Issawi condemns the arrest of activists in protests in Kirkuk, Ramadi and preachers assert "resilience" despite the summer heat

22/06/2013 (00:01 pm) - The number of readings: 63 - Issue (2824)

Anbar - Samarra / Press-term

Condemned the outgoing Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi on Friday, the arrest of a member of the coordinating committees Kirkuk Khaled Mafraji, the demonstrations, after he was arrested on Thursday night, another activist of Anbar demonstrations.

At the time of confirmed preacher demonstrators Ramadi, said the protesters were not affected, "political parties and lurking," and addressed the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that "arrests and continuous violations will increase our resolve," while said Khatib F Baquba that "the Sunnis have demonstrated that they are no difficult."

And proceeded NRF known as the "Swat" yesterday the arrest of a senior member of demonstrations in the city of Kirkuk Khaled Mafraji and took him to an unknown destination, the day after the feet of the security forces in Anbar province, the arrest of the security official to protect the Square sit-gray Mohammed Almaadida which infuriated the protestors.

The finance minister said outgoing Rafie al-Issawi, said in an interview to (range Press), "The arrest of a coordinated popular committees in the province of Kirkuk, Sheikh Khalid Mafraji is targeting the symbols of national," noting that "the Iraqi government exceeded today on the national figure is one of the most important personalities popular movement in Iraq, cities Almentvdh and this is incompatible with its declared it is seeking to implement the rights of the people. "

He told the preacher F picket gray Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Alwan in (Piazza pride and dignity) that "the protesters will not leave the squares sit and passed months of cold and storms, rain and today in the heat and thirst, they are firm in order to achieve the legitimate rights and constitutional."

He added that "the protestors in all arenas sit in the rebellious provinces emphasizes the Iraqi identity and raise constitutional and legal demands but the government is stalling and dragging its feet and did not find any evidence of good faith never."

He pointed out that "the protestors in Al-Anbar not been affected by the political parties and lurking being the owners of the issue and called on" to support the Syrian people to lift them from injustice tyrant Bashar al ".

And denied a member of the Political Committee of the sit-in Anbar, Sheikh Abdul-Razzaq Al Shammari said in a statement to the "long Press" yesterday that the protesters blocked the highway passing maintaining the background of arrests security official for Square sit-Mohammed Almaadida Thursday night, Waco They did not specify any deadline for the security forces to release him, asserting that the protesters will "guarantee his safety and release" peacefully.

He said the imam and preacher of the F-Fallujah on Mahabs optic front of thousands of worshipers in F (beat collection and paying back passage) which was held on the highway east of Fallujah and attended (range Press) "" The protesters are demanding of sit in the seats in the Anbar new project is the Sunnis and the community rights and blood, "and underlined that" the protestors people of peace, not advocates of the blood they came out to lift the injustice on the people and the Sunnis and the community in particular. "

He continued visual that "Nuri al-Maliki and his government are working to undermine the patience of the protesters by directing charges to the symbols squares sit-ins and arrests of innocent people as well as the continuing violations of humanity against the detainees," told al-Maliki said, "These things will not make us, but the determination and patience to achieve the demands." In Samarra, Khatib said on Friday that came under the title (beat to combine and turn their back passage) Thaer Samurai "Dear Syrian people congratulate you تجمعكم against Tagatkm and say signs of victory has loomed on the horizon, nor harm you what happened in the short term, the countries of days."

He attacked Samurai Iraqi groups armed announced they are fighting in Syria for "the protection of holy sites," stressing "نبرأ to God from both belong to Iraq and went on to kill our brothers in Syria under the pretext of defending the holy sites and not all of the so-called name of religion is Muslim, as is the case with party God and other brigades delusion and falsehood, Valoloah the Iraqi criminal fighting our people in Syria, brought shame to themselves and doctrines and نبرأ to God from them. "

In Baquba, said Sheikh Izz al-Din al-Kilani during Friday prayers held in Tahrir City central Baquba, and I attended, (long-Presse), "O worshipers الثابتون You today and Bhrakkm continuous and prayers برهنتم that the Sunnis and the group number is difficult," he said, "and will remain difficult and wants Beyond and تهميشنا tell him that you will be defeated (...). "

In Mosul, Sheikh Jamil spoke handkerchief in the consolidated statement of Friday prayers held in the mosque of the Prophet and attended Shit (Press-term), on the situation in Syria and the tragedy experienced by the people there, and condemned the help Assad against his own people.

He also accused the preacher of F Mosul, "the Iraqi government to sell its debt by burning and cliff Ameria Martyrs Square a few weeks ago", following "We expect that the government is doing worshipers camps claimants of their rights in all peaceful and civilized instead of burning tents."

And carry a handkerchief, "the central and local governments responsible for the deterioration of services and lack of seriousness in injustice for the residents of Mosul.";ت-