" The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 2 August 2013
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 2 August 2013

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Friday, 2 August 2013

    Anbar and Nineveh Form New Provincial Governments
    by Reidar Visser

    Through last-minute maneuvering this week, both Anbar and Nineveh managed to get new provincial councils seated before the end-of-Ramadan holiday takes centre stage in Iraq. This means the process of forming councils following the local elections earlier this year is complete.

    The Mutahhidun bloc of the Nujayfi brothers expressed satisfaction with both new governments, reflecting the fact that they played a key role in forming them. That is something of a comeback for the Nujayfis, who had seen a substantial drop of votes on their home turf in Mosul in the elections themselves. Whereas it seems clear that much wheeling and dealing has been involved and Mutahhidun among other things were forced to cooperate with the Kurds in the Nineveh council (they had marginalized them in 2009), Mutahiddun now clearly does emerge as something of a leading party in the Sunni-majority parts of Iraq from Anbar via Nineveh to Diyala, and with some decent representation in the Baghdad council as well.

    What happened politically is that Nujayfi in both governorates managed to win people from the Karbuli and Mutlak factions over to his side in order to neutralize potentially hostile blocs. This is a significant victory for Nujayfi since these are precisely the factions of what was formerly Iraqiyya who have been more disposed to cooperating with Maliki. Other parties with a greater potential for working with Maliki than the Nujayfi camp, including the bloc of former Anbar governor Fahdawi and the list of the Yawer clan in Nineveh, in the end remained marginal and on the sidelines of the council formations. Maliki can now probably only count on Salahaddin among the Sunni-majority governorates for some potential support.

    The council formations in Anbar thus cements the role of Nujayfi as some kind of unifying figure in the Iraqi north-west, and to some extent restores lost prestige resulting from the marked decline in votes in Nineveh itself. It also signifies the return of some of the radical rhetoric that characterized protest movements in Anbar earlier in the year. With Nujayfi stronger, these parts of Iraq are inevitably drawn closer to Turkey, the Kurds and Sunni oppositionists in Syria than what might have happened with an Anbar governor closer to Maliki.

    Still, these were local elections only. Back in 2009, many tentative alliances that were floated during lcaol council formation never grew into something enduring for te subsequent parliamentary elections. It is that stage of national electons, scheduled for 2014, that now will take centre stage in Irqi politics.

    Reidar Visser | Friday, 2 August 2013 8:26 at 08:26 | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/pBkdV-10O

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    Thousands of worshipers flock to the sit-ins squares of Anbar.
    02/08/2013 13:03:00

    Ramadi / NINA /--Thousands of people flocked from different areas of Fallujah and Ramadi cities to participate in Friday unified prayers.

    Sheikh Mohammed Fayyad, one of the organizers of Anbar sit-ins ,said to NINA reporter : "The citizens participated in the unified prayer which held in the courtyard of Ramadi sit-in yard northern the city and the other major unified prayer eastern of Fallujah city to send message to the central ruling authorities in Baghdad that our demonstrations are peaceful and backing by a deep and stable conviction.

    The source added that the central government seeking to provoke the demonstrators by nonsense and hostile statements.


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    Baghdad citizens demonstrate on International Quds Day
    Friday, 02 August 2013 11:59

    Baghdad (AIN) -Huge number of citizens demonstrated in central Baghdad on Friday morning to commemorate the International Quds Day.

    AIN reporter assured “Politicians, Chieftains and clergymen participated in the demonstrations at al-Firdous square and expressed their condemnation for the Israeli practices against the Palestinian people.”

    “The demonstrators called the international community to settle the Palestinian case and prevent the Israeli attacks,” the reporter concluded.

    Quds Day, officially in Iran known as International Quds Day is an annual event that began in Iran in 1979, that is commemorated on the last Friday of Ramadan, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people and opposing Zionism as well as Israel’s control of Jerusalem; Quds is that city's Arabic name.

    Quds Day rallies were first suggested by the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.


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    Thousands of citizens go to the squares of the sit-in Anbar .. والقوات الأمنية تتخذ اجراءات مشددة And security forces to take strong measures
    02-08-2013 | (صوت العراق) - 02-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)
    الانبار (الاخبارية) Anbar (news)

    توافد الاف المواطنين في مناطق مختلفة من الفلوجة الرمادي والمناطق التابعة لهما للمشاركة في الصلاة الجمعة، واتخذت القوات الأمنية في المحافظة اجراءات مشددة حول ساحتي الاعتصام. The influx of thousands of citizens in different parts of Fallujah, Ramadi and the areas of the two to participate in the Friday prayer, and took the security forces in the province to crack down on the squares of the protest.

