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    " The Dinar Daily " .......... Tuesday, 14 May 2013

    Prosecution calls for the election of a new president of Iraq parliament rejects
    14-05-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Monday, May 13, 2013
    Called for the prosecution in Iraq's parliament speaker to elect a new president of the country, having considered that the position of Jalal Talabani has become a "free" because of his illness, in a move rejected by the Parliamentary Legal Committee and deemed unconstitutional.
    Prosecutors Presidency published a statement posted on the Supreme Judicial Council which stated, "demanded the presidency of the Public Prosecution Mr. Speaker to take legal action, due to the passage of the long absence of the President of the Republic from office."
    The statement added that this "request came pursuant to the provisions of paragraph (c) of Article 72 of the Constitution, which provides that in the case of vacancy of the office of President of the Republic for any reason a new president is elected to complete the remaining period of the mandate of the President of the Republic."
    And published presidency prosecutor letter addressed to the President of Parliament Osama Najafi, and carried the signature of the chief prosecutor Ghazanfar Hamoud Al-Jassem which considered that the "Talabani position became empty due to the passage of a long absence due to illness."
    However, the Legal Committee of the Parliament was quick to reject the request.
    The Chairman of the Committee Attorney Khaled Huani, in a statement to Agence France-Presse that "the Legal Committee met today and discussed this request," he said, adding that the committee "refused this request because the request is unconstitutional and illegal."
    He pointed out that "there is no constitutional text or substance in the law of a public prosecutor gives the head of the prosecution authority to make such a request," and that "Article 72 of the Constitution talks about the vacancy of the President of the Republic and not absence, and now Vice President Khodair al performs tasks the presidency. "
    He pointed out that "the House of Representatives is not bound to implement this demand."


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    Iraq: Parliamentary Integrity Committee reopen the file of the Russian arms deal
    14-05-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD - Hussein Ali Dawood
    Monday, May 13, 2013
    Confirmed the Integrity Committee in the Iraqi Parliament involvement of a number of senior officials in the import deals forged devices to detect explosives British-made, and that the government has ignored British technical certificates stating that the efficiency of the process continued to import. The Commission announced the re-opening a file-Russian arms deal was expected to be concluded by Iraq with Russia last year, after the judiciary has closed the case for lack of evidence.
    A member of the Integrity Committee MP Khalid al-Alwani Committee «yesterday held a meeting with the President of the Commission on Public Integrity Alaa al-Saadi and his deputy Izzat Tawfiq and the Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior Aqeel Turaihi on the issues of Russian arms deal and a British-made explosives detection. He explained that «the Committee members told them amazement Parliament and give Todhyat about the reasons for closing the file of Russian weapons, despite the large size of suspicions of corruption that hovers around, and received assurances from the Russian side, the presence of senior officials in the Iraqi government received the commission to meet with the signing of financial transactions. He added that «the Integrity Committee decided in the wake of the meeting to follow all legal ways to reopen the case after the Court of Appeal Supreme shut down due to lack of sufficient evidence», and pointed out that «the court apparently did not get all the documents of the case from the government, which paid to close the case.
    Regarding the explosives detection device, Alwani confirmed the involvement of several bodies in the process of importing a device that has failed to work alone does not borne explosives Department official in the Interior Ministry Jihad Jabri ... It is not reasonable to assume one person in the executive branch responsible for buying explosives detectors in millions of dollars, and added that «the Ministries of Commerce and Industry and the province of Baghdad and the Ministry of Defence has also imported the device but did not hold those responsible accountable.
    He revealed Alwani that «the government has ignored several certificates, including a British officer high-level work in Iraq on the reported non-effectiveness of the device and its price does not exceed $ 25 before the government offers to import the machine but ignored these certificates and imported hardware and بأثمان free the price of the machine per 50 thousand »dollars.
    To the head of the Integrity Committee Bahaa al-Araji, members of the Committee's meeting with officials at the Ministry of the Interior «resulted in the detection of new defendants should be put to justice, including senior officials in the cases of Russian arms deal and explosives detection device. He added: «We wrote to the President of the Supreme Judicial Council of the need to move the criminal complaint on the head of the manufacturer of explosives detection device to reach the subject and filament to obtain adequate compensation for the victims. We asked the head of parliament to approve some members to go to Britain to meet him to inquire him about the strings in Iraq of officials, traders and companies have contributed to and facilitated his entry this game to the country and disregard for Iraqi blood.


