Sunday, June 23, 2013 BAGHDAD - Agencies

Stressed the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq that Iraq will start a new page of relations with regional and international surroundings after his release from the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations later this month.

He said council spokesman Hamid Maaleh yesterday's «Iraqi Media Network that Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII of great importance regarding his return to take legal and formal role in the international situation after he had finished all the obligations that you entered in the international problems because of the policies of the former regime. Maaleh added that the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII have finished all its international obligations to start a new phase of relations with the regional and international environment, based on an incomplete state sovereignty.

In addition, the Anbar Operations Command announced in Iraq, yesterday, the launch of a military operation in the desert of the judiciary, Rawah, west of the country, against the backdrop of fierce clashes between the army and gunmen in the region yesterday.

A security source said an Iraqi Anbar Operations Command launched a military operation to track down militants clashed with elements of the checkpoint of the Iraqi army in the bridge area to spend Rawah, which led to the deaths of 3 soldiers and two insurgents and wounding several others injured.

In the same context, wounded 3 elements of the Iraqi police were injured, earlier in the day, a roadside bomb targeted their patrol in the district of Tarmiya, north of Baghdad.

A source in the police, said a bomb exploded during the passage of an Iraqi police patrol in the village of Massoud district Tarmiya, north of Baghdad, wounding 3 of its members were injured.

He added that the security force cordoned off the scene and began investigation Bmlabsadtha, and transported the wounded to a hospital Kadhimiya.