The Dinar Daily ...... Thursday 25 April 2013
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    The Dinar Daily ...... Thursday 25 April 2013

    Iraqi army helicopters bombed tribal militants
    BAGHDAD - «life»
    Thursday, April 25, 2013
    Prevailed an atmosphere of anger and calls for revenge march funeral of about 50 people, were killed during a raid by Iraqi army Square sit-in in the town of Hawija, while continued gunmen from the tribes in the towns and villages of Baiji and Tikrit and Tuz Khurmatu and Solomon your Anbar attack the army, which used aircraft to bomb some villages.
    And resulted in efforts to defuse the political crisis for the formation of a commission of inquiry as promised victims Haweeja martyrs and compensate their families, and the data exported from Washington and Ankara and the Arab League calls for restraint.
    But the crisis which resulted in the Declaration of tribes in the Sunni cities took up arms in retaliation for the incident Hawija still interact. Yesterday killed at least 15 soldiers and militants and dozens injured in clashes witnessed Salman Pak in the towns of Kirkuk and Tuz Khurmatu and Baiji in Salahuddin, especially with the gunmen, former Vice President Izzat al-Duri. The three villages came under aerial bombardment, forcing residents to flee them, while the families demanded military forces to return to their barracks, amid an unprecedented spread of the gunmen in the streets and the withdrawal of police.
    The final outcome of the events of Hawija confirmed killed 50 people and injured 110 others transport them to hospitals in the Kurdistan region, as thousands took part of the people of Kirkuk in the bodies of the dead are common and chanted slogans calling for revenge than His Highness the Safavid Army.
    The plight of the fighters seemed the army and police of the sons of the double Almentvdh areas, they face orders to uphold their positions, while tribal pressing them to hand over their weapons and join the insurgency.
    Gunmen cut a road linking the cities of Tikrit and Hawija to prevent the advance of military convoys to the town, while other advanced columns coming from Baghdad to the troubled areas.
    And set off calls among political and tribal and cultural to the formation of the territory of a Sunni resolve the growing crisis, but the tribes of Anbar, which leads demonstrations for more than four months, confirmed the rejection of these calls, the student leader of the clans of the Dulaimi Ali Hatem resignation of the government, a demand raised by yesterday «Iraqi List», stressing the need for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, resigned.
    But the leader of the «Iraq» Ayad Allawi refused to resign made by the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq said in a statement that «the menu decided to reject the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq from office, and decided to mandate follow-up file Hawija within the government and the implementation of the demands of protesters during a time limit not exceeding three weeks.
    On the other hand, announced that the Turkish Foreign in a statement yesterday that «هواجسها began growing about the future of Iraq after the events in Hawija» and called on Baghdad to «act wisely and deliberately toward the peaceful demonstrations, and to accelerate the promotion of internal peace, stability and democracy, instead of steps escalating».
    The overnight killed at least seven people and wounded 23 in a car bomb explosion in the evening Husseiniya area of ​​Baghdad, according to reports from security and medical sources told 'AFP'.
    The police officer said that «a car bomb exploded in a market for the sale of cell phone devices in Husseiniya when Aalsabah the evening, killing at least seven people and wounding 23. A medical source said an official death toll.

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    15 Jumada II 1434 H - 25 April 2013
    Ambitious provincial elections thwart al-Maliki in a majority government
    Source: BAGHDAD - Iraq's Ahmad
    Date: 25 April 2013

    Iraq's election commission staff sort through a vote. P.)
    Can not isolate the bloody events of Tuesday in Hawija, for the overall political developments in Iraq, but many observers linked the provincial elections, which announced the final results are not in stages, showed that the direction of the wind «not as crave ships, where Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Yemeni self, winning, for his list, a coalition of state law, an absolute majority in the Shiite-majority provinces, in Baghdad, be a catalyst for progress toward the dissolution of parliament and early elections, winning the index as an indicator provincial election results.

