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    " The Dinar Daily " ............ Friday, 17 May 2013

    The PKK’s Long Road Ahead

    After the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has withdrawn its fighters and made peace with Turkey, it has other important steps to take to complete the transition from guerrilla group to political player.

    One of those steps is for the PKK to get its name off the US and European Union’s list of terrorist organizations. Remaining on those lists means that financial assets are frozen and political activities are prohibited.

    PKK has been listed since 2004 as a terrorist organization in both the EU and the United States. It got on that list after its (admitted) attack on American soldiers in Iraqi Kurdistan that year, killing at least one.

    Now, in a March 21 message on the Kurdish New Year, the PKK’s jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan told supporters that, after a three-decade conflict with Turkey over Kurdish rights in which an estimated 40,000 people have died, the struggle was shifting from the battlefield to the political arena.

    The PKK remains politically shackled as long as is is officially recognized as a terrorist group, especially by Washington. Getting off the list is not easy, as the Iraq-based Iranian opposition Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) has learned. Last year, MKO got itself off Washington’s list, after a nearly 15-year effort.

    MKO was added to the American terror list in 1997, mainly over the killing of Americans in Iran under the pro-US Shah. After the US=led invasion of Iraq in 2003, the group was disarmed and its Iraqi camps came under American control. Consequent Iraqi governments wanted to get rid of the group, which had worked closely with Saddam Hussein. Eventually, its members were moved to a former American base, Camp Liberty, under control of the United Nations, which is trying to resettle MKO members outside Iraq.

    The move to Camp Liberty was part of a bigger deal, which included taking MKO off the American terror list.

    In addition, Washington has been using MKO against Iran since 2003. MKO members have been used to infiltrate and get information, and for attacks against Iranian targets, including nuclear scientists.

    When it removed MKO from the terror list, the US State Department said it was essentially doing so because the organization had not been actively involved with terrorism for the past 10 years.

    Getting off the EU terror list was a legal triumph for MKO. Its lawyers found that the juridical procedure that placed the group on the list in the first place, was disputable. The group won that case, without ever touching the question of whether or not it deserved to be on the list.

    It took MKO many years of campaigning and bags of money for lawyers and politicians to get off the terror lists. The group also vowed not to use violence any more to change the regime in Iran.

    The PKK is only at the beginning of this very long process. At this juncture, it is important to look at what PKK has to offer the Americans in the bigger geopolitical game. Unlike MKO, it does not fight a country that is considered the enemy.

    The most interesting opportunity for PKK is in its Iranian affiliate, PJAK, which has a history of fighting for an autonomous Kurdish region in Iran. There has been talk in the past of American support for PJAK, for the same reason that Washington supports MKO: My enemy’s enemy is my friend.


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    Thousands of citizens flocked to the squares of Anbar sit-ins Anbar.
    17/05/2013 11:14:00

    Ramadi/ NINA /--thousands of citizens coming from different areas of Anbar province flocked early in the morning to the sit-ins squares in Fallujah and Ramadi cities, to participate in Friday unified prayers.

    According to Sheikh Mohammed Fayyad one of the organizers of Anbar sit-ins , NINA reporter SAID : "The citizens will participate in the prayers which will be soon at noon in the sit-in north of Ramadi capital of the province and other in eastern Fallujah," adding that the aim of this gathering is to inform the governing in Baghdad that our demonstrations are peaceful and support by the conviction of citizens.

    The source denounced the government quests to provoke the demonstrators by nonsense and hostile statements and affiliation to certain neighboring Arab countries , and sometimes insult the protesters by dirty terms and descriptions .


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    MSG welcomes choosing Sheikh Sa'adi to negotiate on behalf of protestors
    14/05/2013 21:49:00

    Baghdad (NINA) – The Moslems Scholars Group (MSG) welcomed the protestors choosing Sheikh Abdul Malik al-Sa'adi to negotiate on their behalf.

    A statement on Tuesday, May 14, by the MSG said, "We followed with interest the reports that the protestors have choose Sheikh Abdul Malik al-Sa'adi to represent them in negotiating with the Government regarding their legitimate demands."

