CBI should preserve IQD price, says parliamentary committee of Iraq

17 Jul 2013

The Economy and Investment Parliamentary Committee demanded the Central Bank of Iraq to maintain the price of the Iraqi dinar in exchange of foreign currencies.
Mahma Khalil, the Secretary of the Committee, stated that the CBI is liable for preserving the prices of IQD in exchange of the foreign currencies as the currency of the State represents its economic identity at the political arena.

He further added, ''The price of the IQD totally depends on the CBI policy whose task is to preserve the price of IQD which was built basically on the price of oil barrels.
Finally, he concluded, "The Secretary of the Committee attributed the vacillation in IQD price to its association with the Iraqi political fluctuations and the security situation which holds off investment opportunities.''

Updated 17 Jul 2013 | Soruce: AIN | By S.Seal