    وقال مراسل (الوكالة الاخبارية للانباء): ان الاف المواطنين توافدوا من مناطق مختلفة من الفلوجة الرمادي والمناطق التابعة لهما للمشاركة في الصلاة الجمعة تقام في ساحة اعتصام الرمادي شمال مدينة الرمادي وصلاة اخرى شرقي مدينة الفلوجة. He said the reporter Agency (news): Thousands of people flocked from different parts of Fallujah, Ramadi and the areas of the two to participate in the Friday prayer held in the courtyard of a sit-gray northern city of Ramadi and other prayers east of the city of Fallujah.

    وأضاف المراسل: ان هدف التظاهرات هو المطالبة بالخدمات وتحسين الوضع الأمني ، إضافة الى ابلاغ الحكومة بسلمية التظاهرات. The correspondent added: The aim of the demonstrations is demanding services and improve the security situation, in addition to inform Bslmah government demonstrations.

    واشار المراسل الى: ان القوات الأمنية انتشرت بشكل كبير حول ساحتي الاعتصام وقامت بتفتيش جميع المواطنين الداخلين الى الساحة. The reporter pointed out: that the security forces have spread dramatically around the squares of the sit and searched all citizens entering into the arena.


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    This video is full of misinformation - but interesting "flashback" piece...

    That is Dr Mohammed Saleh...

    Iraq is not in a state of "hyper-inflation"...

    The CBI is not "printing" money...it was printed long ago to support artificially low "imposed" UN sanctions rate...

    etc, etc, etc...

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    Kurdistan: Al-Maliki won't get a third term. Change emphasizes that political process deadlocked

    Erbil/agencies: Change block MP said Bayazid Hassan, that the political process deadlocked, pointing out that the forthcoming elections will be some outstanding differences among political blocs. Hassan said in a statement (News Agency): the political process deadlocked with grave security deterioration, and this needs to be checked by political blocs and to abide by the Constitution and genuine partnership in order to save the political process. He added that the upcoming parliamentary elections will solve some outstanding differences between the blocks, provided there is passing the election law in order to perform on time. The change to block MP: the Constitution before elections (45) days of the expiration of Parliament therefore has to accelerate the adoption of the electoral law. In the context of the relevant MP for Kurdistan Islamic Union Bakr Hamma friend, that Al-Maliki would not get a third term because of the rise of Islamist rival. He said a friend told (News Agency): the stage is a positive relationship between the Federal Government and the territorial Government, and the coming period will see the fixing of the outstanding differences between the parties. He added that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki could not get a third term or get a majority of votes because of the rise of Islamist rival. The Attorney said the Kurdistan Islamic Union to: differences between the two parties, most notably the root oil and gas and the national partnership will be solved before the end of the current parliamentary session.


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    Deputy for Iraq calls for broad support for Sadr's call to resolve the issue of the survival of the office of President vacant
    Published in: 1:32 pm, August 1, 2013

    Talabani medical team

    BAGHDAD (Independent) ... demanded an MP for the Iraqi List reproach league politicians all widely supported to invite the leader Moqtada al-Sadr on the formation of a prestigious delegation to visit President Jalal Talabani and check on his health.

    She said in a statement received by the independent press (Iba) on "The vacancy of the president of the republic has long caused to happen political crises and major security and became the country live on the edge of the abyss, because the President of the Republic is the sponsor of the Iraqi Constitution and protector for him."

    She league "that witnessed in Iraq from the congestion of political and security requires the elite prestigious of the people to move seriously to Talabani's visit in Germany for the purpose of standing on what is happening whether complied actually recovers or not, still suffering from the ailment severe health preclude being able to perform his duties again . "

    And called for officials in the executive and legislative branches to nominate competent persons to Talabani's visit and the transfer of a clear picture and correct all the courage of public opinion in order to resolve the issue of the survival of the office of President vacant. "

    The Muqtada al-Sadr said in a statement that he was worried about the health of President Jalal Talabani, who is being treated in Germany since 7 months due to a stroke and what Seoul Iraq, calling for the formation of a senior delegation to check on his health and to inform the people of Iraq to put it.


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    Revolutionary Guards in Iraq

    In an exclusive interview confirms a senior leader of the Supreme Islamic Council in Iraq, speaking on condition of anonymity that Tehran has the conviction that the increasing acts of violence in Iraq are strategic goals first is to push al-Maliki to resign or push allies to his dismissal.

