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Millionday news 4/26/13
[millionday] i have some very interesting news
[millionday] and i mean interesting

[millionday] and this first one is full of info but it is a wow
[millionday] so read it carefully

[millionday] Specialists enemy launch an effective service to keep pace with modern technology
[millionday] After the year 2003 began a new economic phenomena, looming was the entry of modern technology and the digital world and conduct business transactions and contract deals buying and selling between citizens using specialized local auction sites to sell different setups, cars and even homes .. This is a unique phenomenon in Iraq because he has not seen in previous business deals online because he was suffering backward and shortcomings in this aspect by wars and misguided policies in a time when the world and neighboring countries scramble to provide the best services for their citizens in this area.

[millionday] note -- as we know iraq has not been able to have electronic dealings in trade

[millionday] we remember them beginning all of the steps then

[millionday] It is possible to be considered in 2006 in Iraq, starting the beginning of electronic services, despite what in that year of the events covered on all the successful steps that the country has begun implementation of a shift from the traditional world to the digital world in most areas of life where it began Iraqi and foreign companies alike to the exercise of commercial activities by opening offices and branches in Baghdad and a number of provinces. Competent in Adnan financial affairs Kanani: He said that the central bank had released the draft retail payment system via mobile phone through the establishment of divided national and cross-platform.

[millionday] so the draft was released then for this
[millionday] 2006

[millionday] Drew during his speech for the (morning) that the adoption of payment transactions address in the local market largely helps in the rationalization of time and effort and without any restrictions, where the process is done via a mobile device is available to everyone, pointing out that the process of retail banks pushing for the adoption of more sophisticated mechanisms for payments cash. The project also coincides with what the world has witnessed the boom of technology and information technology and electronic communication, which prompted the Iraqi Central Bank to add sophisticated tools in the field of electronic services, which is currently adopted by most of the Arab banks, regional and global levels.

[millionday] so obviously this talking about the plan and the results they would like from it -- global competitiveness

[millionday] He said the more segments of society benefit from this service are the staff because they provide all the electronic banking services directly through automated interaction with various electronic channels to all the participants, especially after the rise in the number of subscribers to the Internet, as this experiment provide new business opportunities for banks to Acknowledge them. He pointed out that this project is supported by the National Mission of the U.S. Agency for International Development in Iraq through financial development project to enhance the capacity of the banking sector and will be an additional source of income for banks because it would double the preparation of financial transactions.

[millionday] so this has been some of the training for modern banking that has been going on

[millionday] and is also a plus for stakeholders and shareholders for stock in banking ect

[millionday] this is an economic researcher

[millionday] She pointed out that the phenomenon of online trading and Iraqi sites is one of the economic and cultural phenomena taking place in the country for the first time after the entry of modern technology and Ronevi efforts of many citizens exploit the best way to hold their positions business. It confirmed that the technological revolution taking place in Iraq should be directed in the right direction and be employed in supporting the national economy through the development of the foundations and principles that guarantee the rights and identity of the dealers, selling and Hraoua, to prevent any cases of fraud and manipulation that may occur between the parties the adoption of a unified national figure or any other method can be adopted by the government.

[millionday] so this is talking about the benefits and the risks we face each day
[millionday] and again tells us they are working toward this completion

millionday] note -- they have been able to buy within the country by mail after seeing it online after it was up in their area

[millionday] Russell said Imad competent representative of one of the companies in this field in a statement (morning): He was fired after the service we have seen a real need for the Iraqi people to acquire cards through shopping sites local and international companies specialized in buying and selling of different materials and equipment, as well as those sites claim shoppers Pkartat private shopping. added that shipping كارتات be of different categories ranging from class 10 to $ 300,

[millionday] so this is after it is open

[millionday] after it is open special account Balragb the so by Buraydah mail (e-mail) after you install information on Buridah on our company web site on the internet and fill the subscription model for that. confirmed that the owner could card Hraoualadid of software and licenses, electronic books with copyright and intellectual property , and participate in the many interactive games available on the internet, and activation of bouquets at special discounted prices television sports channels, and also provides access to sites that support the purchase of products such as clothing, watches, etc., as well as the possibility of mobilize the international call credit for free or discounted.

