" The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 27 July 2013
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 27 July 2013

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Saturday, 27 July 2013


    CBI in a strong position and can maintain the value of the dinar

    Head of Mission of the International Monetary Fund (morning):

    BAGHDAD - Hussein ثغب Tamimi

    stressed the IMF on the need to adopt the process of economic reform and broad, as Usher strengths and imbalances in the joints Economic came in a report the Fund's Article IV of 2013 on Iraq, which is the assessment annual appreciation on the part of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to the economies of the Member States in the Fund, and issue a report accompanied by my assessment of the latest economic developments in those countries, and the expectations of experts Fund for growth in the overall economy as a whole three to five years following the date of issuance of the report. The section on Iraq, the report is based on the consultative meetings held with the Iraqi side, and the Iraqi private sector and members of the Iraqi civil society, in March of 2013.

    economic reform, structural and widespread

    head of the IMF mission to Iraq Carlo Sdrallweg in an interview ( morning): Iraq needs to formulate structural economic reform agenda and widespread, and even more importantly, it needs to follow up the implementation of that agenda with all its contents. There is still a lot of work to be done in the area of public finance, not only in improving the management of the budget, but more important than that to be in the area of improving growth and poverty reduction as well, and pointed to the importance of raising the quality of spending, and this can be achieved, In the first place, by eliminating waste, and direct expenses to the poor even more. Indicating the need for Iraq to focus on increasing the level of provision of electric power, and the restructuring of state-owned companies owned by the state, and streamline regulations to help ensure its focus on helping the private sector rather than the imposition of restrictions upon, and pointed out that Iraq needs as well as to revive agriculture, including reform of the system PDS has contributed to the decline in domestic agricultural production through large food imports. We recognize and are aware that all these measures are difficult to perform, and will require time. Therefore, the need for requiring the adoption of a realistic approach and settled to achieve all that.

    in question (morning) on exposure of the private banking sector in recent times to attack by the pretext of money laundering and illegal transfer of funds. Do you see that building?

    said in answering We are not aware of any specific cases of money laundering particular, but we recommend that the Central Bank of Iraq to redouble its efforts in promoting a stable financial sector and safe.

    In this regard, the commitment of the Iraqi Central Bank Governor on behalf of, and to strengthen the work of the Banking Control encourages us to push for the implementation of this recommendation.

    In our view, a lot of work still to be done to improve control over the banks, and examples, supplying banking supervision cadres better, and training courses better, and outsourcing joint (with other government agencies) "co-sourcing" of the functions of the Department of Control banks to the Central Bank of Iraq, to improve the framework for the addition to expand the reach of the regulatory business to include government-owned banks to the state.

    Moreover, the improvement of the framework for combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism, in line with the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA FATF), along with the continuous efforts in strengthening errands control carried out by the Central Bank of Iraq on combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism, it would be that would help in addressing the concerns of money laundering and financing of terrorism and processed. It must also develop financial infrastructure, such as reporting on the historical background of credits and recordings collateral (assets guarantor), and ways of banking technology, in order to support the performance of the banking sector.

    and the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and on the role of the Iraqi Central Bank in the currency auctions. In your opinion, what should the central do about it?

    Sdrallweg clarified the matter, saying that we need to believe that the Central Bank releases foreign exchange system at the earliest opportunity where this editorial is possible technically.

    We expect that the relaxation of regulations of foreign exchange would provide the funds needed by the Iraqi citizens in U.S. dollars, and to help the Iraqi economy, and reduces the difference in question, which fell fell sharply in fact, after the measures newly taken by the Central Bank of Iraq, which simplified market transactions, and opened it in front of customers.

    This means, the minimum, the opportunity to get any Iraqi citizen on foreign exchange, if it wishes to make any transaction ongoing international legitimate, for example, for the purposes of importing goods, as well as for interest payments, or transfers for expenses family.

    power bank Central

    and he said we understand there همين Co يبعثان the concern on the liberalization of the foreign exchange system. First, some have argued saying that the opening of the auction probably works on the Iraqi depletion of reserves of foreign exchange to levels dangerously low, thereby undermining the value of the Iraqi dinar.

    It also does not believe that this decline in the value of the dinar will happen on the ground because the Central Bank of Iraq in a strong position with him can maintain the value of the dinar, and because foreign exchange inflows from oil revenues are too high. The CBI has the amount and plenty of reserves amounting to the level of more than 70 billion U.S. dollars, a large sum to a degree sufficient to cover more than the value of nine months of imports, or to cover more than 104 percent of the money before the broad sense; sense that it is equal to all of Iraqi dinars in circulation in addition to deposits.

    misuse of foreign exchange

    and The second Alhmin is the ability of the central bank to prevent the misuse of foreign exchange in illegal activities. We do not believe that the currency auctions are the right tool to prevent misuse mentioned. As is the case at the level of international best practices, the IMF recommends that address the concerns of money laundering through the due diligence (or conduct of the study precluding doubt) to customers, and transaction reporting doubtful the Investigation Unit (intelligence) financial, rather than restrict free access to the auction. Accordingly, the liberalization of auction foreign exchange needs, in parallel with the editing, to be accompanied by a strengthening of errands regulatory carried out by the CBI and other government agencies on combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

    Asked about the possibility of moving to a free economy in line with the Constitution Iraq?

    drew Sdrallweg that Iraq did not adopt clear economic policy (economic model and clear) and live in a state troubled between a planned economy to him (router) and the free market economy.

    and pointed out that the model of the current economic growth, which play a government the dominant role in the Iraqi economy, taking a its limits. In order for any free economy to develop on a sustainable basis, the government needs to implement a combination of macroeconomic policies, good governance, and to enhance the delivery of services, and the rebuilding of infrastructure, particularly in the electric power sector, in addition to strengthening the business environment, these measures will support the growth of the private sector, but last but not least, it is imperative for the government to know the limits of the maximum capacity, in order to leave space..

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    Sistani describes the escape of the Abu Ghraib prisoners 'scandal' and Maliki and Najafi discuss the repercussions
    27-07-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa
    Download Shiite cleric in Iraq, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani strongly blocs and political leaders in Iraq and against the backdrop of the escape of more than 500 prisoners, some of the notorious al-Qaeda's Abu Ghraib prison west of Baghdad, describing what happened that rise to the level «scandal and underestimated honor military» . The al-Sistani's criticism of the blocks and political leaders in Iraq on the eve of the meeting between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi and that at the breakfast table set up by the latter in honor of the first. The meeting comes between the two men after nearly two months of the meeting, which brought together in the first of June last year at the home of the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, who has been through the signing of the «code of conduct» Ramzi where the exchange-Maliki and Najafi kisses after months of estrangement and mutual accusations of acute responsibility.

    The representative of the religious authority in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai during Friday prayers that «smuggling operation prisoners from Abu Ghraib and Taji is scandal after scandal and indicate how fragile and weak government security preparations. He Karbalai that «such a process did not even get in the weaker nations of Iraq on the side of equipment and money», pointing out that «disregard Qaeda hardware government came to announcing the storming prisons days ago on his website and dubbed the demolition of the walls and even the ordinary citizens at Abu Ghraib knew the structure of al-Qaeda to attack the prison. Karbalai warned of the consequences of the al-Qaeda attacked the main site, saying: «I do not know what happened or site largest Ststahedvh the al Qaeda after he managed to infiltrate the Abu Ghraib prison bosses.