    According to preliminary results, he could not Maliki's coalition to obtain an absolute majority in any province, and won first place in two or three like the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim and the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr, which means that Maliki's coalition can not alone form a local government.

    According to a source in the Supreme Islamic Council, said the list could be the first if allied with one or some of the menus small, in the provinces beyond the Maliki's coalition, can an alliance between the Sadrists and the Supreme Council to put Maliki's coalition in the back, and that's what put his dreams and expectations in the wind, if the result so in the Shiite-majority provinces, how is he in the whole of Iraq, with the prior knowledge of the positions of the Supreme Council and the Sadrists against the idea of ​​majority government espoused by al-Maliki.

    Uncalculated adventure

    According to the expectations of observers, the Maliki may submit the adventure drag the country into a sectarian war, in order to puts Shiite plug in his fist, as a 'Protector caste', who owns the security forces, weapons and money. Already signs of this adventure through All Haweeja, which has now spread to all the provinces of West and North.

    However, the accounts of al-Maliki this may fail, too, because the ingredients Shiite do not trust them do, and it turns out that through the condemnation of the Islamic Supreme Council and the Sadrists, in addition to the Kurds, to use the army against civilians, especially since he already used the army and police against the Sadrist movement.

    Cast doubt on the participation rate

    It almost brings observers that the elections that took place, disappointing, as skeptical by participating, especially in Baghdad, where he announced the election commission that the turnout of more than 30 percent, underscoring observers for the elections that the true proportion is less than 20 percent because of the loss of names of the electoral lists, or change places voters, and imposed a curfew on vehicles, which prevent citizens from voting, as well as security and military action is not unprecedented.

    And almost the same atmosphere election in Baghdad, applicable to a large extent to the provinces, which is supposed to be the incubator for Maliki's coalition, but the percentage of voters which was also substandard, despite repeated calls from religious leaders to participate in the elections, despite the $ 250 million spent on the election campaign, reflecting the kind of disappointment politicians, who are asking themselves as protectors of the doctrine, without regard to the needs of citizens.

    It is well known that the elections that took place last Saturday are the words of the leader of the Sadrist movement Karrar al-Khafaji, is based on the national program, but on the basis of sectarian affiliation and clan, but it reflected dissatisfaction with most local governments, as embodied by the rivalry between the components of the community one that was Maliki is betting on it.



    An informed source reported that preliminary results showed that the coalition of citizen tally rose in all provinces, in which .. The state law saw a sharp decline in all the provinces, the center of the thoracic position variation in the provinces, but the total obtained by the Sadrists indicates a significant decline in their shares.

    The source said that the coalition of citizen's increased tally of seats by at least 85 percent from its score in the previous elections, while the state law, nearly 40 percent of the tally former and perhaps lose the Sadrists 35 percent of their shares by جنوها in the 2009 elections.

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    15 Jumada II 1434 H - 25 April 2013
    Maelstrom in Kirkuk, Arab and international condemnation and intimidation revenge
    Revenge attacks for Haweeja dead and the dead continue 110
    Source: BAGHDAD - A statement and agencies
    Date: 25 April 2013

    A man called from a pistol bullets during the funeral of protesters Reuters
    Escalated security implications and political storm strength of the Iraqi army Square sit-in Hawija, west of Kirkuk, which resulted in retaliatory attacks killed eight soldiers in clashes with gunmen in the Sulaiman Bek, south of Kirkuk, four of awakening near Baquba, and three gunmen in Mosul, bringing the number of victims within two days 110 ..

    In parallel with the warning other retaliatory attacks in the funeral of dead camp Haweeja, while the United States has condemned the Arab League and Islamic Cooperation intrusion incident and urged a transparent investigation of what happened .. Download the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr government responsible for the situation to confirm the illegal practice violent.

    Iraq has seen for the second day in a row further attacks against the security forces, especially the army «revenge» to the victims of the incident Hawija bloody funeral of slain yesterday amid anger and calls for revenge for the dead who fired them government recipe martyrs in an attempt to absorb popular anger.

