Chihod: the formation of local governments through all the blocks in the interest of winning blocks ايحقق the interest of the citizen

12:36 06/16/2013

Agencies - MP from the coalition of state law WIN in the National Alliance Mohammed Chihod that all the crises and problems that get in the country resolved through the formation of a political majority governments whether local or federal government.

And said Chihod in a press statement on Sunday, "The formation of local governments is supposed to be through or block two blocks and تتمكنا of the formation of the government in the sense the political majority." He said, adding the issue of forming local governments through all the winning blocs, it is in the interest blocks ايحقق the interests of the Iraqi citizen. "

He added, "Considering that the partnership became clear harmonic does not offer anything but made is a political Alaglibh government is responsible for the results of failure."

And continued Speaking Chihod "We found these things in the federal government when we find failure, everyone throwing the ball in the court of the other so the formation of the government on the basis of the political majority will contribute to the solution of problems and serve the citizens of Iraq." P / h