Protection of the DFI promote the growth of the economy

17/06/2013 12:00 AM

BAGHDAD - morning 's official spokesman said the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Frank فنفر: The continued protection money Development Fund for Iraq will provide an opportunity for Iraq to promote economic growth and the settlement of outstanding claims as part of an entrepreneur.

said in answering a question (morning) on the subject of extension of protection the American Iraqi money and the position of the American side of them by saying: "On 17 May 2013, President Barack Obama to extend the period of legal protection for the Development Fund for Iraq and certain Iraqi assets other in the United States."

and the box-shaped Hamaihalamwal Iraqi DFI under UN Security Council Resolution 1483 to protect Iraqi funds from international claims After the events of 2003, and since that time, Iraq requested extension of protection on his money because of undergoing Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

Economists and specialists have demanded in previous statements (morning) to extend protection for the purpose of ending this file from a range of options, notably the transfer of the rest of the money in the fund to Iraq and the central bank to bear the responsibility to pay off debts creditors.