Death of a candidate for the local elections, north of Baghdad

GMT 15:36 2013 Friday, June 14th GMT 15:48 2013 Friday, June 14: Last Update

Mosul: the killing of a candidate for the Nineveh provincial council elections a week before the elections, in an armed attack Friday in the northern city of Mosul, north of Baghdad.

First Lieutenant said Qasim Lahibi of Mosul police (350 km) north of Baghdad that "unidentified gunmen assassinated Muhannad al-Ghazi, a candidate for the Nineveh provincial council elections, when leaving Friday prayers at Al-Zahra, on the eastern side of Mosul."

The victim is a candidate for the list of "Iraqi Republican Gathering" that fall under the list of "loyalty to Nineveh," led by the former governor of Nineveh Ghanem Albeso.

The victim, the latter among the more than 12 other candidates for the provincial councils, were killed in separate attacks during the past weeks. It is scheduled to hold elections for the province of Nineveh, Anbar, on the twentieth of this month. Often targeting al Qaeda provincial election candidates and workers of the Electoral Commission.