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    Back controversy about a vacancy Talabani .. Kurdish leader: Barham Salih, the only alternative
    14-05-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Erbil: Shirzad Shikhani Baghdad: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat
    Returned controversy again about the presidency of Iraq, which is filled by President Jalal Talabani, lying in five months in a German hospitals, as demanded presidency prosecution Iraqi public yesterday by Speaker Osama Najafi to initiate legal action to fill this position, as pointed out the source of Kurdish leader that « arrangements and on several levels currently underway to resolve this issue, and that the current visit by the Barham Salih, Deputy Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to Iran intervention in this context.
    The Presidency of the prosecution Iraq had asked in a statement yesterday by the President of Parliament «to initiate legal action to fill the vacancy due to the absence of President Jalal Talabani long ago, through the implementation of Article 72 of the Iraqi Constitution, which identified certain length of vacancy position, and that this demand is based on the the text of the first article of the Law on Public Prosecution No. 159 of 1979, as amended.
    The call comes a few days after the announcement personal physician to President Talabani, Dr. Najm al-Din Karim, who served as governor of Kirkuk, also, that he will visit Talabani at his hospital, and that Sazv «good news for Iraqis and Kurds from there on improved health of His Excellency». But a source Kurdish explained «Middle East», requesting anonymity, that «even if returned President Talabani to Kurdistan in good health it would not be able to return to his post as head of the country (...) Therefore things became ready today to fill the office, It is the way of the share component specifically for the Kurdish Patriotic Union, led by President Jalal Talabani.
    The many sources indicated in the last period to the presence of a number of candidates to fill the position, and put forward several names such as Barham Saleh, Fuad Masum, and finally Adnan Mufti, but the source of the «Middle East» confirmed that Barham Salih «no longer is the favorite among these, it has become now is the only candidate.
    Known for Barham Salih, who presided over the earlier Kurdish delegation met with Nouri al-Maliki in Baghdad to address the outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad, his unit and his insistence on the constitutional rights of the Kurdish people, and this was confirmed by Kurdish leader was accompanied in that round of talks. The leader of «did not give Saleh, who presided over the Kurdish delegation any concessions to the owners of, did not Isawmh on constitutional rights of the Kurdish people, and this is one of the reasons for reservations Maliki on his candidacy for the post of President of the Republic». But the source leader pointed out in his statement that «Maliki acquiesced finally to reality for two reasons, the first is pressure growing Iranian him during the days missed, and the second is a need Maliki to the presence of the President of the Republic shall bear part of the burden of the state especially with regard to the conservation balances and work to mitigate political conflicts raging, Maliki now feels weak after that gear up the overall political parties.
    On the Iranian position of the nomination, Barham Salih, to the post of president of the republic, the source said «Dr. Barham is currently in Iran, and originally there were not any occasion requiring that visit, but his current visit is very important, it comes after the visit of the wife of President Talabani Mrs. Hero Ibrahim Ahmed to Tehran , where held talks for the first time with the top leaders of the Iranian state, led by President Ahmadinejad, and tried to Iranian leadership persuade the need to fill this position by the National Union, first by virtue of the strategic relationship between Iran, the National Union is in their interest to keep the presidency, however, its ally, and secondly because of conflicts Interior need someone to manage things in order to preserve the political process and ensure its integrity, and actually convinced Ms. Hiro point of view of Iran, especially as they announced that they do not aspire to fill this position instead of her husband, and thus no longer opposes the nomination in favor of the position, and I think that the presence of Barham Salih in Iran now is to discuss with him on this subject and get him assurances in relation to non-anti-Iran, especially that Iran sees in favor of it pro-American and enjoys their support, and I think that Iran also succeeded in persuading al-Maliki to accept Barham President of the Republic and to support his candidacy for the position ».

