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    " The Daily Dinar " ..........FRIDAY, 28 June 2013

    Zebari: Iraq now free country

    Baghdad (AIN) -The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hoshyar Zibari, announced on Thursday “Iraq now is a free country.”

    In a press conference held at the UN building in New York after completing the vote on relieving Iraq from the UN sanctions stated in the UN Charter’s 7th Chapter, Zibari said “Iraq restored its normal standing at the international community and will practice its role as any other stable country,”


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    Breakthrough: U.N. reduces Saddam-era sanctions on Iraq

    Al Arabiya - After recognizing improved Iraq-Kuwait relations, the U.N. Security Council on Thursday unanimously voted to ease sanctions against Baghdad.

    Sanctions were imposed on Iraq after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in the 1990’s. The embargo on Iraq falls under Chapter VII of the U.N. charter.

    Iraq still needs to return missing property, national treasures and archives, as well as reparations for the invasion, in order to fully exit from Chapter VII.


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    Iraq is leaving the “seventh” success, he says, “VI” is not binding

    Counting Iraq, the UN Security Council vote unanimously to take it out of Chapter VII “victory” and “success” for diplomacy, noting that Chapter VI is not binding.

    He said Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said in a press conference held in New York followed the “Twilight News” on television that the security Council vote to remove Iraq from Chapter VII “victory and success” of the country’s foreign policy.

    He said in response to a question about what would have on Iraq after jumping into Chapter VI “This chapter is not binding .. Iraq has become free.”


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    Millionday Discussion

    Millionday news with special guests....me

    [millionday] exit Iraq from international sanctions and Chapter VII, to reinforce its presence and strengthen its resources and complete sovereignty of the country's economic and revive its economy and Ahai a suitable climate for companies entering foreign investment and be present in all international forums and creates a new atmosphere of inter-Arab relations and foreign

    and raise urban frozen funds and Moduah in the Development Fund for Iraq pf1)) would give Iraq a boost significant financial that will contribute effectively to support the reconstruction and raise the value of the national currency in global markets

    and the end of one of the most important problems Almekdh that the work of the dictatorial regime on pushing the country where due to its Arab and regional levels to exercise its leadership role in strengthening the foundations of law and the foundations of international human rights and live in safety and security

    [millionday] and raise the value of the national currency in global markets and the end of one of the most important problems

    [millionday] and raise the value of the national currency in global markets and the end of one of the most important problems

    [millionday] and raise the value of the national currency in global markets and the end of one of the most important problems

    [millionday] and raise the value of the national currency in global markets and the end of one of the most important problems

    [millionday] and raise the value of the national currency in global markets and the end of one of the most important problems

    [millionday] this is important so let everyone read it

    [millionday] Said a number of those interested in economic affairs force of the importance of Chapter VII and the implications for the economic life of up positive impact on all the productive and service sectors, arguing that opening up to the international community will be wider than it was previously.

    New Horizons General Manager of Assyria General Saad Eddin Mohammed Amin said in an interview (morning) that exceeded the provisions of Chapter VII would open new horizons in front of the Iraqi economy, especially after he is canceling the restrictions that were shackle Square economy weights great, Athbzha international companies and capital International wishing to invest in the country.

    [millionday] note -- economic effects and outcomes

    [millionday] He said that the confidence and security are important aspects of the international economic deal, and Iraq is heading to possess with the force of the provisions of Chapter VII under the Iraqi economy for more than two decades timelines because of the policies of the dictatorial rule that went reversing Wind economy development and communication with the outside world.

    Government efforts He noted the Secretary to that after the great efforts made by the Government out of the provisions of Chapter VII Iraq has become the owner of Ray influential in international economic forums and the Organization of the United Nations, a founding member in.

    It is the first countries to sign the charter in 1945, pointing out that he could stand up to all the joints of the economy during the the coming period, through a gate opening to the outside world that works on follow-up yard of the local economy because he understands how important the Iraqi economy in the international arena.