    After two days of sharp attack by al-Maliki on Shiite allies inside the house last met with Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi at the breakfast table in order to stand up to the challenges that are facing the country. The meeting came after it was evening Najafi had reassured al-Maliki to continue until the end of his mandate by refusing to freeze the constitution and form a government of national salvation. The Information Office of the Ngeevi in ​​a statement received «Middle East» copy of it that «Najafi met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a breakfast hosted by the President of the House of Representatives in his private office», indicating that «the two sides discussed the political situation in Iraq and developments in the security landscape, especially the issue of escape of prisoners from the prisons of Abu Ghraib and coronary ». The statement continued that «Najafi and Maliki also discussed the necessary measures to prevent the aggravation of the situation, and the reduction of the growing sectarian tension, and ways to develop relations between the political blocs, allowing them to work more in line».

    For his part, member of the Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party, Dr. Raed Fahmi told «Middle East» that «the meeting between Maliki and Najafi but the adoption of the failure and the government are unable to provide something tangible for people so it came to exchange accusations and justifications between the Prime Minister on the one hand and his deputies and his ministers, and this is very difficult where there is a correlation between the security failure and the apparent deterioration in services. He said Fahmi that «the question now is what this could be targeted by al-Qaeda tomorrow, which requires the executive and legislative branches Tdarch and remedy the risks and therefore the meeting between Najafi and Maliki must exceed the limits of courtesy and is expressed in data cool not sing nor Tasman from hunger» saying «there are serious challenges and therefore we can put this meeting as a preliminary degree of attention as required today is unconstitutional and radical solutions together». On the reason why the capital Baghdad in the immune demonstrations continued for months governorates Bank, which began its scope expands to South Fahmi said that «one of the main reasons that prevent it is the security situation in the country as any other calls for demonstrations began considering the possibility of target after it had become easy target human populations in Baghdad, otherwise the existing congestion condition in Baghdad, as well as a sense of frustration.

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    Millionday Discussion

    [millionday] here i am i want to make sure you all have seen this

    [millionday] company announced global smart card for activation of roaming service in conjunction with global mustard Card company for use outside of Iraq, starting this service confirmed the end of the seventh month of the current year.

    The Managing Director of the company smart card Bahaa Abdel Hadi told / JD / company will activate the roaming service for the smart card in conjunction with mustard Card International for use outside Iraq, the end of the seventh month of the current year, explaining: Through this service will be able to card holders the (Key Card) Shopping outside and inside Iraq.

    [millionday] Abdul Hadi noted that the smart card will be charged logo (Key Card) and mustard Card, noting that there are ten banks have entered the civil within ironing Card system, including Bank of the economy and the Gulf Bank and United Bank in addition to the Rafidain and Rasheed banks and their branches.

    He added: will also be launching Mobile Bank service and Internet service during the current year, which will enable the citizens of shopping or banking dealings via the Internet

    [millionday] He revealed Abdul Hadi about having talks with the Kurdistan region to connect retired in Kurdistan with the system Ironing Card, pointing to the existence of banks in the region use this service, and therefore can retired or any citizen if he went to Kurdistan to withdraw his salary or any other funds.

    [wmawhite] millionday millionday .........IQD has to be exchangeable outside of Iraq in order for this to be activated.........wow

    [millionday] so this is about the card being ready at the end of this month and this also means that it is international and will be with an exchange rate

    [millionday] right -- has to be to be activated and usable -- internet shopping world wide and i have one more thing to say this is JULY!!

    [wmawhite] millionday .also,......I doubt that the CBI wants to exchange all the foreign currencies that will be present to them at the current rate.......it would break them.

    [R&R] millionday millionday and only 5 days left too!

    [millionday] it would not be possible at the rate they have good point -- love this now lets ask ourselves how close we must be

    [wmawhite] millionday .........yes, this is very gooooood.

    [millionday] talk about being in waiting very and it is already issued and it is already made ect ect

    [bluedog2] millionday I read this a day or two ago, and was wondering where I should apply for a mustard card. LOL

    [Fresh] Wow! !!

    [millionday] He said Abdul Hadi said holder Ironing Atstia to withdraw or pay money anywhere in Iraq, where there are more than 1,300 office Ahli across Iraq in addition to the Rafidain and Rasheed, and we are in our plan at the end of 2013 to be there 4000 thousands of office and ambitions to get into 3,000,000 thousand shopping point.

    Abd al-Hadi said company to card sector mixed under the control and supervision of the state and not the private sector, such as what is happening in some companies that do not know where to go their money, and that money paid or withdrawn through this service is money deposited in the Rafidain and Rasheed, operating in accordance with instructions Central Bank of Iraq and belonging to audit the accounts of Supreme Audit and this is what gives it the power points

    [faith1] the smart card,(Qi card, company website says it is ready and can apply for a card at bank (in Bagdad , for 10yho dinar...

    [millionday] look how many shopping receivers we will have -- wow for the iraqis

    [bluedog2] faith1 brought in an article yesterday that is relevant to this.

    [wmawhite] millionday millionday .........this an updated article because the original article did not have the 3,000,000 shipping points.

    [millionday] lol

    [wmawhite] I remember that.

    [millionday] residence and businesses alike from the internet

    [bluedog2] millionday so are the cards issued?

    [faith1] wmawhite the orig article said 30 tho by 2015..

    [wmawhite] bluedog2.their target is to issue 100,000 per month. faith1 .....ty

    [millionday] this is the global entry to the world -- hit the internet and they have to have a tradable rate so obviously this is great -- bluedog2 they began two months ago issuing them

    [sisterbreen] millionday ty hope it really happens

    [marketralley] Article 8? imf

    [millionday] or i think i am a minute off --- think six weeks to be right

    [marketralley] ?

    [millionday] marketralley approved

    [bluedog2] oh, cool. with 1.4 million citizens 14 months for full issuance then?

    [marketralley] yea baby

    [millionday] smile

    [faith1] yessss it is great whoo Hooooo ! Q please ,, what about the article saying will give citizens cash,, and not ready for cards,,

    [millionday] not sure how many months it will take -- faith1 that is two different things -- let me explain

    [millionday] they have been able to get rice ect before but only where they were told and now they are discussing allowing the issue of the dinar to buy the ration items

    [faith1] ohh Thanks !!

    [millionday] that will be much better then them just getting what they want them to have - sounds like a type of wik program to me – spelling is that right ? wik

    [schmidtberger] millionday ...knowing i'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer...what was reported the other day the rate will be 3.30 and by the end of the month is what we're expecting?

    [peppermint] millionday wic

    [millionday] thank you -- wic

    [peppermint] millionday women infants children

    [marketralley] widows

    [millionday] well what they were saying is that their goal is to set it at 3.30 at original plan but the reserves have changed and the price set for oil ect so the goal is good but may be a little different in the new reality - which is not bad because they have more actually

    [faith1] that makes sense... wick program allow only so much of certain things... wic ! like family of 3 gets 5lbs of cheese,,,ect..

