Mutlaq block: Sunni conflict - Sunni will end in favor of the laity

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Suggested the National Dialogue Front, led by Saleh al-Mutlaq, resolve the conflict between Sunnis in Anbar and Mosul in favor of the secular and liberal forces, while considered block (united) Osama Najafi, it's "good representative" for the year in Iraq.

And renewed the Iraqi-Arab bloc led by Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq accusations of Ngeevi seeking to exploit the protests for electoral purposes, expressing confidence that his list (united) will be lost in the face of liberal currents.

The leader of the bloc, member of the Anbar provincial council flowered Mulla said "the province is currently experiencing political conflict and widespread before the election between currents Sunni religious and liberal," likely to be a "victory for the latter because the street Anbari was his experience with radical parties that wreaked maintain."

He cautioned Mulla said in a press statement, said, "Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi works on the exploitation of the demonstrations taking place in Anbar, for electoral purposes," adding that "the orientation of this and his recent visit to Anbar province came to rescue the bloc to walk into the abyss after the decline in popularity dramatically."

He said the leader of the Iraqi bloc Arabic that "the Najafi deal in light of the current situation as Speaker of the Parliament is not the leader of a bloc it offers moral support to the leaders of the sit-in time is upon himself the task of supporting the state and dealing with neutrality, but these actions all come in the category of election propaganda."

Mulla pointed out that "the liberal currents become a positive affect in the province and increased its popularity due to its adherence to the option of a government of national partnership and get away from the idea of ​​the province, which is always promoted by the owners of the project (Muslim)."

The two blocs were with the Iraqi National Accord Movement form a coalition, the Iraqi parliamentary elections in 2010 before it split into 3 components in the provincial elections.

In contrast, the official spokesman for the bloc united, Dhafer al-Ani in a press statement, said that "there are those who accuse us of exploiting the demands of the demonstrators for the purposes of an election", following "we of اشعلنا fire first protests after detention operations, which affected individuals protect and finance minister resigned Issawi end of the year the past. "

He said al-Ani said "the accusations that launches us that we take advantage of demonstrators' demands for electoral purposes are attempts to confuse the scene now," pointing out that "al-Issawi and Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, and Ahmed al-Alwani and other leaders are united are the leaders of these protests calling for the achievement of social justice and the eradication of targeted sectarian , "according to the claim.

He also accused al-Ani views unnamed "trying times the mass of united through continued attacks on us and have had previous experience through their quest to postpone the elections," but he expressed confidence in because "the street is well aware of the defender of their rights, especially in Anbar, which you find in the united best defender demands. " He says.

He acknowledged spokesman united we "represent the struggle to preserve the identity component Sunni that began with the provincial elections and runs until the full restoration of his rights, which lost", refusing to "describe the block as representing religious trend not only because it is made from all directions Sunni tribal and liberal and academic as well as Islamic . "

In response to comments by Haidar al-Mulla, a deputy in the National Dialogue Front, which he accused the Najafi as "bargaining at the expense of the demonstrators," commented Ani that his bloc "on track and will not pay attention to the modern Mullah as part of the electoral competition or feeling embarrassed about the weight of united political," but returned to say that "the political map shows اكتساحا us without a competitor in Nineveh and made significant progress on the rest of the competitors in Anbar," and added, "that all the competitors in the two provinces are not united sized thus will not يضعونا in the shop fear of the results."

The Mullah has the face of harsh criticism to Najafi said in a statement earlier this week and invited him to "come out demands of the demonstrators and the suffering of the people of any agenda electoral outbidding political deals and partisan and does legislative and oversight role of the House of Representatives so that we can legislation amnesty law and amend the law of accountability and justice carried out by the Committee of Five, rather than scrambling at the gates of al-Maliki and submit requests to sit with him, "but the governor of Anbar province Jassim al-Halbusi responded in an official statement issued yesterday that" Mullah remained for years boasted national project and his defense of the Iraqis and their fair but revealed his true face, which was hidden, "he said "Mullah Mulls today in courting power and dealing with issues of Iraqi sectarian standard distasteful."

Halbusi added that the "Mullah defense today of the government and attacked the protesters and demonstrators shows and no doubt on the existence of a shady deal between the parties." As described. Finished / 3

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