    But infallible, the leader of the party Talabani, denied in a statement to «Middle East» that be to visit the wife of Talabani and Barham Salih relationship with the position of president, said that the topic «did not discuss even within Iraq and by any party (...) How can discuss outside of Iraq? ». He added that «the president's health now improving well, and an excellent response to treatment, and it can be back to normal within a short period, all of which confirm that the constitutional or legal this demand.
    In turn, the president of the Legal Committee in the Iraqi Parliament Khaled Huani asked prosecutors 'unconstitutional'. He said in a joint press conference with Deputy Chairman of the Committee Prince Kanani that «is not the prerogative of the prosecutor submit a request to consider the vacancy of the Presidency of the Republic addressed to the House of Representatives», pointing out that the prosecution law «does not include a provision granted this authority».


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    Iraqi prosecutors a commission of inquiry into the events Haweeja
    14-05-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Declared the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council, yesterday, the formation of an investigative body to consider in Hawija events, where 50 people were killed during a raid by government forces to protest an anti-Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on 23 April last year.
    The council said in a statement that the presidency of prosecutors' investigative body formed to look into the events of Hawija judicial body composed of three judges and a member of the Public Prosecution to investigate mentioned, and will be based at the head of the resumption of the Federal Kirkuk. The statement added that «the presidency prosecutor sent the investigation file contained the House of Representatives to the judiciary for its unification with the investigative papers filed with the Court of achieving Hawija for the purpose of making the necessary legal procedures.
    It was formed following the events of Hawija, located about 55 km west of the city of Kirkuk (240 km north of Baghdad) disputed, two committees, governmental and parliamentary investigation into the circumstances of the incident, which announced Organization Mission «UNICEF» operating in Iraq that «credible information» and their relevance to benefit that about eight children were killed.
    Committee set up by the government in the events of Hawija, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq as a leading role in the «Iraqi List», and its membership includes senior officials others, led by Deputy Prime Minister and senior leader of the «rule of law» Hussain al-Shahristani, still since her report after days of incident is silent about what happened and what can be done implementation of its recommendations, one of which reached now, after more than three weeks after the incident, to the judiciary, which in turn decided to form a body to investigate.
    A member of the Commission on Human Rights in Parliament and a member of the investigative parliamentary Wesal Salim Ali, explained in a statement «Middle East» that «the Truth that you are a member raised a recommendation to the Attorney General of the judiciary formation of judicial committees in Kirkuk for the reception of suits, including obtained from the violations during a raid by government forces Square sit-in ». She Wesal sound that «there are three pillars relied upon by the Committee to raise this recommendation;: first that there is a decision already stormed the arena, which underlines the intention presets, and therefore do not need to download the concerned legal liability and criminal and all the consequences of the law. And secondly, that the ministerial committee, which was formed on that incident recommended that killed in Haweeja considered a martyr and this in itself recognize the existence of not only remiss, but guilty of which also arranges criminal liability. And thirdly, that both were killed in Hawija has been proven through investigation is not by any under criminal investigation, and therefore they are not wanted. The MP stressed that «now required to be impartial judicial authority in the work in the light of these facts and not be subject to any government or political pressure because we trust the elimination and is now being tested when we put this big issue in his custody.