    [millionday] the mastercard is for social security -- retirement funding --- ect ect and also will of course be used as microsoft reported at the convention -- as a tool accessed through the data system for exchange --- faith1 right just like that

    [bluedog2] millionday I did read something this morning from a soldier in Iraq that said last week a loaf of bread in Baghdad was 6000 dinar. This week that same loaf was 3 dinar. I don't know what to believe.

    [millionday] and they also may be issuing them to the citizens to load the 5 % of oil gains - i do believe that is right -- bluedog2 i like believing it - smile let me find us some more - brb

    [peppermint] millionday talk about Shock and Awe! smile

    [millionday] great to see everyone -- just love that we are riding in together

    [millionday] whooop whoooop brb

    [peppermint] amen

    [bluedog2] bluedog2 one more little tidbit today. This is first hand, and from a dear friend of mine. We told a mutual friend about dinar two weeks ago. He thought we'd lost our minds. Then went and talked to our State Rep in Washington, then called me and asked how to order it quick!~

    [millionday] Hosts of the House of Representatives in its regular {12} and to be held tomorrow, Saturday, both Deputy Prime Minister for Oil and Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani, Electricity Minister Karim Aftan, in addition to the security chiefs in the provinces of Baghdad and Diyala.

    A press statement to the House of Representatives received probity electronic copy of it on Friday that "Council will host Shahristani and Aftan and agents of the Ministry of Electricity to discuss the deterioration of the reality of electricity in the country

    [millionday] The head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Osama Najafi said differences between the political blocs to prevent the adoption of a lot of important laws that serve the welfare of the Iraqi citizen.

    Najafi said at a press conference held in the House of Representatives, attended Thursday that "political differences greatly influenced the legislation of laws," adding that "the Council of Ministers sends the laws to parliament, but full of problems causing delaying

    [millionday] He called Najafi political blocs all to "stay away from political differences in order to pass laws important," stressing that "the House of Representatives approved a nearly 195 law but there are (12) legally pivotal and important need to approve a law of oil and gas and the law of the Federal Court," referring to "These laws need to vote two-thirds of the members of the council but differences prevent it

    [millionday] note -- we should have an update on these laws tonight at news time

    [onthewings] millionday woooohooooo

    [millionday] wow --- we must be close for them to be putting those cards out -- have to say that was exciting to look at the sites on it - whoooohooooo is right hun - smile brb with more

    [The s family] Have they had dates before?

    [millionday] 3/4 for oil and gas is not a bad thing either not with them putting them out and having apps for citizens - and not backed my the mastercard stating the same or the mustard card -- smile

    [Fresh] millionday millionday certainly an awful lot of good things in the years making that have started to coming together over the last few weeks - you would think there is a finale they are building to!

    [millionday] MP for the predicted mass of the Furat al-Shara citizen approval of the general amnesty law during the current election cycle condition to the availability of goodwill and political consensus for approval.

    Shara said in a statement to the newspaper "integrity electronic" that pending laws will recognize the sequence, each according to its importance, noting that the general amnesty law is very important and should pay attention to the issue of approval at this session, stressing the importance that this law fair and equitable to those who entered prison unjustly

    [faith1] millionday,,, the electric,,, hopefully more on that tonight,,, !! thought I read that parliament was waiting the goi to push it through ,, electric that is..

    [millionday] Shara stressed the need for the failure to extend the hardened and senior law criminals and terrorists because it is a disadvantage and injustice to the martyrs and victims of terrorism and undermines the feelings of the families of the martyrs

    [millionday] faith1 yes we will have the entire thing tonight smile

    [millionday] Demanded the MP for the coalition, the Iraqi Free high Nassif stakeholders calculates what has been paid to Kuwait in compensation because of the difference between the foreign and finance ministries around the year in which Iraq began repayment.

    She told him the Information Office of the coalition: "The BSA points out that there are differences in the financial statements between what is declared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and shown by the records of the Ministry of Finance,

    where it says the Ministry of Finance that the year 2003 is the beginning of the deduction of five percent of the imports of Iraqi oil for the benefit of Kuwait in compensation for the invasion,

    while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the payment of this account since 1991 began, hence the confusion appears clear and serious in handling huge amounts have been deducted from the profiteers of the Iraqi people.

    [Fresh] millionday I have a question from Sager who is able to read transcript but not able to join us in chat right now...

    millionday] She added: "The meet Kuwait in the last week installments new compensation proved again the invalidity of the claims and suggestions of its diplomats on the opening of a new page with Iraq, they are still bent on looting the rights of the Iraqi people, not only what I got from Iraqi territory and exceeded on land and sea borders and of the wealth of Iraq, and still reflect on the torture of Iraqis under the supervision of the United Nations because of something I did not do not fault them, "he said.

    She noted: "that countries Aterbtna the by Arabism links or religion waived debts owed by Iraq, while we find that Kuwait is committed to another alleged dinars in compensation, an attitude score against them in history."

    [millionday] Fresh ok just one sec

    [Fresh] millionday sure take your time!

    [millionday] as we can see they are trying to calculate as if no one noticed what was being paid out of the country but what we do expect is the people on the borders fighting and arguing which should mellow in time to come but has been a huge part of their history and we will not be sitting by the time it minimizes --- but obviously they are preparing and upholding their agreements

    [millionday] Fresh ok hun ready

    [baggr42] Wasn't there an article a while back saying the LD's were postponed from 1/13 to 7/13

    [Fresh] millionday so Sager wanted to know your opinion...

    [millionday] yes

    [Fresh] he said with regard to the smart card news - he's excited - but said there have been very similar articles coming out for the last few months stating by end of month in each article - he wants to know if you think they could delay this or are they more likely to stick to this deadline now?

    [Fresh] Thanks in advance from Sager

    [millionday] Fresh i have not seen any delay in the cards and think that the distribution of them was delayed some but the loading of them has been july for most of this year

    [Fresh] millionday okay so you think they stick to this with little or no delays

    [faith1] millionday,,, won't the smart cards (Qi cards) eliminate the problem of having enough lower denoms,, because most monies will be loaded onto the cards electrinically ??

    [millionday] i could say comfortably that i would not know why with so much done already and we also have barges of products at the docks these people have not seen in years -- so i would say it wont be delayed but lets always remember we are talking about iraq

    [millionday] faith1 international tender laws control what a country must have to back up their cards in cash at any given time so they still have those compliance issues to be able to be legal in their tender

    [millionday] it is done in percentages and does allow the international banking to make money in deposits ect but for credit terms they must be followed both by the law and the issuing company

    [faith1] ok ThANKS,, so is there a problem OR do they need to print more ??

    [millionday] print more of which hun dinar?