    [millionday] nice >>> It is the first countries to sign the charter in 1945, pointing out that he could stand up to all the joints of the economy during the the coming period, through a gate opening to the outside world that works on follow-up yard of the local economy because he understands how important the Iraqi economy in the international arena.

    [millionday] He said Amin, saying that the country needs to the international effort in the development of sectors of production and service and therefore the need for a large number of strategic projects and development in the whole city, and the Iraqi private sector has become today,

    more freedom in dealing with the blocks of the global economic and can build bridges with international companies and all according to its competence, because the subject of specialization in a very important inside Iraq do not want to come only the names of companies,

    but to be treated and cooperation with international companies have a reputation internationally and have the mechanics of modern and sophisticated work that promote the joints of the economy.

    [millionday] read the first line

    [millionday] He said the movement for the advancement of the Iraqi economy must be fast and be there for follow-up committees specialized considering the reality of international action and companies that can be adopted in the country and can enter into partnerships with the Iraqi side to implement various projects to contribute at the same time in the development of the field of the local labor as companies implement the international specifications as well as the rehabilitation of local human talent and turn them into skilled labor capable of implementing projects and work with high precision joints.

    [millionday] oh i guess it was one sentence wow the king of run on sentences lol

    [ROBINREDHED] i like it

    [millionday] The private sector believes that this decision is very important and helps to achieve economic renaissance, this was confirmed by an economist Hussein Al Shammari said that Iraq is entering a phase opens the world which leads to build bridges of cooperation new outlook global economic filled with confidence and security to the country.

    Indicating that the new phase will help the entry of international expertise developed in all aspects of economic life and in all disciplines will enter a lot of companies with advanced expertise that contribute to the transfer of advanced technology to the country by activating cooperation between the local private sector and international companies specialized.

    [millionday] wow --- hooking it all up and promoting the economy at its highest reguard

    [millionday] Pointing out that out of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII is working on the development of private sector companies in general and working in the oil sector in particular, where there will be opportunities and partnerships friction is greater than the previous and this in its entirety for the benefit of the Iraqi economy.

    Important achievement President of the International Federation of businessmen Hamid punitive said that achieving the goal out of Iraq from Chapter VII important achievement towards the restoration of Iraq's full sovereignty and its role and practice of economic activity in the international arena,

    pointing out the implications of this decision to open a new page in Iraq's relationship with the Family International in general and the economy in particular homo Last pages and bitter fallout effects which burdened the country a lot of deep wounds.

    [millionday] this is the rest of it

    [millionday] He punitive need to build the Iraqi economy after the great transformation that will attest Iraq through out of Chapter VII imposed on it since the nineties of the past century and benefit from the money that was deducted in compensation from the investment budget and batch through the construction of the productive sectors of the various

    pointing to the importance of getting rid of unilateral economy and focus on all agricultural sectors, including industrial and tourist alluding to benefit from the experiences of the world and how to achieve diversity in its economic resources, although it's an what Iraq has a wealth of resources and tourist sites and relics, noting that activation of these sectors will reduce the rates of poverty rate in the country and absorb large numbers of unemployment plaguing the country.

    [millionday] oh yes it will and as they said -- fast

    [millionday] they are going to benefit of all resources of the world -- the only way to do that is to completely open to the world ] nice brb with more

    [millionday] Stressed the decision of the Commission on oil and energy MP Qassem Mohammad Qasim, the importance of efforts parliamentary speedy adoption of the oil and gas law to allow the formation of the Federal Council of the policies of oil to develop wealth hydrocarbon in the country.

    Kassem said a press statement: The approval of oil and gas law will enable the government of the formation of the Federal Council of the policies of oil which is in the interest of oil and gas wealth in the country and how to manage and develop them.

    He added that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the parliamentary blocs are required to make the effort to pass the law of oil and gas and vote on it in order to develop oil and gas fields better and reduce gas flaring in the air.

