Parliament: the possibility postpone the elections for the second time in Anbar and Nineveh is out of the question

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MP for the Iraqi List Faris السنجري said security retreat before the local elections in Nineveh, Anbar was expected, noting that the possibility of postponed for the second time is out of the question

He told reporters today that the security situation in Nineveh, Anbar was much better when the provincial elections in the month of April, though they have been performed at that time, just like the rest of the provinces would have been so much better than delayed, while experiencing Mosul today dozens of bombings, car bombs and this undo security will negatively affect voter has prevented him from going to the polls to vote.

He added, we expect a problematic many lead to a collapse of security to coincide with the election of Nineveh and Anbar may cause postponed for the second time because of the security situation taking place in Mosul, even participated المحافظتان in that period was not postpone the elections in which he would have better for voters, but, unfortunately, been delayed without any justification

The Election Commission had set the twentieth of June the current date for provincial elections in Nineveh and Anbar, after it was delayed for reasons described as security