    [faith1] yes dinar

    [millionday] see the country of Iraq is hard backed unlike our country so they have to actually have the gold and reserves to represent what they print and yes they will be monitoring ect to know what they actually need to carry ect because

    [millionday] many citizens are returning however -- they are issuing an entire new series by 2015 of all currency that will fade out what they have in lower denoms at this time so it is more complex then if they were not having that in their plan as well

    [millionday] as the US controls or tries to control their inflation ect by printing money that we do not have hard backed -- that will soon be a thing of the past

    [millionday] hence the changes we will be seeing in the next few years make sense ?

    [millionday] did sager have something else to say back to me about my reply fresh?

    [john77] millionday Yes, makes sense. I haven't heard much about lower denom notes lately until now. Do you think that they would have to release lower denom notes just a bit before they actually rv?

    [millionday] my understanding is that they are replacing the 50s they use now and three other denoms that are on the streets at this time as to what is damaged to minimize the work load

    [millionday] my understanding is that they are replacing the 50s they use now and three other denoms that are on the streets at this time as to what is damaged to minimize the work load

    [millionday] i think it is 100, 1000, and it was going to be the 250s but they are moving to a 200 i believe i will have to check if i have that switched -- dont want to misspeak lol

    john77] millionday ha, minimize the work load of until they do it more wholesale later u mean? or do it denom by denom?

    [dlherm] Millionday. Misspeak!!

    [bluedog2] millionday Do you believe then that we will have a year or two to exchange all our holdings? Not that I want to, just asking.

    [peppermint] millionday misspeak...think you made up a new word

    [millionday] john77 exchange the damaged denoms that will remain on the streets with the new rate they have as their goal -- as in the 50s --- it seems they have had the same ones for almost 30 years and that is way past the life expectancy of a paper bill -- so they will pull the damaged and minimize the ones that will need exchanged when the rate changes

    [millionday] peppermint lol

    [millionday] bluedog2 no i do not at all

    [millionday] i think the regulations ect will be put out and be precise -- the info should be on www.dinarcorp.com or any bank or even here -- we will have that info anyway

    [john77] millionday do you mean pull the damaged and minimize the ones that will need exchanged BEFORE or AFTER or the rate change? or they are doing it as we speak?

    [millionday] john77 to minimize the after lines of people they are pulling the damaged now as to what i understand

    [john77] millionday ah, got it, thanks

    [millionday] i think we read it three days ago

    [millionday] we are expecting alot of news tonight so please dont miss it i have been told that it is going to take a while

    john77] millionday what will take awhile?

    [millionday] news tonight

    [millionday] i am supposed to have loads smile - so be here tonight and i believe we will be smiling with what went through and the meetings that should have occurred

    [millionday] we have a lot out about the escapees so it is hard to find new news throughout the day on some of the sites but that's ok because i am going to fill your lap tonight

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    Banking sources: Outlook of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar in the coming days

    Saturday, 27/07/2013

    Parliamentary sources confirmed, Tuesday, that the rate of the Iraqi dinar will rise versus the dollar in the coming days in light of steps taken by the Central Bank of Iraq. According to a source in the Iraqi Central Bank "parliamentarians, officials and economists praised the reduction in the exchange rate of the dollar and the high price of the Iraqi dinar in the light of steps taken by the Central Bank and banks in this area, which is reflected in this activity". The source stressed that "this is expected to continue to decline for the dollar and that the rate of the Iraqi dinar has improved more over the next few days according to the indications of the Central Bank and the market." The report recommended that the International Monetary Fund, Iraq the pace of structural reform to boost growth and job creation in the private sector, and the need to continue the rational management of the foreign reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Development Fund for Iraq. The Bank had earlier said (19 July), that Iraqi banks Association agreed with the Central Bank reduced the cash dollar exchange rate instead of the dinar to 1180-1184 Iraqi dinar as of last Sunday, with the expectation that you responded to this initiative, all banks, he indicated that this reduction will bring great benefit to the citizen.


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    The mobility of people and demonstrations in southern Iraq, the ninth day in a row.
    27-07-2013 | (صوت العراق) - 27-07-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    البصرة: فارس الشريفي- الشرق الاوسط Basra: Sharifi Knight - Middle East