    [millionday] this is the call for the committee to aprove meaning tomorrow morning so they are there now but our tomorrow lol dont you love it brb with more

    [millionday] A few hours separated from the announcement of the international community for the most important historical event of Iraq and most prominent in the twenty-first century, the recognition by the state that does not threaten international peace and security,

    through to take it out of Chapter VII. Iraqis hope that the UN Security Council announced on Thursday evening at seven o'clock the country out of the provisions of this chapter, after the recommendation of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon said in a report submitted to the Security Council in which he said: "Iraq has fulfilled all its obligations."

    [millionday] MPs spoke for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," about the importance of this step because of been dealing with Iraq as a lawless and deprived Iraqis enjoy wealth of their country over the past years, stressing the need to develop a plan and curriculum for the post after coming out of Chapter VII of the order upgrading refineries in Iraq to the developed countries.

    Chapter VII is one of seventeen chapters make up the United Nations Charter, and consists of (13) which substances of 39 - 51, and the Charter as a whole consists of (111) Material, and authorizes this chapter the UN Security Council to use force against the state or states that threaten international peace and security,

    and enjoy the decisions that are issued on the basis of this chapter Balsafh mandatory, while the longer decisions Chapter VI recommendations is applicable.

    Scheduled to reside Iraqis Celebrations wide in several areas in Baghdad and the provinces to celebrate the disposal of international sanctions in the event of Security Council voted to bring out the country from the provisions of Chapter VII.

    was the Legal Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives confirmed that Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII will bring his legal status in the international community,

    [millionday] to what it was before the Security Council resolution which was issued by the dictatorial regime invasion of Kuwait, which means lifting the guardianship of frozen Iraqi funds abroad, to return control of Iraq's will to his and the absolute right to act.

    According to informed political sources, the decision of the Security Council will confirm that Iraq has fulfilled all its international obligations, and became the country does not threaten international peace and security, and that he would seek with the State of Kuwait to end the dilemmas bilaterally, as well as continued international support for Iraq.

    [millionday] It is scheduled to vote on the members of the Security Council 15 of the resolution, they are members Aldaúmeon: "the Russian Federation, China, France, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States," and ten non-permanent members this year are: "Argentina, Azerbaijan, Australia , Pakistan, Togo, Guatemala, Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Luxembourg, Morocco.

    [wmawhite] millionday .......USA announced today that we will support the resolution.............

    [millionday] i heard that -- and i have to say i love it

    [myblifeguard] wmawhite they have my vote!

    [wmawhite] myblifeguard myblifeguard lol

    [rucky] millionday...do they just need a mojority vote to be released?

    [rucky] majority

    [millionday] yes they have the votes to pass as we have seen reported

    [rucky] cool beans!!!!!!!!!!

    [anthonlcs] I thought on of the big 5 can veto it

    [ANYdaynow] Can any one member veto it by themselves?

    [millionday] they were worried about the eu but they showed up in iraq and signed enough paper to plaster our new kitchen

    [wmawhite] ANYdaynow ..any permanent member can veto.

    [mdglow] millionday lol

    [creativethinkersclub] millionday we like that kind of paper!

    [millionday] we dont have any worries because they have fulfilled all their obligations

    [Scotti G] The key that I have focussed on for the last few weeks is that it was a gavel stroke from the UNSC that instituted Ch VII and it will be a gavel stroke that will end it, returning all the rights and authority that was taken from Iraq to operate in the international community.

    This includes the removing of their currency and the oppurtinity of re-establishing of the same.............................

    [millionday] they cant add things to the end as if they are holding them hostage they have announced -- meaning moon --- that all obligations are fulfilled

    [ANYdaynow] I hope Russia and France...and the USA behave with tomorrow's vote.

    [millionday] smile

    [ANYdaynow] Dont trust any of those three...too political!

