الشذر: there is a possibility to pass the amendment, accountability and justice in the House of Representatives

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13:52 06/16/2013

Agencies - The head of the parliamentary accountability and justice independent MP Qais الشذر, the, that there is a possibility in the House of Representatives to pass the amendment of the law of accountability and justice, especially since the amendment matter a large segment of Iraqi society.

الشذر said in a press statement that "there is a possibility to move to amend the matter and justice, and we hope to have the consent of the House of Representatives because the amendments of interest to a large segment of the Iraqi people." Indicating there is a consensus in the Committee of Five passed, and received a vote in the Council of Ministers, and we hope that parliament recognizes. "

He explained, "that the amendments are not political, but mainly administrative nature and entitlements Maashih, and there is no fundamental issues with regard to the right to run for state office or the exercise of political action." P / h