    المئات من أبناء محافظات البصرة وذي قار وواسط والمثنى، لليوم التاسع على التوالي، في مظاهرات منددين بالأوضاع الأمنية السيئة، وهروب السجناء من سجني أبو غريب والتاجي، وبالخروقات وبتدني مستوى تقديم الخدمات للمواطنين ومنها قلة ساعات التجهيز بالطاقة الكهربائية وارتفاع نسب البطالة. Hundreds of people of the provinces of Basra, Dhi Qar and Wasit, Muthanna, for the ninth day in a row, in demonstrations denouncing the security conditions bad, and the escape of prisoners from the prisons of Abu Ghraib and Taji, and the violations and the low level of provision of services to citizens, including a few hours of processing electrical power and high rates of unemployment.
    ورفع المتظاهرون يوم أمس في البصرة وهي أبرز معاقل ائتلاف دولة القانون (كتلة رئيس الوزراء العراقي نوري المالكي) الأعلام العراقية، ورددوا هتافات تطالب المالكي بالتنحي عن المسؤولية لأول مرة منذ انطلاق المظاهرات متهمين إياه بعدم المحافظة على أرواح العراقيين، وعزل نائب رئيس مجلس الوزراء لشؤون الطاقة حسين الشهرستاني متهمينه بالوقوف وراء الفشل بإدارة ملف الكهرباء. The demonstrators yesterday in Basra, the main strongholds of the coalition of state law (block Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki) Iraqi flags and chanted slogans demanding al-Maliki to step down from the responsibility for the first time since the start of demonstrations accusing him of not maintaining the lives of Iraqis, and the isolation of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussein al-Shahristani, accusing him of being behind the failure of the management of the electricity file. وقال محافظ البصرة ماجد النصرواي لـ«الشرق الأوسط»، إن «الحكومة المحلية الجديدة شكلت خلية أزمة منذ تسلمها المهام وانطلاق المظاهرات»، مبينا أن «الخلية وضعت خطة لمتابعة مشكلة الكهرباء وعمل المولدات الأهلية والتأكد من التزام أصحابها العمل بالضوابط المقررة». The governor of Basra Majid Nasrway «Middle East», that «the local government new formed cell crisis since the receipt of the tasks and the start of the demonstrations», indicating that «the cell and developed a plan to follow up the problem of electricity and the work of generator capacity and ensure the commitment of the owners work the controls prescribed».
    وأضاف أن «الحكومة المحلية تأكد وقوفها مع مطالب المتظاهرين المشروعة»، مؤكدا أن حكومة البصرة لن تقف مكتوفة الأيدي لوعود الحكومة المركزية ووزارة الكهرباء، وستتخذ التدابير اللازمة لمعالجة تدهور ملف الكهرباء عبر استقدام شركات عالمية كبرى وذلك في خطوات لإصلاح ما جرى في الحكومات السابقة. He added that «the local government make sure that it stands with the demands of the demonstrators legitimate», stressing that the Government of Basra will not stand idly by the promises of the central government and the Ministry of Electricity, and will take the necessary measures to address the deterioration of the file electricity through bringing major international companies and in steps to fix what happened in previous governments.
    المظاهرات في البصرة (550 كم جنوب بغداد)، ثاني أكبر مدن العراق بعد بغداد، ومنفذه البحري الوحيد على الخليج، تحدت التجمع في مركز المدينة لتشمل مناطق في جنوب وشمال المحافظة، ليكون شعار المطالبة بتنحي رئيس الوزراء ونائبه لشؤون الطاقة. Demonstrations in Basra (550 km) south of Baghdad, the second largest city in Iraq after Baghdad, and the bomber only sea on the Gulf, challenged the gathering in the city center to include areas in the south and north of the province, to be a banner demanding the ouster of the prime minister and his deputy for energy affairs.
    وقال عصام الربيعي، منظم حركة (اعتصم) في البصرة، إن «الحركة تضم الكثير من طبقات المجتمع البصري وخرجت بشكل عفوي دون تدخل حزب أو كتلة سياسية للمطالبة بحقوقهم المسلوبة». Essam al-Rubaie, organizer of the movement (sit) in Basra, said that «the movement includes many of the visual layers of society and came up spontaneously without the intervention of a political party or bloc to claim their rights usurped. وأضاف أن «المظاهرات تعدت مركز المدينة لتصل إلى كل مدن البصرة وأقضيتها من شمالها إلى جنوبها»، منوها إلى أن «المتظاهرين رفعوا شعار (اليوم نتظاهر.. وغدا نعتصم.. وبعدها نثور)». He added that «demonstrations exceeded the city center to reach all the cities Basra and أقضيتها from north to south», noting that «the demonstrators raised the slogan (Today pretend .. and tomorrow نعتصم .. and after the revolt).
    من جهته، قال أحمد القطراني، أحد منظمي المظاهرات إن «أبناء المدينة يطالبون بإسقاط الحكومة العراقية التي خرقت الدستور، وكل القوانين وتسببت في قتل العراقيين وعزل الشهرستاني الذي فشل في إدارة ملفي الكهرباء والنفط». For his part, said tar Ahmad, one of the organizers of the demonstrations that «the people of the city are demanding overthrow the Iraqi government, which violated the Constitution, all laws and caused the deaths of Iraqis and isolate al-Shahristani, who failed to manage my electricity and oil.
    وفي محافظة ذي قار، رابع أكبر المحافظات العراقية بحسب عدد السكان، والثانية جنوبيا، يواصل العشرات من أبناء المحافظة ذي قار مظاهراتهم لليوم التاسع على التوالي احتجاجا على تردي مستوى الخدمات وانقطاع التيار الكهربائي، مطالبين بإقالة المسؤولين الفاسدين في المحافظة وإلغاء الرواتب التقاعدية لأعضاء مجلس النواب والمسؤولين الأمنيين. In the province of Dhi Qar, the fourth largest Iraqi provinces according to population, and the second a southerner, continues to dozens of people of the province of Dhi Qar demonstrations for the ninth day in a row to protest the deteriorating level of service and power outages, demanding the dismissal of corrupt officials in the province and the abolition of pensions for members of the House of Representatives and officials security.
    وقال عبد الزهرة الشيال، أيقونة المظاهرات في ذي قار، إن «العشرات من أبناء المحافظة يواصلون الخروج في ساحة الحبوبي بمركز المدينة، وقضاء الشطرة والرفاعي للمطالبة بإقالة مديري الدوائر الفاسدين وإيجاد الحلول السريعة لواقع الكهرباء والخدمات العامة في المحافظة». Said Abdul-Zahra Shayyal, Icon demonstrations in Dhi Qar, said that «dozens of people of the province continue to go out in the yard Habboubi the city center, and spend Tents and Rifai, demanding dismissal of directors of the corrupt and find quick solutions to the reality of electricity and public services in the province».
    وأضاف الشيال أن «أبناء المدينة يهددون بتحويل المظاهرات إلى اعتصامات مفتوحة وأن هناك طلبات أخرى أبرزها إلغاء الرواتب التقاعدية للمسؤولين في الدرجات الخاصة والبرلمان ومجالس المحافظات». He Shayal that «the people of the city are threatening to convert to an open sit-ins demonstrations and that there are other requests notably the abolition of pensions for officials in special grades and parliament and provincial councils.
    من جانبه قال رئيس مجلس محافظة ذي قار هلال السهلاني، إن «المجلس بدأ فعليا بالاستجابة لمطالب المتظاهرين حيث أقال مدير شرطة المحافظة اللواء الركن حسين عبد علي في خطوة تعبر عن تضامننا مع مطالب إخواننا». For his part, Chairman of the Board of the province of Dhi Qar Hilal السهلاني, that «the Council actually began to respond to the demands of the demonstrators where he sacked the director of the provincial police Maj. Gen. Hussein Abdul Ali, a move express our solidarity with the demands of our brothers».
    وأضاف أن «المجلس سيعقد جلسة خاصة الأسبوع الحالي لمناقشة مطالب المتظاهرين الأخرى وتنفيذ المشروعة والقانونية منها وخاصة التي تتعلق بالوضع الأمني وتوفير الخدمات والكهرباء وسنناقشها مع الحكومة المركزية لوضع الحلول لها». He added that «the Council will hold a special session this week to discuss the other demands of the demonstrators and the implementation of legal and legitimate them, especially relating to the security situation and the provision of services and electricity and we will be discussing with the central government to develop solutions to them. وتشهد محافظات البصرة وذي قار وواسط والمثنى مظاهرات ليلية شبه يومية احتجاجا على تردي الخدمات والوضع الأمني، وللمطالبة بضرورة تحسين واقع الكهربائية وإقالة المسؤولين الفاشلين. And witnessing the provinces of Basra, Dhi Qar and Wasit, Muthanna night demonstrations almost daily to protest the deterioration of services and the security situation, and to demand the need to improve the reality of electric and dismissal of officials losers.


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    Muqtada al-Sadr's call for Iraqi President's visit embarrass the leaders of the National Union
    27-07-2013 | (صوت العراق) - 27-07-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    أربيل: شيرزاد شيخاني Erbil: Shirzad Shikhani of the