    The second objective is related to developments in the Syrian situation based on calculations and alliances between the Iraqi armed forces and the Syrian armed forces.

    According to the source, the military leaders of Iran suggested that al-Maliki deployment of joint forces of the Iraqi army and ten of thousands of Iranian Revolutionary Guards in three areas: along the border between Iraq and Syria, and between the provinces of Anbar and Karbala in the desert Nukhaib, because it is the source of leakage of weapons and explosives and insurgents into Iraq, and on the border between Anbar and Baghdad, which receives the largest share of attacks by al-Qaeda and the Baathists from a third party by Tehran.

    And according to information leadership of Iraq, Tehran promised Maliki clearing Baghdad of groups and armed cells within ninety days if he agreed to enter units «Revolutionary Guards» and deployed in secret, because of the proliferation of these forces will not be in the cities but in the desert areas on the outskirts of some cities, The al-Maliki to choose forces loyal to him to accompany these Iranian forces and work with them to manage the city limits hot Iraqi security.


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    Bankers: the opening of branches of foreign banks in Iraq nurture investment in the country
    01-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad (news) report

    Machhdh the country of a large movement in banking was evident among some foreign banks to begin arriving on Iraq to open branches, which he found some of the points of legislative and governmental organizations and specialists step in the right direction while it considered private banks Iraqi that it does not support the Iraqi banking system.

    The confirmed number of MPs and specialists in the field of banking (of the Agency news) that the advent of foreign banks will support the national economy and push the wheel forward being the investment would be a reason to enter the global investment companies, which in turn will find a guarantor for its money.

    The consultant said the Bank 'Citibank' U.S. in Iraq Stephen Randov: the move to our company came after an extensive study into the Iraqi market and stages developed in terms of lap that Iraq has become a magnet for investment in various sectors, especially in the field of oil, tourism, construction and housing so it was necessary to have us foothold in Iraq and we open our branch

    He Randov in his speech (of the Agency news): The bank Citibank is one of the financial companies mission in America, so its presence in Iraq believe will have advanced stages in supporting the economy of Iraq and move full of foreign currency and the presence of liquidity foreign as possible benefit from the implementation of various projects and both sectors the public and private sectors.

    It seems that the expansion of the volume of banking transactions in the country after the year 2003 is an opportunity for foreign banks to enter the Iraqi arena in order to expand its work in Iraq, he has become a good market for trading money in various investment projects in the general areas of the country.

    And a foreign banks Bakdovernma step for Iraq excluded some
    Iraqi private banks to be aimed at supporting the Iraqi banking system or developed for reasons it said it was unaware of the development of the Iraqi economy.

    Managing Director of the United Bank for Investment Mohannad Qassem, said, that foreign banks can not be described as supportive of the Iraqi economy in any way being far from the reality of the Iraqi economy and far from the details of the work of the Iraqi citizen, and far from the concerns of the Iraqi trader will therefore its not feasible.

    Kassem said (of the Agency news): The foreign banks in Iraq purpose only profit while the national banks in particular special purpose support the Iraqi economy and raising its standards by increasing their capital in every year and give loans and adopted for projects large and medium.

    While the parliamentary Finance Committee disagreed with the expectations of some private banks in the advent of the recent foreign banks that would be a reason to enter the global investment companies, which in turn will find a guarantor for its money.

    A member of the Finance Committee, the parliamentary Hassan Ozmn (of the Agency news): The Iraqi banks, especially private ones may be on bug when they refuse the advent of financial companies to open branches in Iraq, they even did not work V.ihm would be the benefit by giving a great opportunity for foreign banks that rest assured their money in Iraq.

    He Auzmn: he was rather to what came before that reject the coming of the coming and the work of foreign banks was for us to wonder about the fate of the Banking Act, which is still going on between the inclusion of the House of Representatives without debate or even presented as a project, noting that the Banking Act and if enacted would have reflected positively on Iraqi money market and perhaps even raise the value of the dinar and regulates all banks.

    He Auzmn: that the banks that came open now is the banks that everyone wishes of private banks and the public to be correspondents where they are closer to the action at home, where will create an atmosphere of real competition and evaluate the banking business with the banking business in Iraq and how to provide global service.

    The Iraqi government has allowed the Bank City Bank U.S. to open branches in Baghdad, while waiting Departments bank Standard Chartered, the British and the Goldman Sachs U.S. official approvals to open branches for them in southern and central Iraq and north Mpintan that foreign companies operating in particularly British and American looking for financial services 'more supportive' in its business there.

