Mohammed commendable: the need for continued dialogue until the stability of the political process and agree on a "road map" future

15-06-2013 06:29 AM

Baghdad (news) .. MP / National Alliance / commendable Mohammed, the political blocs to dialogues should continue until the stability of the political process and agree on a 'roadmap' future, their demands at the same time stay away from the pressures of international and regional issues.

Commendable said in a statement (of the Agency news): between now and then renewed crisis so we must continue dialogues and meetings and make the Constitution Faisal all the differences.

He added: blocks that do not take international and regional pressures and away the rhetoric and the media to look at the national interest for the political stability of the country, which in turn reflected positively on the security reality.

He called the National Alliance MP: All the political blocs agreed on the 'road map' to serve the future of Iraq and otherwise the Fsnhsd further bloodshed.

The political scene differences multi-faceted, including those related to corruption and other associated with the adoption of laws through the positions, and hardly Iraqi politicians agree on something, most of the laws that pass through the cabin Parliament, usually disrupted the ability capable of. / End / 2. N. R /