Maaleh: denies the deterioration of relations between the Supreme Council and the rule of law

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17:23 06/13/2013

Spokesman denied the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council Sheikh Humaid Maaleh Saadi any deterioration of relations between the Supreme Council and the state of law

Sheikh Maaleh said that "post decent Sunni forces in the formation of local governments is a supplier of consensus of the various parties to the National Alliance."

He added that "vision to proceed Avenue and actors are not confined within the framework of the formation of local governments, but is a list of valid in the general framework of national, too, have worked in our power in order to promote and consolidate this vision among all the parties."

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim had said earlier that "the rule that we base them and see them able to solve the problems through to apply each step to meet in the common spaces."

He said al-Hakim that "political stability requires cohesion of parliamentary blocs and political, which is Balthalvin national and Kurdistan and Iraq, as the strength of the cohesion and stability of these blocks lead to political stability, adding that" the responsibility lies mainly on the National Alliance and cohesion as the largest parliamentary bloc, "noting that "alliances with a coalition of state law, solid and strong and relied on scientific methodology and could not scratch the coalition and will remain with the big powers based on the work to serve the people."

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