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    Presidency of the parliament refuses to consider "Hawija" of massacre Khbajh the .. And eliminate senior opens an investigation around

    14-05-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah
    Feet 52 deputies request to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to consider the incident forces stormed security Square sit-in Hawija, south of Kirkuk, killing dozens of people where army fire, "genocide" modeled on the events of Halabja and Anfal and Dujail Among the signatories deputies blocs of the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance, but the chairman of the parliament rejected the demand and Legal Committee justified the position of the presidency to the absence of a judicial rulings in the case.
    This came while the Supreme Judicial Council announced that the prosecution decided to form an investigative body to consider the events of Hawija be based at the head of the Federal Court of Kirkuk, while MPs warned united bloc security authorities and political interference.
    The MP said the Iraqi List Haider Mulla said in a press conference held in the Parliament and attended the "long" "The Presidency of the Council of Representatives rejected a request sites to be regarded as the massacre that occurred in Hawija genocide against humanity", noting that "the constitutional institutions did not do justice to the families of the victims who have fallen" .
    Mullah called for "the need to hold negligent and specifically security leaders committed this crime by issuing orders to kill people," and said that "kills citizens must be submitted to eliminate."
    The MP Falah Hassan Zeidan owner submit a request as an incident Hawija "genocide" during the press conference that "the application site of 52 MPs from various political blocs, including deputies from blocs of the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance," noting that "the presidency of the Council did not accept this request and turned it into Legal Committee, "adding that" the Presidency dealing in a drawer threads oddly agenda and the favoritism. "
    The MP said the Anbar province, Khalid al-Alwani said in an interview with the "long" yesterday that if the House vote on the request of the Iraqi List, regarding an incident Hawija and mind genocide will be the internationalization of the issue and categorized with massacres precedent, including the Anfal and Halabja and the events of Dujail, calling to compensate victims financially and morally .
    And increased Alwani "The government is defending itself and is even today the victims who were killed terrorists," noting that the First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Qusay al-Suhail is objected to the inclusion of the request of the Iraqi List regarding the events of Hawija on the agenda of today's meeting (Monday), considering that it is necessary to study this matter by the Presidency. "
    Justifying a member of the legal committee in Parliament MP Prince Kanani position of chairman of the parliament of the absence of judicial decisions in the case, said in a statement to the "long" that "the legal committee had not seen the details of this issue, and will be discussed after the holiday legislature", stressing that as the events that took place in Haweeja genocide needs to judicial decisions.
    To that formed the presidency of Public Prosecutions, yesterday an investigative body to consider the events of Hawija be based at the head of the Federal Court of Kirkuk, while confirming the investigation file contained the House of Representatives on the issue to the judiciary to be consolidated with the Court of investigative papers achieve Haweeja.
    He called on the mass united Ahmad electrodes with victims of the incident Hawija to submit their complaints to the Commission investigative formed by the prosecution, and warned electrodes at a news conference in parliament, "the intervention of the security forces and political parties to influence the work of the Commission investigative," stressing that "the work of these not intersect with the Commission asked in the internationalization of the issue in order to form an international commission to investigate this case and the incident as a crime against humanity. "
    Saw Hawija, in the twenty-third of last month's storming security force Square sit-in, killing and wounding at least 163 of the protestors and the loss and the arrest of hundreds of others, and justified the Ministry of Defense offensive Square sit-in after the rejection of the protestors to obey an order to leave the arena and exposure to fire from gunmen inside sit yard.


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    Ameen criticizes sides reject peace-agreement between Turkey, PKK
    Tuesday, 14 May 2013 11:20 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -MP, Lateef Mustafa Ameen, of the Parlaimentary Legal Committee accused the sides that rejected the peace-agreement between Turkey and the PKK in attempting to distract the attention from the internal disputes and problems in Iraq towards foreign issues.

    He stated to AIN “The PKK is not a terrorist organization rather it is a party that strive for gaining freedom for its people,” noting that “It is strange that we hear some MPs from the State of Law Coalition and the federal government who object the peace process while they were silent towards the war between Turkey and PKK.”

    “Peace is more useful for us than for Turkey since it will eliminate the justifications for the Turkish sides for bombarding the Kurdish villages,” he added.

    “These objections are parts of the regional political game,” he remarked.