    أجمعت مصادر خاصة تمكنت «الشرق الأوسط» من التحدث إليها حول الدعوة التي أطلقها الزعيم الشيعي مقتدى الصدر أول من أمس، بشأن تشكيل وفد منه ومن وجهاء العراق لزيارة الرئيس العراقي جلال طالباني الراقد حاليا بأحد المستشفيات الألمانية «أن هذه الدعوة ستحرج الاتحاد الوطني إحراجا شديدا، ومن شأنها أن تعيد مسألة خلو منصب طالباني إلى الواجهة السياسية مرة أخرى». Unanimously private sources managed «Middle East» to talk to them about the call by cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the day before yesterday, on the composition of the delegation of him and the notables of Iraq to visit Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, lying is one of the German hospitals «that this call ستحرج National Union embarrassment severe, It would re-issue of the vacancy of the political Talabani to the fore again.
    وكالعادة في طلبهم التكتم على أسمائهم وهوياتهم أثناء الحديث عن صحة طالباني باعتبارها مسألة حساسة وسرا من أسرار الحزب والدولة، قال مصدر بقيادة الاتحاد الوطني ردا على دعوة الصدر في تصريح لـ«الشرق الأوسط» أن الدعوة التي أطلقها الصدر تتعلق بمنصب الرئيس طالباني وشغوره في بغداد، لذلك نحن بقيادة الاتحاد الوطني لسنا معنيين بهذه الدعوة التي يفترض أن ترد عليها مؤسسة رئاسة الجمهورية ببغداد. As usual in their request to conceal the names and identities while talking about the health of Talabani as a matter of sensitive and secret of the secrets of the Party and State, said the source, led by the National Union in response to a call by Sadr told «Middle East» that call by al-Sadr related to the position of President Talabani and vacancy in Baghdad, So we are led by the National Union of're not interested in this invitation which is supposed to respond to them, the Presidency of the Republic in Baghdad Foundation.
    ففي خطوة لا تخلو من ذكاء سياسي هدفها إثارة موضوع شغور منصب رئيس جمهورية العراق، وتردد حزب الرئيس العراقي جلال طالباني من ترشيح بديل عنه، أصدر زعيم التيار الصدري الخميس، بيانا أعرب فيه عن قلقه على صحة رئيس الجمهورية جلال طالباني «أو ما سيؤول إليه العراق»، داعيا إلى تشكيل وفد مرموق وتخصصي لزيارته لتجنب التقصير معه في محنته، والاطمئنان على مصير العراق، مؤكدا أن الوفد «سيطلع الشعب العراقي على الحقائق». In a move not devoid of intelligent political objective raise the issue of vacancy of the post of the President of the Republic of Iraq and the reluctance of the party of President Jalal Talabani of the nomination irreplaceable, issued a leader of the Sadrist movement Thursday, a statement expressing concern about the health of President Jalal Talabani, «or Seoul to Iraq », calling for the formation of a prestigious delegation to visit Specialist to avoid default with him in his ordeal, and to check on the fate of Iraq, stressing that the delegation« Iraqi people will brief the facts. وقال الصدر في بيانه «لقد زاد قلقي على صحة فخامة رئيس الجمهورية الأخ جلال طالباني من جهة وعلى ما آل إليه العراق من دون (رئيس جمهورية)، أو ما سيؤول إليه لا سمح الله. Sadr said in a statement «I've increased my concern on the health of His Excellency President Jalal Talabani's brother on the one hand and on the outgrowth of Iraq without (President of the Republic), or what will happen to him, God forbid. وقد حال بيني وبينه بعد السفر وبعض الروتينيات الأخرى، لذا فإني أدعو وجهاء العراق وعشائره وأطبائه إلى تشكيل وفد مرموق وتخصصي لزيارته والاطمئنان على صحته وعلاجه، ولكي لا نكون قد قصرنا معه في محنته الصحية هذا لا أخلاقيا ولا اجتماعيا ولا وطنيا»، مضيفا أن الزيارة تهدف أيضا إلى «الاطمئنان على مصير العراق وهل لنا أمل في رجوعه أم لا، وعلى الوفد إطلاع الشعب العراقي المظلوم على الحقائق، وطمأنته لكي نفرغ ذممنا أمام الله تعالى وأمام شعبنا الحبيب». The case between me and him after traveling some الروتينيات other, so I call the elders of Iraq and عشائره and doctors to form a delegation prestigious and specialized to visit and check on his health and his treatment, and that we should not have قصرنا with him in his ordeal health this is not morally and socially and nationally »he said, adding that the visit aims also «to check on the fate of Iraq Is our hope in his return or not, the delegation informed the oppressed Iraqi people the facts, and reassure him so Nfrg ذممنا in front of God and in front of our beloved people.
    وفي اتصال مع قيادي كردي ببغداد قال: «إن هذه الدعوة ذكية»، وهي خطوة موفقة من الزعيم الشيعي للأكراد وخاصة لقيادة الاتحاد الوطني التي عجزت لحد الآن بترشيح أحد أعضائها لإشغال المنصب الخالي ببغداد. In connection with the Kurdish leader in Baghdad said: «This is a smart call, a successful step of the Shiite leader of the Kurds and especially for the leadership of the National Union, which has failed so far to nominate one of its members to fill the empty office in Baghdad. وأشار «مشاعر الحسد والغيرة والخلافات الشخصية ما زالت تحول لحد الآن على التقدم بمرشح للمنصب، رغم أن الدكتور برهم صالح هو الأكثر تأهلا وأحقية لإشغال هذا المنصب، لكنه يصطدم للأسف بمشاعر الحسد من زملائه القياديين الذين تركوا هذا المنصب خاليا من دون أي وجه حق، ويجب أن لا ننسى بأن هذا المنصب مهم جدا للكرد ولا يجوز لقيادات الاتحاد الوطني أن تفرط به بتغيلب مصالحها الذاتية على مصلحة الشعب العليا». The «feelings of envy, jealousy and personal differences are still turning yet on the progress candidate for the position, although Dr. Barham Salih is the most qualified and eligible to occupy this position, but it collides unfortunately feelings of envy of his fellow leaders who have left the job free without any right to, and should Do not forget that this position is very important for a response may not be the leaders of the Patriotic Union of that overly Ptgelb self-interest on the interest of the Supreme People ». وأضاف المصدر «هناك شكوك كثيرة تحوم حول صحة طالباني، فالطبيب الخاص الدكتور نجم الديمن كريم يقول مرارا بأنه تحدث هاتفيا إلى الرئيس طالباني، فإذا كان طالباني حقا قادرا على الكلام والاتصال، فلماذا نسي العراق كله ونسي منصبه ولم يتصل ولو لدقيقة واحدة بأي مسؤول عراقي؟ The source added «there are many doubts hovering over the health of Talabani, the doctor your Dr star Aldemn Karim says repeatedly that he spoke by telephone to President Talabani, if Talabani really able to speak and communication, why have forgotten the whole of Iraq and forgot office did not respect even for one minute in any Iraqi official? ثم إذا كان قادرا على الحركة والكلام، لماذا لا يلتقط له ولو مقطع فيديو لنصف دقيقة يوجه فيه كلاما لشعبه، فهل يعقل أن ينسى طالباني منصبه وشعبه ولا يذكره بأي من اتصالاته مع طبيبه الخاص». Then, if he was able to move and speak, why not pick him even a video clip for half a minute directs the words to his people, is it possible to forget Talabani's office and his people not mentioned by any of his contacts with his personal physician. وكشف المصدر «أن محاولة بذلها رئيس مجلس النواب العراقي أسامة النجيفي في وقت سابق لزيارة طالباني بمستشفاه الألماني، لكن السلطات في المستشفى منعته من رؤيته، وعندما طلب اللقاء حتى بأحد الأطباء المشرفين على علاجه رفض طلبه أيضا، وهذا دليل مضاف على أن هناك شكوكا حقيقية حول صحة طالباني، وما إذا أفاق أصلا من حالة الغيبوبة التي دخل بها منذ أن ضربته الجلطة الدماغية قبل أكثر من ستة أشهر». The source revealed «that the attempt made by Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi earlier to Talabani's visit بمستشفاه German, but the authorities at the hospital prevented him from his vision, and when he asked the meeting even one of the doctors supervising the treatment was denied as well, and this is proof added that there are doubts real about Talabani's health, and whether originally woke up from coma state since the income that beat him stroke by more than six months. وختم القيادي الكردي تصريحه بالقول: «هناك أشخاص مقربون من طالباني لهم مصلحة أو مآرب خاصة في إخفاء حقيقة أوضاعه الصحية عن الناس، وخاصة عن أعضاء حزبه وأفراد شعبه، وإلا ليس هناك أي معنى لهذا التكتم الشديد على صحة رئيس جمهورية العراق». He concluded Kurdish leader his statement by saying: «There are people close to Talabani have an interest or purposes, especially in disguise the fact the conditions of health for people, especially for members of his party and his people, otherwise there is no meaning for this reticence heavily on the health of President of the Republic of Iraq».
    وكان الدكتور نجم الدين كريم الطبيب الخاص للرئيس طالباني والمخول الوحيد من قبل عائلته بالتصريح بشأن صحته، قد أعلن في 2 - 6 - 2013 أن صحة الرئيس في تحسن مستمر، مؤكدا أنه سيتمكن من أداء مهامه بعد عودته إلى العراق. The Dr. Necmettin cream, personal physician to President Talabani and authorized only by his family statement about his health, had announced in 2 - 6 - 2013 that the president's health continues to improve, stressing that it will be able to perform his duties after his return to Iraq. وفي 22 مايو (أيار) 2013، أكد مرة أخرى أن «تحسنا كبيرا» طرأ على صحة الرئيس طالباني، وتوقع عودته للبلاد «قريبا». On 22 May 2013, confirmed once again that 'significant improvement' occurred on the health of President Talabani, anticipating his return to the country 'soon'.