    [creativethinkersclub] millionday Hubby asked me to tell you that you ROCK!!!!

    [Lajewel] millionday Can you repost the first thing you brought us before the news?

    [creativethinkersclub] millionday and I happen to Agree

    [Scotti G] creativethinkersclub me too!

    [creativethinkersclub] Scotti G smile

    [millionday] The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government, has announced the signing of a contract with "Kolff Keystone" British Petroleum to invest field Shikhan.

    The ministry said in a statement seen by "Twilight News" that the provincial government has ratified the British company Keystone implementation of the plan develop Shikhan oil field.

    The statement said that he "will produce forty thousand barrels per day in the coming weeks, rising to 150 thousand over the next three years." It is scheduled to arrive in the rate of production to 250 thousand barrels per day by the year 2018, according to the statement.

    The statement stressed that the province is working to develop its oil production to up to one million barrels per day, the end of 2015 and then rises to two million barrels end of the current decade.

    [millionday] Sheikhan field is located in the area bearing the same name, which is one of the disputed areas between the province and Baghdad, after fifty kilometers to the north of the city of Mosul (350 km north of Baghdad).

    In addition to the dispute over the regions, the Iraqi government opposes the oil contracts signed by the province and considers illegal and is not approved by the Ministry of Oil.

    And confirms Kurdistan sovereign right to conclude oil contracts under the Constitution of the country in the absence of a law regulating the management of oil wealth.

    [Scotti G] millionday Most people do not know that very recently Exxon was offered 2 Trillion by china recently for rights to oil production in Iraq. They were told that they do not have enough money!

    [Scotti G] I have to go. I really just wanted to encourage you all that millionday has done an exceptional job digging out information. It is right on.

    I do believe we are there and I do anticipate we will see the end of this waiting game very, very soon. Thanks again ROBINREDHED, wmawhite millionday and FRESH! Oh and let's not forget papatom!

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    Iraq is losing $3 billion in two months because of money laundering

    A report issued by the International Center for Development Studies and status of the British capital London to Iraq, which reached its budget to nearly $ 119 billion for this year does not have them, but what converts the International Monetary Fund from the sale of oil revenues into the Development Fund for Iraq.

    The report pointed out that the Iraqi economy has been suffering a period of sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate of the dinar is clearly reflected on the economic situation of the Iraqi citizen, as reported by “Twilight News” yesterday.


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    MIG: Dinar Chatter

    [BOBGETZ6] good morning mig!!!

    [BOBGETZ6] My question is, and always has been, who or what group hasthe ball? I knew 7 was not the answer totally.

    [maranatha] UST

    [BOBGETZ6] maranatha They are the facilitator, but someone or whatever has to give them the go, IMO

    [clubber3] BOBGETZ6 It does appear to me, some part has got to be triggered by Iraq

    [BOBGETZ6] clubber3 You would think so because it is their currency, but it is more complicated than that.

    [BOBGETZ6] I wish that they would do the dong. I could wait for years then.

    [BOBGETZ6] At .48, I could do well if that is the number.

    [BOBGETZ6] Notice that the speculated rate of the IQD has really dropped? Folks just want to know when more than how much. I certainly am there.

    [xyz] BOBGETZ6 when is all i care now ... i would walk away smiley with 1:1

    [BOBGETZ6] xyz And never look back.

    [maranatha] xyz BOBGETZ6 yes, when is the real deal

    [maranatha] the chapter 7 thing would seem to indicate the "nearness" of it all, perhaps

    [BOBGETZ6] maranatha If I knew that, I would certainly share it. It will be interesting to know what happened, if we ever do.

    [BOBGETZ6] maranatha I think nearness is the key thought.

    [BOBGETZ6] I think that it is all greed and politics. The boys with the money still rule. It has always been follow the money. That will never change.

    [maranatha] is this our watershed moment????

    [BOBGETZ6] maranatha Wish I knew.