[millionday] so they can again get trademarks and patents ect and will be able to have a card to use on the internet
[millionday] the rest of the report goes into the security issues like not giving out your info ect

[millionday] very encouraging to see this in their news to the citizens
[millionday] very

[millionday] obviously they are excited about the banking being activated by mobile and of course options throughout the world
[millionday] brb with more
[millionday] big smile

[millionday] Kicks off on Saturday, the International Islamic Conference to bring in Baghdad with the participation of Arab and international. Began delegations participating in the International Islamic Conference to bring to come to Baghdad since yesterday (Thursday). According to the adviser in the presidency Khalid Al Mulla's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ), the "delegations of the United Kingdom (UK), Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon have arrived in Baghdad, while up all delegations participating in the conference this morning." said Mullah "All the preparations for the conference have been completed,

[millionday] including the Platform for the conference and words to be delivered through it," He pointed out that "presidents, ministers, MPs will deliver words at the opening session on Saturday." and added that "the conference will hold evening session on Saturday that there will be a closing session Sunday to formulate a special statement to the Conference." declared President of the Republic of Iraq About 300 religious figure from home and abroad will participate in the International Islamic Conference to bring under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic.

[millionday] wow this is huge with the news that we have that the citizens are asked to be at the banks tomorrow
[millionday] like a big hmmmm
[millionday] so this international conference has been kept on the down low as they say
[millionday] interesting in fact as well
[millionday] i likey
[millionday] smile
[millionday] brb with more

[millionday] whoooo hooo
[millionday] sounds like a calm in the storm and a meeting on the way

[millionday] See politicians and parliamentarians to overcome the crisis depends on the will and intentions, and calls for the collection of parties and political leaders can succeed if they have been strengthened practical steps to activate the partnership and consensus as it's linked to the will of the parties and their desire true to resolve the crisis and save the country from the conspiracies of al-Qaeda and extremist groups. The MP said the coalition of state law, Kamal al-Saadi said in an interview for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," "We believe that the phase requires to start a dialogue to contain the crisis and to address the strife and maintain national unity."

[millionday] Saadi accused the regional actors and unnamed foreign agendas to work through their subject points within the political process to block the dialogue because they do not want the solution and trying to keep the chaos and bring down the political process in the country as a whole. " Saadi stressed that there is nothing to prevent any party from attending a meeting with other political parties to resolve the problem as we are in the National Alliance, we always emphasize the dialogue as a means to solve problems. " Saadi stressed that the real desire and goodwill to the rest of the parties can enhance the efforts that are trying to heal the political scene and bring the parties resolve the crisis.

[millionday] The center of this picture, intensified political parties and UN efforts to hold an emergency meeting of the leaders to remedy the situation and to maintain national unity, security and stability in the country and bring down the plots and plans of al-Qaeda and the remnants of the Baath working on fueling sedition and spreading sectarianism among Iraqi factions. " Moreover, analysts found that these endeavors represent a real translation of the desire of the Iraqi street is awaiting activation of the language of dialogue and assume political powers to their national and moral responsibilities to maintain the security and stability of the country.

[millionday] note -- so we have a meeting with the UN and all leaders on the way

[millionday] He called Saadi political parties to work to see the national and in accordance with the public interest, pointing out that "who wants a solution it only يفتعل crisis or seeking to further differences and complexity, especially as the indicator of anxiety and instability increases today among citizens as well as fear of attempts by some parties believe in what he described as adolescents who trying to enter the country in a sectarian conflict. " And on dialogues between the center and the region, "expressed Saadi satisfaction with the results of dialogues that took place recently and said it was the center of a positive atmosphere with the expansion of understandings that could draw a map of the solution between the parties noting that"

[millionday] we do not need new agreements because relations historic and there are dialogues to enhance confidence and the implementation of previous agreements and understandings which were built on the Constitution. " It is scheduled to begin a delegation of the National Alliance and the region round new consultations next week to discuss all the problems and controversies after receiving messages seriousness of the parties express their desire resolve the crisis through dialogue and the adoption of calm in order to preserve national unity and the participants to ward off the threat to the political process and the future of the country.

[millionday] so next week is the huge meeting and this is great
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[millionday] "And MP for the coalition blocs Kurdish Qassim Mohammed said in an interview for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "most of the problems that we are experiencing today is the result of non-implementation of the agreements and the failure passage of legislation that are today part of the demands that prompted citizens to resort to pretending to legislation noting that unless they are achieving the political consensus within the dome of the parliament will not see the current crisis a radical solution to the problems. "in turn carry the National Alliance MP Ali Fayad said in an interview for" Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, "all political forces responsible for what is happening and failures developments.