    It added that the MSG welcomes choosing Sheikh Sa'adi to negotiate with the Central Government, for his high patriotism, capabilities and wisdom in dealing with the protestors' legitimate demands to put an end for this issue.

    The statement went on expressing the Group's full support to the efforts being exerted to put an end to the country's crisis, away from complications and escalation to put an end to the case.


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    Erdoğan: We agreed with Kurdistan Region, Exxon Mobile Co. to explore oil in the Region
    14/05/2013 21:31:00

    Baghdad (NINA) – Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said that his country has agreed with the government of Kurdistan Region and the American Exxon Oil Mobile Company to explore oil in the Region.

    Erdoğan told reporters on Tuesday, May 14, at Ankara Airport, before leaving for the United States on official visit, where he is to meet with President Barak Obama, he said, "This step has been discussed with the Government of Kurdistan Region."

    He added, "We will develop our relations after the visit."


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    As Elections Loom, Kurdistan Region Parties Remain in Deadlock

    A street vendor in Sulaimani sells pins with pictures of PUK leader Jalal Talabani and head of the Gorran Movement Nawshirwan Mustafa. Photo: AFP

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraq’s Kurdistan Region is in a political deadlock by disagreements among political parties over upcoming local elections and whether the governing system of the autonomous enclave should change from presidential to parliamentary, sources say.

    The discord greatly impacts the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), which has been rudderless ever since its leader, Iraq’s President Jalal Talabani, suffered a serious stroke in December and has been recuperating in Germany ever since.

    The PUK has been seeking a dialogue to discuss the elections and governance issue with the breakaway Change Movement (Gorran), which in the 2009 polls made a surprise appearance to win a handsome 25 places in the 111-seat regional parliament and emerge as the largest opposition group.

    According to an anonymous source the PUK wants a meeting to convince Gorran to agree to extending the regional presidency, which is held by the PUK’s ruling partner the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (KDP).

    “The PUK’s senior officials believe a decision by the PUK to support the KDP’s candidate for the Kurdistan Region’s presidential election will anger its own supporters and may cost lost votes in the upcoming election,” the source told Rudaw.

    Gorran says it will meet with the PUK only if the latter agrees that postponed local elections will be held no later than September and if the party backs constitutional changes that will make the Kurdistan Region a parliamentary democracy.

    But favoring those demands would place the PUK at odds with its own main ally and partner, the KDP, whose leader Massoud Barzani is the KRG president and likely to seek a third four-year term in September, against the wishes of the opposition and constitutional limitations.

    “The PUK is currently engaged in efforts to start a dialogue with Gorran,” admitted Azad Jundiani, the PUK’s spokesperson. He said the PUK is in a “sensitive” situation, adding, “It is time for the PUK to sit and reevaluate its interests without compromise and hesitation.”

    Jundiani said that meant meetings not only with Gorran and other parties, including KDP.

    Sherko Muhammad, Gorran’s press secretary, confirmed that PUK has been pressing for a meeting. “PUK must have a clear voice about holding the election in time, the Dabashan agreement and the constitution issue,” he said, adding these are the only subjects Gorran is willing to discuss.

    The Dabashan agreement refers to the venue in Sulaimani province where Gorran leader Nawshirwan Mustafa met in June 2012 with Talabani. Gorran insistrs that the two leaders had verbally agreed to return the Kurdistan Region to a parliamentary system, and that they had both declared this to the media.

    Rudaw has learned that, at its meeting this week, Gorran’s senior officials voted to reject a meeting with the PUK.

    Meanwhile, the PUK’s decision to participate in the election independently – not under a single banner with its ruling partner the KDP -- has caught some people by surprise. It is feared that such a move could weaken the long-term strategic agreement between the PUK and KDP.

    “It is in the PUK’s interest to participate in the elections independently. However, this doesn’t mean PUK has had a change of heart toward its previous agreements,” Jundiani wrote in his party newspaper a few months ago.

    Jundiani suggested that all of his party’s details were not discussed with the KDP.

