"The Dinar Daily" ............Friday, 3 May 2013
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Thread: "The Dinar Daily" ............Friday, 3 May 2013

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    "The Dinar Daily" ............Friday, 3 May 2013

    Kurdish Ministers end boycott of Iraqi Government meetings

    Al-Issawi: Maliki will pay all errors to accept the formation of territory in Western region

    Baghdad-Iraqi Finance Minister resigning rafae errors Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki "will all great acceptance of the formation of the County in the Western region of Iraq.
    He assured the newspaper independent on Sunday "term, the subject of a future Sunni regions still place in Nineveh, Anbar, but split the policies Al-Maliki and the big mistakes that will push everyone to accept the territory in the Western region. He added: '' I personally will not accept to be a partner in the Group blood and for that we will block that is repeated Al-Maliki form».
    He stated: «beyond the violence and have learned the lesson but Prime left to cling to power and position to push things to fight over. He said: «hit Arbil and Najaf, Al-Maliki's meetings with madness and our efforts can save the country through moderate Shiite candidate corrects the path and to focus diverse intellectual and sectarian and nationally between Erbil and Najaf would force Americans and Iranians to modify their policy in Iraq.
    The Iraqi Cabinet held yesterday, the normal session led by Nuri al-Maliki and Kurdish Ministers who have completed attendance boycotting Council meetings about two months ago.
    And the President of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani, the return of the Ministers and Deputy of the Kurdistan Alliance» to the meetings of Deputies and Ministers, after the understandings between Baghdad and Erbil on contentious issues.
    The Kurdish representatives in the Cabinet, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Roz Nuri shawis as well as, Hoshyar Zebari, foreign trade Khairallah Babiker, glorious health Mohammad Amin, Dindar Ministry of displacement and migration doski.
    The Iraqi national coalitions and Kurdish leaders in Baghdad last weekend, talks about how to end the pending issues, including the application of article 140 of the Constitution, the Federal Government owed foreign oil companies operating in Kurdistan and pay the peshmerga and the principle of partnership.


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    Sadr accused Al-Maliki covering up corrupt and requiring the application of the law

    Baghdad-Jawdat Kadhem

    Friday, may 3, 2013

    Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr criticized remarks by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on corruption. In a statement, he said «life» from: «call on Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to apply the law and the Constitution on the right of charges of corruption and extortion or royalties or any legitimate crime».

    He added: "I was afraid, Mr. Prime Minister, we are afraid only of God».

    And increased: «I am the poor slave has issued ksakosh (clip) or a referendum or a statement against belongs to and the Namer interrupted».

    He said that "this does not apply to the Prime Minister, who has the power and influence, but must be serious in defending people and their capacities against corruption and corrupt people."

    And not applying the law on «spoilers by the head of the Government's dereliction of his duties ", he said" has not been applied (the law) is either a minor or shorted, thereby shortening its duties and damage and the spread of corruption and corrupt people. "

    Al-Maliki said in his speech during the Conference accused the clan II held in the Interior Ministry, some politicians and parliamentarians at the instigation of Korean firms not to invest in Iraq and lack of cooperation with the Government, saying they '' grunt! body country», shamed in the fastest time.

    On the other hand, said the Vice President wanted to eliminate Tariq al-Hashimi, said in a statement that "Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was in secret u.s. law firm to protect him after his fall.

    The «Al-Maliki publicly affirms his innocence of the growing crises in Iraq and by others, but secretly instructed the US law firm to protect him after his fall.

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    Parliamentary: the process of switching the currency when you delete the three zeroes which do not need to legislate law
    03-05-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad (news)

    Said a member of the Finance Committee MP for the coalition Kurdish blocs Najeebeh the answer, that the process of switching the national currency when deleting three zeros which does not need to legislate law by the House of Representatives, but the instructions issued by the Central Bank.
    Said Najib (of the Agency news): The Law of the Central Bank allowed the Bank of validity of the currency exchange and restructuring, so the project to delete the three zeroes tubeless for the enactment of the House of Representatives, but the controls serve as legislation to regulate the process of replacing the currency.

    She added: There is a problem may occur when the implementation of the project, which is the issue of indebtedness among citizens, indicating, for example, when you borrow a person million dinars Upon implementation of the project will become a thousand dinars, in the case of recovery of debt would anger the citizen creditor, so that this issue needs to legislation while The project fully tubeless law.