[millionday] so they are saying that if all the agreements were to be activated the country would be calm
[millionday] that is very true in my opinion

[purecountry] took them a while to figure that one out

[millionday] exactly -- i knew i should have called [/B]

[millionday] Fayad, stressed the need to take bold and national positions and speed up finding solutions to the problems and adhere to the links to the service of the citizen to come implications for the fact the service, security and social and economic development and ". Fayad called for political blocs to unify positions to build what is the fittest of Iraq, adding that the next step for the coalition of state law is to address all the conspiracies that are trying to topple the political process in the country.

millionday] so they are saying the speed up of activating all reforms will move it forward --- exactly
[millionday] wow they have had a huge light bulb come on
[millionday] and with the UN present and multiple leaders this is great
[millionday] brb with something more i have

[millionday] The parliamentary economic committee plans to pass a bill tariff after the legislative recess, in cooperation with the Finance Committee, according to the Commission, this law will come with positive results to protect the consumer and the merchant and strengthen the country's economy through the consolidation of taxes. Committee member MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki said the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "the law will strengthen the presence of the country's financial through returns of large financial consolidation of taxes on materials entering Iraq, and will have impressions positive in the Iraqi street because it protects the citizen (consumer), through the mechanism of programmed both in the financial side or on the side of import or export, particularly that the law applicable in all countries of the world.

[millionday] sounds like trade is part of the reforms we should see -- i expect this coming week to be a very large one

[millionday] "said Attorney-Maliki said," There are a lot of obstacles stand in the adoption of this law, including the border crossing points of the Kurdistan region which is still open and is controlled by the federal government and controlled by the province, "explaining that there is" more than 13 outlet border, eight of which are only under the control of the federal government and the remaining five either controlled by the province, or closed because of the security situation between Iraq and Syria as well Trebil port is not fully controlled because of the security conditions and the demonstrations in the areas leading to him. "

[millionday] And saw a member of the Committee that he must submit to the law that regulates the movement of trade in the country, saying that the law would avoid the country's economic mess and existing financial because the border crossing deal according to the specific mechanism varies from port to another, so it will be more protection for the dealer and the more sedate of the Iraqi economy, in addition to control of the money according to the mechanism of action is programmed by the Department of Customs and the Ministry of Finance guarantee the safety of the entry and exit of goods.,
[millionday] ., and on the bill Basra, the capital of Iraq's economic MP-Maliki said his committee is an integrated program for this law, and address all the gaps in it to activate it in the House of Representatives and thus passed through the current legislative session. And between a member of the Committee that his committee is working to attract the attention and the attention of the world through the enactment of this law, as is the case in many countries of the world, saying that Basra would be production of oil in the coming years 80-85 percent of Iraq's production in addition to its ports vitality and a lot of important projects in which all of which have economic returns.

[millionday] so as we see they have nothing but positive coming up with the activation of reforms and of course the tariff and this conference going on tomorrow is great
[millionday] so as you can see this nights news is great and i am glad to have brought it to you

[cookie2] wooooooooooooooo hoooooooooo!!

[millionday] this is the meat of it
[millionday] and yes it is a -- whooooo hoooo

[millionday] this sounds like it is all coming together at the same time as we knew it would

[Dianne777] did we find out anymore on the citizens going to the banks tomorrow? sorry just got here

[millionday] also there was peace in the demonstrations today

[Dianne777] amen
[faith1] Amen smile

[millionday] it is probably to do with the islamic international conference but it does not say exactly what they are to be doing

[Dianne777] ty

[millionday] hope to have the after effects because i dont see it anywhere as a call to exchange but we do have the committees set for destroying the three zero currency and we have them in the world of cards and mobile purchasing for the citizens so that is obviously electronic and global banking
[millionday] next week will bring a lot of things being done and i think it will be one great week ---

[millionday] dont miss news tomorrow -- the international islamic banking conference is obviously very big with it kept so quiet

[Dianne777] that will be awesome

[millionday] if i find anything before that i will bring it

[Dianne777] millionday what do you think its about MD?

[millionday] i am not sure --- and have nothing telling me so i dont know and neither do any contacts or those watching television for us --now if it is exchanging it would not be one day