Amer Winner: extend immunity America on Iraqi funds abroad سيجنبها the risk of some countries

15-06-2013 07:53 AM

Baghdad (news) .. According to a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / National Alliance / Amer winner, the importance of the use of the United States of America to extend immunity balances Iraqi Finance in the Development Fund for Iraq for the United Nations to protect them from the risks encountered by some countries.

said the winner (of the Agency news): Iraq has managed in the last period to get out of a lot of the paragraphs of Chapter VII and the rest are only a few, which belong to the debts of some countries and international companies, noting that the survival of Iraqi funds deposited abroad without protection will present to the danger and booking. added: that the use of Iraq, the United States of America At present necessary to protect the money of the country, for while recovering Iraq and reaches an agreement to end the outstanding problems with some countries and companies that claim debts of untrue her from Iraq. and Washington had informed Baghdad that U.S. President Barack Obama has agreed to extend immunity of U.S. on financial assets Iraqi existing in the Development Fund for Iraq at the United Nations and the balance of the CBI. / End / 8. j. n /