Parliament resumes its sessions next Tuesday
02:11:16 / 06/2013

Khandan - Soran Karim

Is scheduled to resume its House of Representatives on Tuesday 18/6/2013.

Muhammad Al-Khalidi said the decision of the House of Representatives in a statement to "Khandan", that the House will begin its sessions next Tuesday, pointing out that the President of the House of Representatives will meet with the heads of parliamentary blocs and committees on Tuesday morning, prior to the meeting.

He explained the decision the House of Representatives that the agenda of Tuesday's session not set yet, pointing to the existence of many important laws before the House of Representatives to read and vote on them, adding that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to اتتحمل responsibility for the delay in the adoption of important laws, pointing out that the differences between the blocks and the lack of agreement is reason for the delay in approving laws.