Randy Koonce Call 8-6-2013
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Thread: Randy Koonce Call 8-6-2013

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    Randy Koonce Call 8-6-2013

    Please use this thread as discussion for today's call. TY
    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    No in country rv
    don’t worry about the cards not usable until the rv
    800 to wells another bs
    group get your own people together… leave money in their bank then the great rates…even the smaller banks are getting involved in foreign currency exchange…
    china being involved getting so deep so thick with bs…check cbi
    close…very close yes
    may june…august a great big bank cuz of debt ceiling in sept…rep’s are not moving not giving obama anything
    obama in the month of august talking about economy…nothing to talk about…employment hasn’t dropped…only place is the oil fields oil has gone up…trying to kill coal market….

    Overview of where we are at:
    April over did put numbers in but didn’t work…president says delay it 60 to 90 days…iraq has been let out of chapt 7…had to be something to pin down iraq to get the 15 countries to sign off…but what is the timing???? Trying too hunt for….thought it was 10 days…not….un hasn’t been screaming…other companies that have made deals with iraq r not screaming so havent reached the deadline….
    How far??? Who knows???? Pass deadline then the screaming begins
    imf forced issue???? No only set the price the currency…neither can un…can they do something about the currency if iraq gave it to them to do possible the reason out of chapt 7??????
    But…in the process then issues with the rates un…but will iraq want that probably not….
    Couple weeks articles iraq went thru audit…two and two together iraq thru aduit then out of chapt 7 stand to reason let out of chapt7 and accessed what there assets were…not telling you but doing it in front of you so you cant follow it…let out, audit, end date…
    stars seem to be lining up…window this week out of this week better next week…but proir sept 2…have to pay off the debt ceiling and there is no where else to get the money..
    This week end of ramadan and certain about of days out of chapt 7…next week better because closer to debt ceiling…us has to do something…big rubber band pressure us can put the pressure on.
    Do i think we are there yes….
    What rate???? I don’t care over a 1.00 to 1.20…dedollarize iraq currency stronger than a dollar
    budget based on 3.41….then will have to do something to change their budgets
    vnd if rv in any shape will probably lop it…zero difference on the value
    go timing this point and time…..happen to get thru this week and then pressure will build getting closer to sept…
    havent heard the aftermath of the audit…comes out lower then float to get to there budget…higher closer to being set in stone.
    Lower denoms in banks….banks scared about bombings get the rate out….
    Spot where this thing is about ready to go….

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    what a great call by Randy, thanks for the knowledge and I feel you are on target with everything!!!!


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