    *** Who is the National Union ? ***

    Democratic National Union agree on the correct path of government in Iraq

    SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12 2 / JANUARY 2013 09:19
    User Rating: / 3
    PoorGood Twilight News / confirmed ruling presidents parties in Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Democratic and Patriotic Union, the road map to resolve the political crisis through which Iraq is in the correct path to the governance.This came in a statement by the two parties after the meeting of political offices, on Friday evening, in Sulaymaniyah, headed by regional president Massoud Barzani, the first deputy secretary-general of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Rasool Ali, and received "Twilight News", a copy of it.The statement stressed that "the meeting included consideration of a number of topics, including political crises in general, and political and social unrest experienced by Iraq," adding that "two sides Ajmaa that the road map for solving these problems lies in the correct path in governance of this country."And on tensions in the disputed areas between Arbil and Baghdad, the statement noted that "both sides new emphasis on the rejection of the policy of fait accompli is constitutional," and expressed the belief that the "correct path governance and the application of Article 140 is constitutional guarantee to solve the problems of these areas."With regard to the internal situation in Kurdistan statement noted that "the meeting discussed the situation at length," stressing "the importance of strategic agreement between the two sides and strengthen mutual relations between them."The statement continued, "The meeting touched on the relationship between the two sides with opposition leaders and other Kurdish parties was emphasized commitment to the principle of dialogue in order to resolve all outstanding problems and disputes between these parties."It is noted that he was supposed to head up the Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani to the city of Sulaimaniya on first on Thursday to oversee the meeting offices politicians of his party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in a series regular meetings between them, but the bad weather after the fall of large amounts of snow in the various provinces and cities of the region prevented, Vagel meeting to a new date did not specify the time

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    Iran denies sending message to USA through Maliki over Iranian nuclear program
    Saturday, 27 July 2013 10:20

    (AIN) -Iran denied the news over asking the Iraqi Premier, Nouri al-Maliki's to send a message to the USA to inform them about Iran's willingness to hold talks about the nuclear energy file with the USA.

    New York Times Newspaper had reported western officials as saying "Maliki told the US Ambassador to Iraq, early this month, that Iran asked him to convey a message about their intention to holding talks with the USA concerning the nuclear energy file," stressing "the Iranian President, Hassan Rawhani is earnest with regard to any talks with the USA."

    The semi-official Iranian ISNA News Agency quoted the Ambassador of Iran to Iraq, Hassan Danaye Far as saying "This news is groundless, denying what was reported by the US newspaper about Maliki's conveying a message to the US administration over Iran's eagerness to make talks with the USA concerning the peaceful nuclear energy file."

    "The Iraqi officials are interested in facilitating Iran's relations with other countries, but the news which talked about sending a message to the USA through the Iraqi Premier are unfounded," the Iranian Ambassador pointed out.


    AND, a repeat for context

    Iraqi Ambassador Says Iraq Willing
    To Help Bridge US-Iran Divide

    Iraq’s new ambassador to the United States, Lukman Faily, at the Embassy in July 201.
    (photo by Iraqi Embassy)

    By: Andrew Parasiliti for Al-Monitor Posted on July 25.

    Lukman Faily, Iraq’s newly appointed ambassador to the United States, says that, if asked, Iraq is willing to play a helpful role in US-Iran relations. Otherwise, Baghdad is keen to make clear that it is not party to the problems between Washington and Tehran.

    Summary :
    Lukman Faily, Iraq’s Ambassador to Washington, says his country is ready to help, if asked, to mend US-Iran ties.
    Author: Andrew Parasiliti
    Posted on: July 25 2013

    Categories : Originals Iraq Iran Security

    “As to the US-Iranian relationship, that is a matter for the Iranians to resolve with the US. We shouldn’t be a party to that,” Faily said in an exclusive interview at the Iraqi Embassy in Washington.

    “If you guys or the Iranians want us to be involved, we will be more than happy to participate in trying to bring our guests together and trying to facilitate,” he added.

    The New York Times reported on July 25 that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki recently told US officials that Iran would be interested in direct talks with the US on Iran’s nuclear program and that Iraq would be willing to play a role. Iraq helped facilitate a series of direct talks between US and Iranian officials in Baghdad in 2007.

    “We never look at that relationship [with Iran] as a balance versus the US. We can’t see any contradiction in our own strategic needs. We need to have this neighbor, we need to have good trade with this neighbor,” he added.

    Faily, who previously served as Iraq’s ambassador to Japan, said that a July 23 agreement with Iran to import natural gas would not violate US sanctions policy.

    “For example, our refineries, if we are short of diesel or petrol or gas to resolve our shortage of electricity and we need to purchase that from Iran we will do that, with due consideration to international sanctions and others, but we will do that legally and transparently,” he said.

    In Syria, Faily said that a “political solution is the only way out” and called on all sides to stop providing arms to fighters there.

    “We don’t see a benefit of Syria being an area of a war of attrition and proxy war,” he explained.

    “We have instructed, advised, cautioned all our political parties not to advocate sending fighters to Syria and they are all adhering to that,” he added.

    Syria needs a road map that doesn’t include preconditions or perquisites for negotiation, according to Faily.

