Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. BGG
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Thread: Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. BGG

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    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. BGG... In today's world of disposable marriages 25 years is a long time... I am sure the both of you give the glory to God for your success within your bond... Quick question to anyone in the know.. Is the Vietnamese Dong a currency that is expected to go up in value... Or is it a rumor... I keep reading conflicting reports... Some say that it is being pumped for profit purposes for the currency dealers, while others say something about it being in a basket of currencies... And about this basket of currencies?... Is that too just a myth, or is it credible... Thanks, and I will take your answers off the air...

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    hey BGG and Mrs BGG
    what a wonderful time to celebrate
    25 years wow
    just got done w/my 24th
    so proud to b here with the 2 of u
    now go out and celebrate such a great cornerstone
    we all love ya and Lexie is here preparing for her trip
    she leaves on the 14th
    couldn't have happened w/o the two of u
    we all love yas wish u the best and hope to all meet 1 day soon

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    To Mr and Mrs BGG

    Congratulations to you both and may you be
    Blessed with many more years to come.
    May God keep your hearts and lives filled
    With his Holy Spirit. No man or woman is
    Strong without the love and strength of the
    Other. Have a blessed day my friends.

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    Wow 25 years I should be so blessed to have few happy years let alone 25 plus. BGG and Mrs BGG my congratulations on making it the 25 years which is silver. Tho to each of you it must seem like gold. Here is a little poem I hope that you both enjoy. God bless you both and may the next 50 be just as wonderful....

    We celebrate with you, the golden years of life, that day you came together, to join as husband and wife,
    The Lord has walked with you, through every precious year, as you have trusted in His Word, And gone to Him in prayer
    And He’ll still walk with you, as each new year unfolds, a future filled with blessings, and abundant grace untold.

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    Congratulations, Mr and Mrs BGG praying you're as healthy and happy at the 50th anniversary, and that we're all alive to see it! Thanks for all the time and energy you put into this place - now its time for you two to go off and enjoy yourselves without us, for a change!

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    Congratulations BGG and Mrs. BGG!!! Twenty-Five years!!! You are an inspiration to my hubby and I who will be celebrating 15 years this summer. Not always easy at times, but blessed to have weathered some storms and grown together along the way. We will join you in the ranks of longevity by God's grace alone! Thank you for the example you show here on your site of your love and faithfullness to each other. Hope you have an amazing day!!!!

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    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. BGG!!!
    Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!!!

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