    [maranatha] let's see what happens after this weekend

    [BOBGETZ6] maranatha I believe that 7/1 starts their new fiscal year., not sure.

    [freedom13] reason we dont see anything on our tv is iraq put a news block on for 24 hrs ,,,,they want to enjoy it with their people first ,,,we should start seeing things on our tv tonight /more over the weekend

    [goin4broke] BOBGETZ6 6/1 started fiscal year have 30 days to make it happen.

    [goin4broke] freedom13 where is that from?

    [goin4broke] freedom13 this event won't be mentioned on TV as our entitlement country would be mad that they aren't part of it. JMO.

    [Plowboy] Was reading the Memphis post just now and he thinks July1

    [freedom13] goin4broke it will be on tv but not about rate ,,just that they are free

    [freedom13] Plowboy yes

    [Imperium] Okay.. so the UN voted unaminously yesterday to end iraq's Chapter 7. Now what?

    [RindsGuy] Imperium Now we wait more

    [perky2] Imperium now we wait some more

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    Kuwait: Iraq did not completely exit CH VII as $11b remains unpaid; Yesterday was an important step – allows Iraq better International relations

    Kuwait: Iraq did not come entirely from the provisions of Chapter VII,

    Kuwait confirmed Friday that Iraq did not come entirely from the provisions of Chapter VII, noting that the file of compensation owed ​​by Iraq is still under Chapter, while believing that the decision issued by the Security Council yesterday will reflect positively on Iraq’s relations with her ​​and the community international.

    He said the Kuwaiti Minister of Information Sheikh Salman Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah to the file of compensation owed ​​by Iraq of Kuwait is still under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, pointing to the existence of a mechanism under the auspices of the United Nations to pursue compensation payments which amounted to about $ 11 billion.

    He morning in a statement Sahfaan hope the exit of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII fully, and said: “There is a part of the compensation, there is a mechanism in the joint meetings under the auspices of the United Nations in the development of mechanisms to deal with compensation. Think there is $ 11 billion of balance, and there is an understanding between the United Nations . For our part, we hope to come out of Iraq from Chapter VII and strengthen relations. “

    The morning that the survival of some of the files under Chapter VII does not mean that Kuwait has any concerns about its northern neighbor, stressing that relations between the two countries have improved dramatically, and he said: “Never do not have fears of Iraq. Everything there that we are in constant work to overcome stage precedent. thankfully now there is an understanding between the two countries and between the two leaderships to strengthen relations in many aspects, including cultural and media aspects, economic, and meet the requirements of Security Council resolutions and therefore out of Iraq from Chapter VII. “

    For his part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait Khaled Al-Jarallah UN Security Council Resolution important step, and added that the decision will reflect positively on Iraq’s relations with Kuwait and the international community.

    Jarallah explained: “It was an important step and will enable our brothers in Iraq to reach better results always in relations both at the level of the region or their relations at the international level.”

    The Jarallah that Iraq showed significant cooperation in resolving the outstanding issues with Kuwait, said: “For the missing property was handled by international coordinator under the provisions of Chapter VII. Now assume this task UNAMI in Iraq of the United Nations. As for the issue of compensation was left only a few of these compensation. brothers in Iraq Mentzmon in the payment of such compensation, and also confirmed that they will continue to pay this compensation to the end of the last installment. “


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    MIG: Thursday Night Dinar Discussion

    [hub] i talked to one of my contacts today and she said the man in nyc said keep your bloomers on,,,,,,

    [hub] and another one said i was about to need some super adult depends...

    [Capt Ron] hub did your contact make any connections between the UN vote and the rv hopes?

    hub] Capt Ron did not say directly, just said for my contact to keep her bloomers on, its here

    [hub] Capt Ron this is from the one with two different sources,,,one said for her to keep her bloomers on and the other said for me to get some depends.......she is a real double dipper.....hahahahahhaha

    [hub] ok folks,,think on these things...iraq is now one of us,,imports, exports, internal operations, ie sewer, water electric service, food, transportation, housing, and everything that we have.....they have to quit using $ by chapter 7 release mandate,,,,,so what do you think will happen,,,,?????? these folks are now an operating center to theirselves.......