    It consists of the banking system in Iraq from forty-three banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by the property (7) state banks and (30) Ahli Bank, including (7) Islamic banks in addition to (devil) of foreign banks.


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    Parliamentarians: Maliki's decision to distribute land came late and is campaigning
    01-08-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Range Press / Baghdad

    Criticized the deputies of the three blocks of great political, said Thursday's decision by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki judge distributes residential land to the poor and needy, and stressed that the decision came "too late" and falls within the "electoral propaganda", while unlikely to come into force because of the intersection between the relevant ministries " .

    Iraq: Maliki's decision to step aimed late for electoral propaganda

    According to the MP for the Iraqi List, Nahida Daini, in an interview to (range Press), "The decision to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the judge distributes residential land to the citizens came late and will not take a range in the application," indicating that "the decision will happen a lot of differences between the ministries of land to be distributed as may be cited as each and every one of them its ownership to them. "

    Daini suggest, that "the decision to be part of the electoral propaganda carried out by al-Maliki in the remaining period of his term," noting that "the coming period will witness a lot of steps propaganda, both members of the legislative or executive power."

    The MP for the Iraqi List, the surprise of the "adoption of this resolution, despite the existence of an earlier decision of the Council of Ministers decision not to distribute any of the territory and the trend to invest in the construction of residential complexes."

    The prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, the first on Tuesday (30 July 2013), the distribution of tens of thousands of pieces of residential land to the poor and needy and tackle the spread of slums and horseshoe within the boundaries of design basis for the city of Baghdad, within the "largest" housing strategy in Iraq since sixties of the last century.

    Kurdistan Alliance: will not solve the housing problem in Iraq

    Turn back the Kurdistan Alliance, too, is the distribution of land decision came "late and doubts of being exciting election propaganda," he said, adding that this action "will not solve the housing problem in the country."

    He says the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahma Khalil, in an interview to (range Press), "The move came too late and may be distribution selectively includes people without others," calling that "the distribution according to certain criteria and be the allocation of land for the purpose of building exclusively" .

    Khalil believes a decision of the Economic Committee, that "it was supposed to happen earlier time so as not to enter in the box electoral propaganda," noting that "such a distribution will not contribute to solving the housing problem, which require the construction of about four million housing units."

    Mass citizen: it was better for the government to build housing complexes

    Will not the position of the mass of the citizen, of the Islamic Supreme Council, headed by Ammar al-Hakim, is different from the decision to land distribution, as promised "late and electoral propaganda", and felt that it was "better for the government to build more housing complexes."

    He says the bloc MP Ali inch, in an interview to the (Presse term), that this "move came too late because of disagreements and political interests," and expresses the hope "not be just election propaganda and to be thoughtful about land distribution to the beneficiaries."

    He adds an inch, it was "supposed to be build housing complexes and low cost on this land instead of being distributed directly to citizens."

    The Council of the National Housing announced, in (the eighth of July 2013), the formation of a committee to push laws and legislation to promote the reality of housing and put new controls on changing sex land from agricultural to residential, as identified need for the country to two million five hundred thousand housing units until 2015, confirmed quest enter the housing fund as an investor in the construction of housing units while the draw to put it "necessary plans" to make housing survey early next year to determine the actual need for housing in the country and provide solutions.

    The Minister of Construction and Housing, Mohammed Darraji in (the fifth of July, 2011), for the Housing Authority National chaired by the ministry develop mechanisms to solve the housing problem in Iraq over the next five years, while between these mechanisms included increased financial allocation to the Ministry of Construction to build complexes additional housing, in addition to encouraging and facilitating foreign investment for the construction of housing units, and to proceed with a project to build condominiums economic, and distributed free of charge to poor families should be allocated two billion dinars, the detector about the need for Iraq to two million and 500 thousand housing units to solve the housing crisis.

    The shape of Iraq's cabinet in 2007, a higher committee to draft the National Housing chaired by the Minister of Construction and Housing and the membership of agents of the Minister of Finance, Planning and Municipalities and Public Works and the Under-secretariat of Baghdad, in order to contain the housing crisis worsening in Iraq, the administration of housing units built perpendicular to be distributed to the owners of middle income and below average .

    It is noteworthy that Iraq is suffering a severe housing crisis due to the increasing population, as measured by the number of residential complexes, in addition to the inability of citizens with limited income for the construction of residential units of its own, because of the high cost of land and construction materials.


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