Iraq fulfills Chapter VII commitments to Kuwait - Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled
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Thread: Iraq fulfills Chapter VII commitments to Kuwait - Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled

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    Iraq fulfills Chapter VII commitments to Kuwait - Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled

    Thank you CHATTELS

    YES THIS IS GOOD!!! VERY GOOD!! This is coming from the KUWAIT GAZETTE!! This is for the record!!! BUT... the UN Security Council is meeting on this very thing at the end of June and ONLY THEY can REMOVE Iraq from chapter 7. Lets see what happens. As we all know there is a lot of corruption and infighting going on. So Im not sure they will or will not go for Iraq's removal at this time. (But Im still excited to see KUWAIT saying this)

    Iraq fulfills Chapter VII commitments to Kuwait - Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled

    12/06/2013 | 07:31 PM | Gulf News

    BAGHDAD, June 12 (KUNA) -- Kuwait and Iraq will inform the United Nations that Baghdad has fulfilled its commitments towards Kuwait as per UN resolutions relevant to Saddam Hussein's occupation of Kuwait in 1990, the two countries' foreign ministers of announced Wednesday.

    In a joint press conference with Iraqi FM Hoshyar Zebari, Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah said that Kuwait has reached agreements with Iraq on their sticky issues to pave the way for ending Iraq's Chapter VII status

    "An agreement on the maintenance of border markers has been inked during foreign minister Zebari's recent visit to Kuwait," Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled said, adding that "representatives of the two countries will meet UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to hand him a copy of the agreement to be deposited at the UN." The Kuwaiti top diplomat also noted that Kuwait has agreed on moving a number of the files from the Chapter VII to Chapter VI of the UN Charter.

    THE UN WILL BE IN CHARGE OF MOVING IRAQ FROM CH 7 TO CHAPTER 6.. This decision lies in their hands. Lets be cautiously hopeful. ~ RED LILY ~

    "We have agreed on moving the Kuwait POWs, missing persons and confiscated government archives from Chapter VII to Chapter VI and apprised the UN Secretary General on that agreement also." Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled affirmed that Iraq has fulfilled its commitments under the UN Chapter VII.

    "The UN Secretary General will present his report (on Iraq's implementation of its commitments toward Kuwait) mid this month to be reviewed by the UN Security Council before the end of the month, by this, Iraq would have fulfilled its commitments as per Chapter VII," stated the Kuwaiti minister.

    Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled expressed Kuwait's support of Iraq's moving to Chapter VI.

    "We will be very pleased with Iraq's removal from Chapter VII to restore its status as a pillar of stability and progress in the region." He pointed out that the senior Kuwaiti delegation's visit to Baghdad on Wednesday signals the start of a new chapter in bilateral relations.

    "This visit opens new doors for bolstering bilateral relations and cooperation in popular and cultural domains." For his part, Iraqi foreign minister Zebari hailed both countries' agreement to fold the old chapter of their relations and to open up a new one based on mutual respect and cooperation.

    "We have reached impressive results today," Zebari said at the press conference, adding that Iraq and Kuwait's permanent UN delegates will meet with the Secretary General to brief him on the outcome of the talks.

    He expressed gratitude for the Kuwaiti government's support of Iraq to end its Chapter VII status.

    "We seek to build on these achievements and are looking forwards towards normal relations and a real partnership between the two countries," he said.

    Zebari, however, underlined that the only commitment which has not yet been completed is that of the war compensations.

    "Iraq still owes Kuwait USD 11 billion, and, if Iraq decides to pay the remaining amount in one batch, it will immediately find a complete exit out of Chapter VII."

    Meanwhile, Zebari also noted that talks had touched upon means to boost economic, investment, sports, parliamentary and cultural cooperation, after an earlier signature of six agreements and memorandums of understanding during official talks between HH the Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak al-Sabah and his Iraqi counterpart Nouri al-Maliki.

    Kuwait's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Khaled al-Sabah and Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari signed a memorandum of understanding between Saud al-Nasser al-Sabah Kuwaiti Diplomatic Institute and the Iraqi Foreign Service Institute. The two officials also signed a cultural protocol.

    Moreover an agreement on environment was signed by the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister and the Iraqi Minister of Environment Sarkoun Slewa. An agreement on education and scientific research is to be signed by the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister and the Iraqi Minister of Education Ali al-Adeeb.

    An agreement on aviation services was signed by the Kuwaiti Minister of Communications Salem al-Uthaina and the Iraqi Minister of Transportation Hadi al-Amri.

    Furthermore an agreement on economic cooperation was signed by the Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Mustafa al-Shemali and the Iraqi Minister of Finance and Planning Ali al-Shukri. (end) ahh.rj.ibi KUNA 121931 Jun 13NNNN

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