receipt of the "news for targeting of the Council", to quote a source familiar with it.

    The source told "obelisk" that "a number of security measures have been working out, intensely, including the closure of all outlets leading up to it with the exception of Gate suspension bridge."

    And | Insert a too that the security forces "closed the street leading to the building of the Council of point Salehia, a street which includes the Iranian embassy in Baghdad," noting that "the intensity of congestion seemed clear after this procedure."

    The source added that "the power to protect the Green Zone and the House of Representatives deploy troops extensively تحرزا of the occurrence of any armed attack."


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