    “The balance of power in Syria will not take place in the timeline the Americans or others are trying to do,” he said. “Learn from Iraq.”

    Faily stressed the need for even deeper security cooperation with the United States to address terrorism in Iraq. More than 3,000 Iraqi civilians have so far been killed from armed violence in 2013, according to the United Nations.

    “The Syrian situation has not helped us,” Faily explained. “We are saying that the Americans should help us resolve this in trying to address this terrorist threat to our country.”

    The US-Iraq Strategic Framework Agreement, signed in 2008, provides for cooperation across many sectors, including security. Faily considers US-Iraqi economic and security interests to be linked, and stresses that both countries can benefit from more expansive trade.

    One of Faily’s top priorities is seeing through the final steps in a pending $10 billion purchase of US military equipment. Iraq also recently purchased 30 Boeing civilian planes.

    “People keep asking us, ‘Why don’t we control our own airspace?’ We’re saying, ‘Do we have an integrated air defense system?’ We don’t, so we’re acquiring it from the Americans. We’ve got over $10 billion waiting approval of Congress. Your businesses are losing out [in Iraq], and our security is being threatened by that. It doesn’t benefit any of us to be in a stalemate situation. For us, the formula is clear. You are our partners, and we are choosing you as our partners. We’re coming to you to support us with Apache helicopters and others to give us an edge over the terrorists in resolving these issues and securing our borders."

    Faily, who has an MBA in technology management, said that “all the Iraqi stakeholders” are committed to the Strategic Framework Agreement and partnership with the United States. He explained that Iraq is charting a new course as a democratic country in a troubled region.

    “We are moving away from a command-and-control and dictators’ economy to one of free market and a democratic process,” Faily said. “Democratization has taken place, so people are learning what their roles and responsibilities are in this democracy. It’s a hard lesson to learn. … The region is not known for its democracy, so we are the new guy on the block, and we’re learning the hard way.”

    Andrew Parasiliti is editor and CEO of Al-Monitor.

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    [SIZE=5]Othman: Maliki and Nujaifi's meeting (good and useful step)[/SIZE]
    27/07/2013 09:21:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The independent MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman described the meeting between House Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as (good and useful step) for the political process.

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that he hoped this meeting will result to a kind of cooperation and coordination between the executive and legislative branches in this delicate and difficult circumstance that the political process is going through."

    About hosting the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Hussain al-Shahristani and Electricity Minister Karim Aftan, and the possibility of withdraw confidence from them in Parliament, he said: "The Parliament could not withdraw confidence from any official or minister during the previous period; therefore it is difficult to do it in the coming period."

    He pointed out to efforts exerted by political blocs to pass some important laws in parliament in the coming period, by consensus among them, because some laws are late from the previous parliamentary term, and must be approved as soon as possible. "

    The head of the House of Representatives Osama al-Nujaifi met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the sideline of a Ramadan breakfast hosted by Nujaifi yesterday, both men discussed the political situation, and the developments of the Iraqi security arena, particularly the issue of prisoners' escape from Taji and Abu Ghraib prisons.

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    Parliament to host Shahristani, Aftan Saturday
    Saturday, 27 July 2013 10:38

    Baghdad (AIN) -The parliament will host the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussein al-Shahristani and the Minister of Electricity, Karim Aftan, during the regular session of Saturday to discuss the electricity situation.

    The parliament media office reported "The session agenda includes hosting each of the Deputy PM for Energy and the Electricity Minister along with voting on a number of law drafts enrolled on the agenda."


    AND / BUT

    Shahristani Press Office: He will not attend today's Parliament session
    27/07/2013 10:31:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The Press Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani said al-Shahristani will not attend the session of the House of Representatives today because any official letter from the Parliament to host him has not arrive.

    The director of the press office told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "we have not received any official letter from the House of Representatives to host the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs for today's session."

    He added: "as required in the bylaw of the House of Representatives, a letter should be sent to the hosted one, and the letter should include questions directed to the hosted one to be studied in order to be answered technically and legally.

    He said: "the Press Office is notified by an SMS came from the Parliamentary"

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    Qabbanji's call to hand over the security file to / Bader / is incorrect and may drag us into chaos
    27/07/2013 10:31:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / A member of the parliamentary committee on security and defense, an MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Hassan Jihad saw the proposal made by preacher of Najaf Friday, Sadruddin Qabbanji to entrust the Badr Organization recognizes the security file is incorrect and does not help to solve the security problem.

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "With great respect to Mr. Qabbanji, but what he proposed is not a solution to the security crisis and it is incorrect and may provoke others to take security file and may take the country into chaos."

    Jihad added: "The solution lies in reviewing all the security file and meet the needs of the security services of Devices and modern techniques and support to access to the information to activate the intelligence side and get a special jet imaging techniques take advantage of the machines."

    He continued: "As for the political side, there must be a genuine national reconciliation, understanding, and a code of conduct and the adoption of important laws that the political arena and the situation in general need, this is the solution.

    The imam and preacher of F Najaf Sadruddin Qabbanji, proposed to hand the Bader organization the security file of the country.



    The Badr Organization (Arabic: منظمة بدر‎) previously known as the Badr Brigades or Badr Corps is an Iraqi political party headed by Hadi al-Amiri. Previously, it was the armed wing of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) but since the 2003 invasion of Iraq most of its fighters have entered the new Iraqi army and police force and it officially became a completely political organization. However, Badr militiamen are still occasionally being reported by national media as active. [1]

    Politically, Badr Brigade and ISCI were considered to be one party since 2003, but have now unofficially separated.[2]

    The organization was based in Iran for two decades during the rule of Saddam Hussein. It consisted of several thousand Iraqi exiles, refugees, and defectors who fought alongside Iran in the Iran–Iraq War. Returning to Iraq following the 2003 coalition invasion, the group changed its name from brigade to organization in response to the attempted voluntary disarming of Iraqi militias by the Coalition Provisional Authority. It is however widely believed the organization is still active as a militia within the security forces and it has been accused of sectarian killings during the Iraqi Civil War.



    Amiri: The arms should be within the hand of the State
    27/07/2013 11:54:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / Secretary-General of the Bader Organization, Hadi al-Amiri called to limit arms within the state and renounce all forms of violence.

    He said on Saturday 27, July in the 32-anniversary celebration of the founding of the Bader Organization: "The stability in Iraq will not be achieved without genuine partnership in accordance with the Constitution, with the right to make modification on it."

    Amiri added: "The peaceful exchange of power is our goal, and time of military coups is over and must be devoted to peaceful coexistence in the country."



    Amiri warns of foreign plans to spark sedition in Iraq
    Saturday, 27 July 2013 12:18

    Baghdad (AIN) -The Secretary General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri warned from foreign plans to ignite sectarian strife in Iraq.

    On 32nd anniversary for establishing Basdr Organization, Amiri said "Consolidating the national unity is the key to protect Iraq from the foreign plots which aim to spark sedition among the Iraqi people, hence we call on the politicians and the tribes to avert these malicious schemes."

    He called to keep "the weapons in hands of the state forces and enhance the peaceful co-existence and to show tolerance instead of hatred and use of force."

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