    “We have a strong relationship with KDP and we share the government with them. However, PUK is an independent party and it can only inform KDP about the things that relate to both sides,” he said.

    “Lack of trust among the political parties is the main problem now. Steps must be taken to restore trust among the parties,” said Gorran official Muhammad Haji.


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    885b7312a0d9746ef29e55747a57d76a.3.jpg Several shots show President Talabani talking with German medical team

    Baghdad (newsletter).President Jalal Talabani emerged, several shots as he spoke with a German medical team.

    The medical team said Admin to treat the President in a press conference on Friday that President Talabani will return soon to Baghdad, after the end of treatment, stressing that he receive treatment quickly.

    The Member of the political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Dr. El Din Karim, during the Conference: President Talabani's health is very good now compared to what it was five months ago, saying that his health is improving day by day.

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    Kobler warns Iraq sliding into a dangerous unknown unless the political crisis

    Baghdad (newsletter).Invited the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler, Iraqi leaders to take immediate action to stop the bloodshed ' in ' Iraq, warning the country sliding back to an anonymous grave, unless the political crisis and put an end to it now.

    Kobler said in a statement received (News Agency) a copy of it: it is the responsibility of all leaders act to stop the bloodshed in the country and protect its citizens.

    It said: young children burned alive in car explosions and worshippers to hacking in mosques, returned this: beyond unacceptable.

    The UN Envoy called on Iraqi leaders to take action to stop the bloodshed and to make every effort to protect civilians, adding: it is the duty of politicians to move immediately and engage in dialogue to resolve the political crisis and to put an end to this,

    He said: the Iraqi people have suffered enough and we will continue to remind the leaders of Iraq, the country will slip back into the unknown dangerous if action is not taken, adding: no peace in this country.


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    Urgent .. The publication of photographs of modern Talabani Refinery in Germany

    Twilight News / TV station aired Kordsat of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan pictures and footage of President Jalal Talabani at a refinery in Germany.

    But the television station did not mention in its report, seen by "Twilight News" date of registration or taking pictures.

    The television quoted a member of the Political Bureau of the Party of Necmettin Omar as saying that Talabani can return to his country after the end of the treatment period.

    The Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, wife of Talabani, has announced on Thursday, for a significant improvement in the health of the president, noting he successfully passed the stages of treatment.

    Ahmed said in response to a query for Ammar al-Hakim, who visited Sulaymaniyah, about the health of the president that he "passed the stages of treatment, with great success."

    Talabani arrived in the twentieth of December to Germany for follow-up treatment of stroke, accompanied by his medical team.

    Talabani's office announced in February for "responding to treatment and improved natural abilities."

    And Talabani suffering since years of health problems. Has he underwent heart surgery in the United States in August 2008, before he was transferred after a year to Jordan for treatment due to exhaustion and fatigue.

    He also went through last year to the United States and Europe several times for medical reasons.

    And Talabani, nicknamed "Mam Jalal" of any "Uncle Jalal" Kurdish language, is the first Kurd president in the history of modern Iraq.

    Talabani was elected president for a transitional period in April 2005 and was re-elected in April 2010 for a second term of four years.


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    To the Committee on the economy: $ 40 million a day go to the pockets of gangs

    Twilight News / Rapporteur of the Commission predicted the economy and investment in the Chamber of Deputies, the continuation of the low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar.

    Hot value of the Iraqi dinar gradually during the past few weeks for the price of one U.S. dollar to about 1129 dinars after it had been stable for 1120, the highest rate up to the exchange rate during the past two years.

    He said Commission decision Mahma Khalil, for "Twilight News" that "the confusion that occurs in the low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar has a close relationship to the policy of the central bank and the location of the province."

    He added that "the new governor is a purely digital background and financial follow-up only, and does not have any clear strategy to maintain the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar."

    He pointed out that "the new governor implements government directives more than implement directives House of Representatives, and the reputation of the central bank was affected as a result of interventions last from the government, as well as the political climate of Iraq today became the atmosphere tense and unstable environment overshadowed all areas, and more areas affected by this policy unstable and crisis is the economy and the Iraqi dinar. "

    The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives revealed, early last month, the start of the Iraqi Central Bank to take urgent action to preserve the stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar by increasing outlets selling hard currency, but the value of the currency has continued to decline.

