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140 parliamentary committee: wait ministerial decision-CHATTELS ~
06/15/2013 04:08

She told the parliamentary Commission on Article 140, on Saturday, it's waiting for decisions that have been accomplished by the ministerial committee in charge in this regard in order to vote in the parliament.

Chairman of the Committee said, Muhsin al-Sadoun's (IMN) "There is a need to compensate all those categories that carried over from the southern and northern regions of material in order to redress as a result of the conditions to which they were previously."

Sadoun continued, "that" there is a government commitment to implement all decisions of Article (140) which will address all the constitutional problems presented to it by citizens in issues of migration from inhabited areas to other areas. "

And considering the political parties, the possibility of a census in mixed areas within the general census of the population, which the Ministry of Planning says it is ready to be implemented, but is still delayed because of political differences