    Yesterday killed in sporadic violence linked to the process of Hawija (55 km west of Kirkuk), at least 15 people, they are 12 security element and three gunmen, in attacks and clashes in one army used helicopters.

    With the fall of these victims, brings to at least 1010 death toll from violence between security forces and groups of protesters and gunmen that erupted after the killing of 27 demonstrators and two soldiers during a raid Square protest against the prime minister in the Sunni district of Hawija.

    He said a high-ranking officer in the army «seven soldiers and a captain were killed and five others were wounded in clashes with gunmen in the Sulaiman Bek area, located 100 kilometers south of Kirkuk. He added that the clashes were still circle yesterday «waged by our troops using helicopters and different equipment.

    Cut through

    The mayor of Tuz Khurmatu waterfall Abdul justice to the main road when Sulaiman Bek, hand cut entirely because of clashes .. While stressing a second high-level officer in the army, said the clashes «represents an extension of the storm Square picket Haweeja.

    The MP said the dry Kurdistan Alliance Ohua the dozens of people were injured after some villages were bombed by aircraft Iraqi Army forces in the area of ​​Solomon Beck. Dry and followed that «the orders issued from the security forces to evacuate families in terms of Sulaiman Bek is inhabited by Turkmen majority in Salahuddin province, after the fall of the village of them in the hands of insurgents.

    Funeral and intimidation

    In the meantime, the funeral of hundreds of people from the province of Kirkuk the victims Haweeja. And on the main road in front of the provincial council in Kirkuk, dozens of cars went crowds of angry people of the province who carried the coffins of dozens of dead clashes amid tight security by police. Mourners chanted «سننتقم to Hawija martyrs.

    Sporadic clashes .. And congestion

    In this atmosphere of tension and heating, the day yesterday killed four members of the Awakening and the fifth was injured after an attack on a checkpoint in Khalis (about 20 km north of Baquba) .. At a time when targeting an armed attack in Mosul (350 km north of Baghdad), polling stations in the village ploy in which a security man wounded as attackers killed, three gunmen were traveling in a civilian car.

    On the other hand, a local security source said that dozens of gunmen attacked on Thursday evening checkpoint in the center of the city of Fallujah police, without reference to the size of the losses.

    Hyping accusations

    For his part, called the Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr to form a parliamentary committee and other governmental organizations to follow up on the repercussions of the events of Hawija blamed the government for the situation to confirm practice non-violence project.

    Washington condemns .. And calls for investigation

    Internationally, the United States expressed its strong condemnation of the events in Hawija advocate for a transparent investigation into what happened.

    The deputy spokesman for the U.S. State Department Patrick Ventrell p, said that his country strongly condemns the acts that resulted in deaths and injuries among civilians.

    In the meantime, the Arab League called on the Iraqi government to conduct an urgent investigation reveals involved in Hawija events. It also expressed the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for its strong condemnation of the excessive use of force by the army and police against unarmed civilians during peaceful demonstrations.


    Considered the ministerial committee set up by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to investigate the events of Hawija all of those killed in the elimination of the demonstrators and the military "martyrs" and have all the rights and privileges as well as the release of all those arrested in these events, stressing that he will be punished for negligence.

    Announced and Parliamentary leader of the (Arab Iraqi List), Haider Mulla yesterday resigned from the House of Representatives to protest the parliament failed in his duties and failure to meet the demands of the demonstrators.

    Local source revealed in Khanaqin in Diyala province to the Kurdistan Regional Guard formations stationed near elimination declared a state of preparedness to intervene in the case of security chaos disputed areas.

    Demonstrators released two soldiers from the army after being held near the city of Ramadi. A member of the committee organizing sit-ins in Ramadi, Abdul Razzaq Al Shammari «handed over to the hospital because the soldiers, one a resident of Anbar wounded and the second from the people of the province of Nasiriyah, south of Baghdad infected traumatized. BAGHDAD - statement

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