Obaidi accuses Nineveh Arabs of concluding secret deals with KR

Monday, 17 June 2013 08:59

Baghdad (AIN) -MP Yassin al-Obaidi of the Iraqiya Slate accused some Arab political sides in Nineveh of overlooking the violations of Kurdistan Region on the administrative units associated to Nineveh for sake of political and personal interests.

Obaidi told All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "The deteriorated security situation in Nineveh is caused by the new electoral strife which came in part of the national strife that was there four years ago, but we see that the sides which were defending these areas including Nineveh Governor, Atheel al-Nijaifi, have now agreements and convergences with the KR and started to give deaf ear to the trespasses Kurdistan Region do on the areas that are part of Nineveh territories so as to maintain the secret deals they concluded with the Kurdish politicians."