    He called a number of deputies and economic experts to the need for legislation law that regulates the process of replacing the currency when you delete the three zeroes, as well as the process of destroying the old currency.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2SEI7rnIi

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    Friday, 03 April 2013 15: 11
    The House voted Tuesday to amend the law of accountability and justice

    Baghdad/Al baghdadia news. The Commission on national reconciliation and accountability, justice, Friday, that the accountability and justice law amendment stairway within the work of the House session scheduled for next Tuesday.

    The Chairman of the Committee, said qais alshazar, told Baghdadi Arabic news//, "arrived last week from the House of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, after agreeing to amend this law within the meetings of the Committee of five, expected to include it on the agenda of the meeting Tuesday for the first and second reading and vote."

    "There is an agreement between representatives of the political blocs and the quintet to amend this law and vote in Parliament," he said, adding that "session next Tuesday to the House of representatives could see the first reading of the law."

    The amendments to the law of accountability and justice to Parliament after the vote on amendments to the law within the Council of Ministers.

    The Commission was represented by five political blocs held a meeting in the Office of the President of the National Alliance of Ibrahim Al-Jaafari earlier during the meeting to complete the discussions and consultations on the legitimate demands of the protesters, and an emphasis on amending the law of accountability and justice. Finished

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    Nelly: must respect previous agreements to emerge from the current crisis

    Friday, 03 may 2013 14: 54 | | |

    {Baghdad: Euphrates news} liberal parliamentary bloc stressed the need to respect previous agreements to emerge from the current crisis afflicting the country.

    He said the liberal parliamentary block MP Amir Al-kinani said {forat news} it "out of the current crisis afflicting the country must respect what has been agreed in 2010 when the current Government was formed.

    And drew "the need to respect the charters and covenants and other partnership and non-exclusion and there must be a collective will to serve the country and the Government and Parliament and respect for the judiciary."

    Iraqiya was affirmed that national partnership under the current Government was not the required level and uniqueness of the resolution and the intersection is what has brought us to where we are today.

    Iraqi MP said Hamid al-mutlaq "look to national partnership under the current Government that it is not the required level and this uniqueness in the resolution and the intersection between political forces that brought us to where we are today."

    "The theme of partnership must be built on the grounds and rules and agreements must be respected in the event of failure to observe the principles of partnership, there will be no trust and no cooperation and no political process or building."

    Either the Kurdistan Alliance has confirmed that the country's problems caused by the non-application of the Convention.

    He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Khalil mehma "because most of the country's problems is a lack of commitment and apply the remainder of Arbil."

    But the last two days have witnessed a remarkable development in the direction of Yes at the level of the crisis between the Government and the Kurdish region, where the agreement was reached during the recent Kurdish delegation visit to Baghdad on seven points of difference between the two sides, who runs the political process to compass agreement walhalhalh termination problems between the Iraqi parties. Over 8

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    A dispute between Iraqi Fallujah ends preachers to declare "Jihad" against the Maliki government

    Friday, may 3, 2013-13: 57

    Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki


    Khatib said at the sit-in in Fallujah in Anbar province in Western Iraq, "Jihad" against the Government of Nouri al-Maliki.

    This came after angry protestors pelted stones at Ahmad's Deli, Imam and preacher of Abu Obeida mosque in Fallujah, with stones and empty bottles of water, put the option of a Sunni province to protect the Sunnis in Iraq, in an effort to calm the situation, and after trying the angry storm the podium, pulled out of the Sheikh's Deli, ascended a second preacher called "hands" was among the protestors to the podium, and the large, then declared a Jihad against the Government of Al-Maliki.

    Protesters organized in 6 provinces Sunni protests today, "Gomaa options open" for dropping the Constitution and Government of Al-Maliki, who accuse him of pursuing a policy of exclusion of caste, which is obviated by the head of Government, in return, accused the Iraqi Government of protesters since Dec. 23, of fomenting sectarian strife and threatening with a graduate student majoring in by force if voluntary yvdoha.

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    Awadi: SLC to establish strategic alliances in provinces

    Friday, 03 May 2013 11:29 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -MP, Ihsan al-Awadi, of the State of Law Coalition confirmed that “The SLC is heading towards establishing strong and strategic alliances in the provinces.”

    He stated to AIN “The SLC has a wide presence in all the provinces so we are going to hold strong alliances that prepare for Parlaimentary firm alliances.”

