Chest: I'm afraid that I ask Shahristani to resign are appointed governor of Karbala

Published in: 11:54 am, June 14, 2013 Editor: jamal

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... Download the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr heavily on the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani He said that his remarks on the export of electricity false and mockery of the feelings of Iraqis, expressing fears that demand Shahristani to resign on the back of promises to provide electrical power shall be appointed governor of Karbala.

Sadr said in answer to a question by one of his followers about the remarks Shahristani that Iraq will sell electricity to neighboring countries, the end of 2013, "I am afraid that اطالبه resign shall be conservative on Karbala, and I am afraid that the rest of this province cherished holy without electricity, no services", describing the remarks as "irresponsible The official issued for the purpose of calming the people and the people and win their emotions and their voices. "

He added that such statements "the mockery of the feelings of the people oppressed and affected by power outages throughout Iraq," pleading "of the people that pay attention to such statements are false and shameful, and to ايرضى better little to an hour or two, if any, they are just soothe the emotions and your voices."

Demonstrations continue in the field of Habboubi Nasiriya two weeks ago to protest the lack of services and lack of improvement in the supply of electric power with demonstrators raised the slogan of "Pride comes with electricity." (End)الصدر-اخشى-ان-اطا...#1587;ت/