Strategic expert: need to pay attention to the manufacturing industries of oil because of its great economic returns to the country

16-06-2013 11:38 AM

Baghdad (news) .. The expert stressed the strategic Tawfiq inhibitor, the need to focus on the manufacturing industries of crude oil for the production of oil products and petrochemicals to achieve significant economic returns for the country.

The inhibitor (of the Agency news): Iraq is one of the major countries in the world in terms of reserves of oil and gas Almkmna in the soles of the territory, where oil production and issued abroad without making use of it in private industry converts crude oil derivatives are used within the country.

He added: manufacturing products for the oil gasoline and gas oil and fats engines much higher prices for crude oil in the international markets, in addition to the demand for increased Unlike oil, which began global demand falls.

He emphasized: the importance of building large oil refineries and petrochemical plants rehabilitation to meet the local need of fuel for the country and export the surplus from the outside, so as to diversify the state's fiscal revenue, and enhance the growth of the Iraqi economy. / End / 8. N. R /