Diyala National Alliance announces alliance with Kurdistan and the formation of local government in Diyala through [72] next

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21:48 06/13/2013

Follow-up - and babysit -
Officially announced today an agreement between the [Diyala National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance to form a local government in Diyala.

A member of the provincial council Mahdi al-Saadi announced today that "Diyala National Alliance bloc held consensus martyr Mehrab institution attended by the leaders of the National Alliance and the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Ameri and cadres of the Virtue Party and the Supreme Council to discuss the latest developments to form a government of Diyala."

He added that "the Kurdistan Alliance, a coalition officially with Diyala National Alliance", adding that "the Alliance is open to all blocs to form a local government," noting that "during the next 72 hours will be officially forming the government."

The secretary general of the Badr Organisation affiliated to the National Alliance bloc, Hadi al-Amiri, has stressed that the position of governor of Diyala province exclusively for the National Alliance, noting that "next few days Snzv the human where the masses of the National Alliance."

The Diyala provincial council had failed, today, in the election of governor and head of the provincial council during the first session, due to a lack of quorum.

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