Mutlaq calls for the Iraqi army to follow suit with his Egyptian counterpart

{Baghdad Ambassador: News} - Called the Iraqi List MP Hamid al-Mutlaq, the Iraqi army to follow suit with his Egyptian counterpart, who declined to be aiming his weapon against his people, congratulating Egypt victory over extremism who wanted to be spared from the impact of Arab and international.

Mutlaq said in a press conference: The ماقام of the Egyptian army positions to maintain the unity of the people and Astaqrarpladeh evidence of originality and ideology emanating from the heart of the people.

He pointed out: that this army, which refused to pointing Bnadgah against his people, and its fundamental role was limited to border protection must be example for him, especially in Iraq who want to have our military as the owner of glory and championships in the protection of borders and not to interfere in political matters.