    “Peace is supposed to be welcomed rather than being rejected since the elements of the PKK are not a threat for any side,” he concluded.



    MP: Iraq has the right to arrest PKK fighters
    14/05/2013 11:19:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the state of law coalition, Kamal al-Saadi confirmed the right of the Iraqi government to arrest the Turkish PKK fighters for entering the country without legal basis and as an armed terrorist faction.

    Saadi said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "Any party has no right, constitutionally, to enter Iraqi territory without the consent of the government, and if this faction is a military force, that will be dangerous."

    He added: "The agreement between Turkey and the Workers' Party is directed against Iraq, to transfer the conflict into our territory,"... Asking, "How Barzani allowed these fighters to exist in Iraqi territory, especially when PKK stated that it does care for the Iraqi government's stand."

    The Turkish government has reached an agreement with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan to end to the armed conflict with the Turkish government, and to withdraw from Turkish territories to Mount Qandil in northern Iraq.

    The first batch of the PKK fighters has arrived to the Kurdistan region on Tuesday morning May 14 .

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    MP describes Kurdish demands as “Not personal”
    Tuesday, 14 May 2013 08:21 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -MP, Mohsen al-Sadoun, of the Kurdistani Alliance stated that the KA was involved in the political crisis and did not have personal demands.

    Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), he said “We are a part of the political process and holds the responsibility as the others do that is why we follow up the demonstrations and support them when they have legitimate demands.”

    “We have also participated in the Five-side committee for the demonstrations inside the parliament and our demands were not personal but for all the Iraqi constituents,” he concluded.


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    MP: Consider Hawija events as genocide is premature
    14/05/2013 09:23:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the Ahrar bloc, Amir al-Kanani said that considering the events of Hawija as genocide is premature and the matter will be discussed after the legislative recess.

    Kanani said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The presidency of the Council referred the request, made by a group of MPs about Hawija events, to the Legal Committee, and will be discussed after the legislative recess."

    Kanani added: "The request of some lawmakers to consider Hawija events as genocide needs judicial decisions and evidence, and the Legal Committee will consider it if it reaches to judicial decisions."

    It is mentioned that Iraqiya coalition walked out of the meeting of the Council of Representatives yesterday due to not including the events of Hawija, as a crime against humanity, in the agenda of the meeting.


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    Lawizi: Occupying President’s post by VP for more than 30 days, “Unconstitutional”
    Tuesday, 14 May 2013 09:54 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -MP, Abdul Rahman al-Lawizi, of Watanioun bloc considered occupying the President’s post by the Vice President for more than 30 days as “Unconstitutional”.

    He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN” “The 75th Article of the constitution states that the VP can replace the President and have his authorities.”

    “These authorities must not be granted to the VP for more than 30 days where the same Article stated that the VP should not occupy this post for more than one month,” he concluded.


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    Sajri accuses Nijaifi of “Leading project to divide Iraq”
    Tuesday, 14 May 2013 10:20 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -MP, Ali al-Sajri, the head of the People Trend accused the parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, of “Leading a dangerous regional project to divide Iraq,” noting that “Ayad al-Samari is the best figure to lead Motahidon Alliance rather than Nijaifi.”

    In a press statement received by AIN, he said “Nijaifi is hindering achieving the demonstrators’ demands where this is to serve the Turkish agendas that he belongs to,” assuring that “There are accurate information states that the leaders of Motahidon Alliance were advised by Turkey to return to the government because it is not the suitable time to achieve their aims and leave the government and the resignations that submitted in the demonstrations yards are to deceive the demonstrators.”

    “As instructed by Turkey, they started calling to return to the government neglecting the demonstrators’ demands,” he added, noting that “They have contradicted stances where they call for adhering to the demonstrators’ demands and at the same time try to return to the government.”

    He called “The demonstrators to be aware of the danger of such politicians,” Advising “Motahidon Alliance to leave the failed leaders and make Samari to lead their alliance due to his political experience and wisdom.”


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