    [jacque47] their banks are closed NOW..........GIVES em 2 days to git thing ready

    [hub] jacque47 these guys in iraq better watch,,,or they will become an operating country again,,,bagdad will become a destination for the romantic again.....

    [hardtorecall] hub I understand the plan is to build Bagdad on the same scale as Dubai.

    [jacque47] hub ..................ITS the meca

    [hub] hardtorecall now that is interesting,,,,,iraq has been missing out on being the top three places in the world people will want to go......why have they fought amonst their selfs for so long, when peace and tourist are so easy????????????

    [Capt Ron] hub I have a theory as to why the level of excitment and satisfaction re UN vote is not very high today...

    [hub] Capt Ron ??

    [Capt Ron] ...not getting too excited is merely a defense mechanism against possible future failure.

    [ [watercolor] Capt Ron That's it

    [Capt Ron] if the rv happens then you can be happy. and if the rv doesn't happen then you can say "well, I told ya so".

    [Capt Ron] so heck, don't worry. be happy.

    [hub] Capt Ron i am as outwardly excited as i ever get over almost anything....but in side,,,,,i got this big sailboat calling my name and i can see me at the helm............

    [hub] got to see about gettin me a capts hat..........

    [hardtorecall] As I've said before, I won't be excited until the money is in the bank. However, I am much more upbeat than I've been in 2 years!


    [Austin-Powers-For-PM] It's interesting we debated for years on what has to come first, the RV or Chapter 7 release. Sort of like the chicken and egg argument. Well it looks like the Chapter 7 "Egg" people have been proven right over the RV "Chicken" people.

    [letsdance] Austin-Powers-For-PM : Thanks for setting the record straight!!

    [Austin-Powers-For-PM] letsdance Hey, if you were in the "Egg" crowd, it's not that big of a deal. It could have gone either way, and really in the end as long as they RV in a relatively short amount of time, nobody will care.

    [Lauren305] Austin-Powers-For-PM well, that has been put to rest. guess we now wait for next thing.. what that is, no one knows. supposedly wgs was to be completed today too. and chapter 7 was to be just prior to/just after rv. so we are waiting.

    [Austin-Powers-For-PM] Lauren305 Well as of this morning Chapter 7 has been released, and as of this evening it has not RV'd, so that is pretty darn conclusive to me.

    [letsdance] Austin-Powers-For-PM and let the games begin......again lol

    [Austin-Powers-For-PM] letsdance To be honest, I was one of the "Egg" people, so right about now I have egg on my face. lol

    [Lauren305] Austin-Powers-For-PM well i was of the RV to get Chapter 7 release crowd myself. Made sense to me. It was logical. This release from C7 without a tradeable currency is senseless to me.

    [Lauren305] Austin-Powers-For-PM honestly? i don't care about being right. I just want to be Rich

    [Austin-Powers-For-PM] Lauren305 Totally and comletely agree.

    [Austin-Powers-For-PM] Lauren305 So if we look at the timing with this being the 1/2 way point of the year, it makes sense to pull the trigger on something like this right before July 1st, and thus the 27th being the vote on Chapter 7 release was, IMO, no concidence. It now appears that Chap 7 had to be released before RV.

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    Maliki: U.N. removed the biggest obstacle Iraq faced

    The United Nations voted unanimously to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

    Maliki: Iraq was removed from the biggest obstacle to the restoration of its role in the region and the world

    UN Security Council voted unanimously on Thursday, the decision to remove Iraq from Chapter VII and entered in the sixth, ending the measures provided for in certain paragraphs of the international resolutions, including 686 and 687 and adopted by the Council in in 1991 following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.


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