11:07 14/06/2013

Logistical: Maliki accused of inciting boycott parliament words "illogical"

Follow-up - and babysit -

Re member of the state law Saad logistical, demanding accountability of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and accused him of inciting the House of Representatives to boycott the House of Representatives, saying that 'talk is not logical.'

He said logistical: The state law has a clear position regarding the boycott, which enacted a law criminalizing claim before the Baath enact any other law relating to the law of accountability or modify any terms of a general amnesty law and the fight against terrorism.

He added: We call on the political blocs to insist on the adoption of a law criminalizing the Baath, indicating that the request passed by the people to get rid of all lurking in government institutions.

The state law insists on passing a law criminalizing the Baath, before the adoption of the amendment of the law of accountability, and called on the deputies not to enter the parliament sessions only if inserted into a controversial work of the meeting, in a scene reflects the state of distrust that prevails in the political scene

M. J