Jul 06 2013

Maliki's coalition calls political blocs to clear their positions on infrastructure law

State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister, Nuri al- Maliki demanded on Saturday, the political blocs to clear their positions on the infrastructure of the government law, pointing out to keep the law as it is now without passing or rejecting it.

"Although the Presidency of the parliament has formed a committee to study the controversial laws to agree upon it, including the law of the infrastructure, but up to now we have not see a desire from some political parties to pass the law,"

The MP , Ihsan al-Awadi told "Shafaq News".
"We believe that the law will not pass because of the political sensitivity to account the achievements to the government if passed," noting that " State of law will work to resolve the matter of law either by refusing it in order to turn into another chapter or pass it ".

"The technical aspects of the law are completed and the draft exists at the Presidency of the parliament and ready to include it in the agenda," Awadi added.It is noteworthy that the parliamentary three -member Committee on following up infrastructure bill announced last April that there are no substantial problems in the bill that might delay its approval.

The draft law submitted by the government stipulates setting up infrastructure projects in a payment on credit manner worth up to 42 billion$.
The bill was submitted since the previous parliamentary session valued at 72 billion$ and was rejected on political backgrounds as the government says, while it was re-submitted in a number of ways in the current session.