    It seems that confidence in Iraqi تزعزت currency after a government decision to oust former Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and tense security situation in an unprecedented manner during the past few weeks.

    And saw Khalil said "the central bank failed in its policy, while his duty to maintain the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar," returned "reforms carried out by the bank is not reform strategy drastic, so we expect that there is a decline last of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar as a result of these factors and this circumstances. "

    He pointed out that "the goods enter the country in large quantities and dollar, and this is what the impact on the income of the Iraqi citizens, and that attempts by the bank to inject the dollar by some outlets is improper conduct."

    He continued by saying, "Today the Iraqi dinar is covered in hard currency and sovereign balance reached $ 74 billion, and it is not permissible to increase the money supply of the state about 33 trillion dinars."

    He explained that "the right of the Iraqi citizen that replaces the dinar to the dollar but the central bank's policy is a failed policy, and today there are shops banking and all these sums of money and coins go into the pockets of others, and daily losing public money, and the Iraqi citizens as a result of this policy more than 40 million dollars."

    And between Khalil that "the exchange rate of the official to the dollar at the central bank is 1166 and there are 13 dinars commission to the bank, it becomes a figure in 1179 dinars per dollar, while in the Iraqi market local exceeded 1300 and this is not permissible, and all these figures and the differences in the exchange rate go into the pockets of brokers and clients and the Giants in the local market of Chirvien and influential politicians. "

    He said "the Iraqi trader who is pivotal dealer, and deal with a lot of countries, including countries affected by the UN sanctions such as Iran and Syria, so the Iraqi trader binding to the pump and take out the hard currency to deal in this direction."

    He went on to say "so and as a result the Iraqi political climate and instability, the Iraqi citizens have a desire to transfer their deposits to the dollar and do not put it to the Iraqi banks, because the Iraqi environment repulsive environment for hard currency and not attractive to them."

    And increased Khalil "These factors are all consequences caused by the low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, and the responsibility lies and rests with the Central Bank of Iraq, because central banks in all countries of the world and its primary function to maintain the exchange rate of the national currency, as well as the Bank of Iraq is committed to the policy of the executive Instead of his commitment to the policy of the legislature. "

    He pointed out that "the rate of the dinar was stable during the presence of foreign troops in the country and during the non-interference of the government policy of the central bank, to note there are low and clear and continuous in the exchange rate of the dinar, which is tantamount to economic identity for all Iraqis."

    Khalil continued that "the dinar does not know the quotas, so all binding to halt this deterioration in the exchange rate, and the House of Representatives shorted and deficient government and the central bank failed miserably in the policy of maintaining the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar."


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    Vice Kurdistan: Kurdish political parties agreed on the survival of Talabani as President of the Republic

    Erbil (news) .. MP / Kurdistan Islamic Union / Osama beautiful, that the Kurdish political parties agreed on the survival of President Jalal Talabani, his current position.

    Jameel said in a statement (of the Agency news): The presidency will continue to the end of this session of the Kurds, and the Kurdish parties agree on the survival of Jalal Talabani, President of the Republic, noting: the naming of a new president, or on this subject for the two main parties in Kurdistan (National Union , the Democratic Party), because they have a strategic agreement to be Jalal Talabani, President of the Republic of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, president of the region.

    And on the political situation of the country, beautifully explained: that there is no signs of easing the political process and the problems between the blocs will remain to the end of the current parliamentary session, considering what presents solutions to solve problems waste of time.

    Presented by President Jalal Talabani last December for stroke called gone to Germany to complete his treatment, where years ago suffering from health problems. Has he underwent heart surgery in the United States in August 2008, before he was transferred after a year to Jordan for treatment due to exhaustion and fatigue.

    Demanded the presidency of the prosecution, on Monday, the head of the House of Representatives to take legal action on the vacancy of the presidency of the Republic of Iraq /


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