    “In each province, we will have an alliance with three or four blocs to be strong enough to establish stable local governments to void the mistakes of the former experiment in the provinces,” he concluded. /End/

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    Kurdish lawmaker: non-compliance with the Constitution and the principle of partnership and political consensus cause chaos

    Posted on: 05/03/2013 10:57:30

    BAGHDAD / With: MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Qasim Muhammad that failure to abide by the constitution and principle of partnership Alwaltuaq the situation will toward the abyss of chaos.

    He said in a press statement that "bitter experience that we experienced is the lack of commitment to the guarantees we consider minority Kurds compared Bmhadna in Parliament."

    He said Mohammed that "if there were not guarantees of constitutional and legal can not we get something has to lose everything," noting that "the constitutional guarantees of Broken by any one leaving us only the partnership and consensus is downright when their violation led to our province of meetings the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives . "

    He said that "the partnership also has not been adhered to and the best proof is the enactment of the budget without the presence of the Vice Kurds and this Macamoa him as you think it through experiments that the lack of commitment to partnership and the Constitution led us to what happened and impacted negatively on the entire economic life of the country."

    Mohammed stressed that "the lack of commitment to the Constitution and the partnership will be chaos and their commitment confirms that the political process sound and moving correctly."

    The ministers and deputies of the Kurdistan Alliance has commented attending sessions the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives because of disagreements between the central government and the province on a number of the most important points of Article 140 and dues of the oil companies operating in Kurdistan, balance, and oil and gas law, among others.

    A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government has visited Baghdad, on Monday under the chairmanship of Nechirvan Barzani, discussed with the National Alliance, a number of contentious issues between them and work to find solutions to address them, and then after the region's president met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

    According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office received "news future" that "During the meeting were discussed various points of contention in an atmosphere of frankness and seriousness and a common desire to find solutions to all outstanding issues, it was agreed to solve all the problems in accordance with the Constitution and the federal system and under a unified Iraq, It was also agreed to give the security aspect is particularly important in all parts of Iraq and to strengthen coordination in this area and to find ways to achieve it. "

    Kurdish parties decided during a meeting on Wednesday, led by the region's president, Massoud Barzani, the ministers return to the capital Baghdad on Thursday, and the return of deputies next week. "(Finished)


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    Iraq: Agreement between Kurdistan and the central government is positive

    08:55:03 / 05/2013

    Kurdish delegation to meet with al-Maliki

    Khandan - the Iraqi List, confirmed that "the agreement between the Kurdistan Alliance and the central government is positive, because it is necessary to resolve all the points of disagreement between the partners in the political process rather than the survival of conflicts and tensions."

    The MP said the Iraqi List, the appearance of al-Janabi, told the newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat, "The Iraqi blessed this agreement and believes that every effort is aimed at resolving the problems in the interest of everyone."

    Janabi denied at the same time that "there is an agreement between the Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan on what happened."

    The Kurdish forces, decided at a meeting headed by Massoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan, last Wednesday, the return of ministers and deputies Kurds to Baghdad, following the visit by the Kurdish delegation and conducting a series of meetings as well as signing an agreement consisted of 7 points with Prime Minister Federal Nuri al-Maliki .


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    Kurdistan Alliance: the agreement with the federal government can not be at the expense of one or directed against a

    08:31:03 / 05/2013
    Khandan - The spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc pro-Tayeb that "the return of ministers and deputies Kurds to Baghdad, either to the government or the federal Parliament is not only a product of what happened agreements on its importance, it is also taking into account the circumstance year through which the country now."

    He added Tayeb told the newspaper «Middle East», that "the Kurds have had a key role both in building the new Iraq after the fall of the former regime in 2003, building the Iraqi state from the outset, so they can not be immune to what is going on, and they can not be leave the situation the country prey to developments negative, "stressing that" the point is very important that it must be confirmed that the agreement, which was signed can not be at the expense of one or directed against one, but probably will contribute to overcome a lot of outstanding issues because part of the terms of the agreement but includes Iraqi issues in general. "

    He explained that "the most prominent items that have been agreed upon is legislation important laws, such as oil and gas law and the law of administrative boundaries and the abolition of laws and resolutions of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council, as well as to review the law on the state budget, which was voted upon without the presence of the Kurds, which is contrary to the principle of consensus and balance National, "adding that" talking about the majority and the minority should be confined to the majority and minority political, not Mkoonatih, ".

    He went good, saying that "the other items of the agreement is to review the security file in the disputed areas, and the granting of provincial councils there are wider powers, and that there must be coordination between the province and the federal government in various matters, as well as strengthen the foundations of the political process so that no specific destination monopolizing political decision. "


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